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2013 Federal Tax Essentials: Individuals

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2013 Federal Tax Essentials: Individuals is a desk reference providing an annual overview of federal tax issues affecting individuals and small businesses, as well as summaries of fundamental federal income tax principles. Organized by topic, the summaries allow you to quickly find answers to core tax questions. Supporting the answers, you will find citations to the relevant sections of the Internal Revenue Code, Treasury regulations, published IRS guidance, and case law. Also included are charts, lists, election statements, and checklists providing useful information on tax rates, filing requirements, tax forms, common tax transactions, and more. Although designed to supply far more information than that needed for the preparation of tax returns, the book may be used as an aid in preparing Form 1040 and accompanying forms and schedules.

Topics covered by 2013 Federal Tax Essentials: Individuals include:

  • income, deductions, and credits;
  • income tax accounting;
  • alternative minimum tax;
  • filing requirements and deadlines;
  • audit procedures;
  • penalties;
  • reportable transactions;
  • deferred compensation; and
  • international taxation issues.

This book is also available as a part of the Federal Tax Essentials Collection.

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