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Global Talent Management: Retaining Repatriate Employees When International Assignments End

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Global Talent ManagementFor decades, employers conducting business in other countries dedicated resources and focused attention primarily on helping workers prepare for and complete international assignments. They focused much less time and resources on helping members of this unique employee population adjust and thrive when they returned home to workplaces and living situations that often had changed, sometimes drastically.

As business opportunities continue to emerge worldwide, companies are learning the hard way that they must do more to retain employees returning from assignments abroad. Workers frequently return home to fewer options after an international assignment, but with skills to make them more marketable as organizations continue to expand operations abroad.

While most organizations with global operations have repatriation programs, many admit that their programs need to improve in an effort to keep their top performers. This Workforce Strategies report gives you an overview of the challenges these companies face, initiatives designed to improve retention rates, and best practice recommendations on repatriation programs.