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Report on Salary Surveys

Product Code: IRSS01
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One-Year Subscription (12 issues)

Analyzing data from major salary surveys released during the year by the biggest compensation survey companies, the Report on Salary Surveys provides an overview of expensive, hard to manage services. Each issue covers topics such as how to:

  • Alter severance pay policies in a struggling economy.
  • Set competitive pay levels for the mailroom through to the boardroom.
  • Assess the overall competitiveness of your compensation policies.
  • Compensate sales executives without breaking the bank.
  • Jump start productivity using employee recognition programs that work.
  • And more.

In every monthly issue, Report on Salary Surveys reviews as many as a dozen new salary surveys to help you assess and choose the ones best-suited for your company. Besides surveys on virtually every corporate title, broken down by size of firm and industry, you’ll also learn about the latest merit budget pay increases, surveys that outline the latest compensation strategies, the leading salary resources for international pay, regional pay differences, and top executive pay trends. Plus, you’ll receive the exclusive Report on Salary Surveys quarterly index of salary surveys, the definitive database of new studies released during the past year.

Product Structure  

Notification: Current reports providing news and developments.

Formats and Frequency  

Print notification Report on Salary Surveysis issued monthly and includes a quarterly survey source index.

E-Alerts sent monthly to keep you updated on late-breaking regulatory and compliance news, best practice ideas, and links to dozens of new programs and services.

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