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Weekly State Tax Report

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The Tax Management Weekly State Tax Report filters through current state developments and analyzes those critical to multistate tax planning.

This weekly report provides state-by-state analysis of state code and regulations, state administrative and judicial court decisions, and state administrative pronouncements. It covers income and franchise taxes, sales and use taxes, property taxes, miscellaneous taxes (including gross receipts taxes, excise taxes, and others), and other developments.

The Tax Management Weekly State Tax Report brings you comprehensive notification of current state tax developments.

Other timesaving features include a highlights page with synopses of the top developments and a table of principal cases.

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Click below for a sample issue of Bloomberg BNA's Weekly State Tax Report. The Weekly State Tax Report is available in print and online. Subscribers may receive headlines and highlights delivered straight to their email. 


 Weekly State Tax Report Sample Issue   



Try Weekly State Tax Report now.
Sample News
George Farrah
George R. Farrah, CPA, is Executive Editor-State Tax and Accounting for Tax Management Inc., a BNA company.  Tax Management Inc. is a leading provider of tax planning and compliance information, whose products command a unique position among tax practitioners due to the extensive analysis provided by nearly 1,000 outside authors.  Mr. Farrah, who joined Tax Management Inc. in 1988, developed the State Tax Portfolios, the Weekly State Tax Report, and the Multistate Tax Report, which launched in 1994.  He also developed the State Tax Library, which launched in April 2000.  More recently, he developed the Accounting Policy & Practice Report. Prior to joining Tax Management, Mr. Farrah worked as a CPA in both the public and private sector. Mr. Farrah received a B.S. degree in accounting from the University of Connecticut and a M.S. in Taxation from Georgetown University.
Karen Irby
Karen R. Irby, Esq. is Managing Editor at BNA Tax and Accounting.
Prija Nair
Prija D. Nair is a State Tax Law Editor at BNA Tax and Accounting.
Jeanne Rauch
Jeanne M. Rauch, Esq., is a State Tax Law Editor at BNA Tax and Accounting.
Steven Roll
Steven Roll, Esq., is Senior State Tax Law Editor at BNA Tax and Accounting.