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    About Our New Logo June 2011

    There’s more to our new logo than just a graphic design update. BNA’s new logo reflects our continual commitment to bringing you the information that matters most to you. The new depiction of the dome recognizes BNA’s history of having more seasoned reporters on the Hill than any other news organization and reflects BNA’s growing expertise in state and international coverage. The serif font used for BNA symbolizes our unique expertise in the practice areas and industries we cover. Our new logo is distinct to reflect BNA’s uniqueness as an information provider. Instead of aggregating content from random sources, BNA relies on a network of 2,000+ reporters, correspondents, and leading practitioners, who give you expert insights, practical and timely perspectives, and thoughtful guidance. With BNA, you always know the source of your information.

    You can expect to start seeing the new BNA logo on our products, websites, correspondence, and elsewhere. In addition to updating our logo, we are launching new products, enhancing existing products, and making improvements to to meet your changing needs. We remain committed to providing you with the best information products and services available to meet your changing needs.