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Financial Accounting Resource Center

Product Code: ACRC97
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The Financial Accounting Resource Center helps practitioners with their financial reporting needs by including:

Full text of FASB, AICPA, IASB, GASB, SEC, and PCAOB material

  • Daily news that can be customized by topic or standard-setter
  • Proprietary analysis on more than 75 topics, indexed by topic and standard
  • Explanations of U.S. GAAP organized in the same way as FASB codification
  • Hundreds of sample disclosures

At the heart of this service is Bloomberg BNA’s expert analysis written by leading accounting practitioners, which provides practical “how to” guidance for understanding, developing, and implementing complex accounting strategies. With multiple examples, sample journal entries, and plain-English commentary based on practitioner experience, Bloomberg BNA’s analysis provides detailed interpretations on more than 75 topics .

You’ll also get…

U.S. GAAP Navigator

  • Analysis with comments, footnotes linking to full-text primary sources, and links to original superseded material
  • Comprehensive summaries of accounting rules
  • Unique organization (by FASB codification) and plain-English explanations
  • Quick links to cited standards and regulations from the analysis

Practice Tools

  • FASB Codification Cross-reference Tool
  • Official Actions from Standard Setters
  • Financial Restatements reported to the SEC
  • Calendar of upcoming events
  • Final Actions Review
  • SEC Filings Lookup Tool
  • ASU Tracker
  • Checklist Tool
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