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Assessing the Future of Offshore Wind in the United States

Assessing the Future of Offshore Wind in the United States
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Speaker(s): Bryan M. Stockton, ML Strategies; Stephanie McClellan, Ph.D, University of Delaware; Bruce Valpy, BVG Associates
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Wind energy, while still about four percent in the U.S., has grown dramatically in the past few years. Wind has accounted for a third of all new electrical generation in the U.S. over the past five years. To date, all of that capacity has been constructed on land. Meanwhile, Europe, China and Japan are investing billions of dollars in offshore wind. In Europe, the offshore wind industry employed 60,000 people in 2013 and invested $6.3-8.8 billion. Europe has installed more than 6,500 megawatts of offshore wind. The U.S. enjoys a strong wind resource off its shores. Why has the U.S. not installed any significant offshore wind projects? Do recent technological and project developments finally represent real momentum for the industry in the U.S.? What federal and state regulatory policies and incentives are needed for the United States to see growth in this area?

In this webinar, the presenters will consider these issues and evaluate recent technological and project-specific developments as well as the regulatory challenges that impact the future of the industry.

Educational Objectives:
•Assess the economics of offshore wind
•Explore litigation and regulatory challenges that have constrained the industry
•Examine technological advancements and recent Department of Energy research
•Describe details of the first projects in the U.S.
•Explain federal and state policies needed to jumpstart this industry and assess the likelihood those policies are enacted

Who Would Benefit From Attending This Program:
Environmental attorneys, environmental consultants, policy experts and professionals tracking regulatory and policy developments related to renewable energy.

Program Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: A general understanding of environmental and/or energy law.
CPE Delivery method: Group Internet-Based Live
Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge & Applications
Recommended CPE credit: 1.5 credit
Anticipated CLE credits: 1.5 credits (may vary based on locations requested)

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Bryan M. Stockton, ML Strategies; Stephanie McClellan, Ph.D, University of Delaware; Bruce Valpy, BVG Associates

Bryan M. Stockton is a director of government relations at ML Strategies in Washington, D.C. Bryan works on a diverse set of issues for ML Strategies clients, including those concerning renewable energy, the environment and public lands. He advises both start-up and large companies on various legislative and regulatory policies, such as the Department of Energy loan guarantee program, renewable energy tax policy, and regulatory policies impacting bioenergy and renewable energy production on federal lands. Bryan previously worked as a senior manager of government relations and as a manager of government relations at ML Strategies. He is a member of the California and District of Columbia bars. 

Stephanie McClellan, Ph.D, serves as Director of the Special Initiative on Offshore Wind at the University of Delaware. She works with offshore wind developers, policy-makers in multiple offshore wind states, and the vast network of state and national offshore wind advocates. She took a lead role in the offshore wind industry as Policy Director for Delaware Governor Jack A. Markell. In that position she acted as the Governor’s point person on environmental and energy issues, including offshore wind. Stephanie collaborated with neighboring states to advance offshore wind in the mid-Atlantic region and with her peers in Atlantic coast states and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management on what became “Smart from the Start.” As the Governor’s representative, Stephanie interfaced with European, Asian and U.S. offshore wind manufacturers ranging from turbines to foundations to cable, as well as ports and vessels. Stephanie earned masters and doctorate degrees in urban affairs and public policy, as well as a bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of Delaware.

Bruce Valpy is director of BVG Associates. He founded BVG Associates in 2005 and has created a rapidly growing, diverse client base including the market leaders in the wind turbine and tidal turbine sectors, Renewable UK, UK Government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change, utility providers, multi-nationals and private companies on four continents. In leading BVG Associates’ work for Renewable UK, Bruce is routinely in contact with offshore wind players - developers, wind turbine manufacturers and members of the supply chain, including steel and concrete foundation suppliers and installers. Bruce earned an engineering degree from Cambridge University.