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Avoiding Liability During Flu Season

Avoiding Liability During Flu Season
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Speaker(s): Carrie Cherveny, Schwarzberg & Associates
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Although last year's H1N1 influenza scare did not materialize into the pandemic many feared, it did provide the impetus for employers to implement policies and procedures for addressing seasonal flu concerns. With the public health consequences of seasonal flu playing out in coming months, there are legal considerations employers must be aware of and that employers must address in a timely fashion. The potential for lawsuits down the road is considerable, yet unnecessary, if HR policies are applied strictly during flu season.

Join Carrie B. Cherveny, attorney with Schwarzberg & Associates, as she discusses how:

  • DOLs recent administrative interpretation letter extends FMLA rights to adults who act as parents for unrelated children,
  • General duty clauses can impact employer obligations to employees,
  • Employer attendance practices can be affected by pandemics,
  • Employers can improve their policies to protect against potential liabilities.

Carrie Cherveny, Schwarzberg & Associates

Carrie Cherveny, with Schwarzberg & Associates, focuses her practice in the area of employment litigation and employee relations in both state and federal courts. She has represented private sector employers in litigation under Title VII, the ADA, the ADEA, the FLSA, the FMLA, the Florida Civil Rights Act, and the Florida Whistleblowers Act. Carrie has extensive experience in policy development, management, and employee training, and has contributed to numerous publications.