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Benchmarks Report

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This survey of EHS professionals and their departments provides the most comprehensive information and perspective on the EHS auditing function. Working closely with representatives from ENHESA, Bloomberg BNA surveyed critical issues in global EHS auditing, including audit tools, frequency, department activities and programs, measures of success, staff levels, budgets, and expenditures. The full report provides a comprehensive review of the survey results, including 100 visual graphs and charts illustrating the findings.
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The EHS & Sustainability Staffing and Structure Benchmark Report provides an in-depth look at the organizational structure, staffing levels and management systems companies employ in their sustainability goals and environmental, health and safety functions
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Bloomberg BNA’s Clean Technology and Energy Efficiency Benchmark Series is a collection of benchmark surveys, produced in conjunction with EnergyBoom Media Inc., and offers insight on key issues...
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Over the next 25 years, America’s energy needs will grow by about 10 percent, according to the U.S. Energy Information Agency’s 2012 Annual Energy Outlook. The EIA’s forecasts are based on an...
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In this year’s debate about creating a national energy policy that seeks affordable, secure, and clean energy supplies and also stimulates job creation, there is one central tenet about which all...
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Bloomberg BNA’s Clean Technology Industry Benchmark Report , jointly developed with EnergyBoom Media Inc., is an extensive survey questionnaire that provides insight from companies operating in the...