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Bloomberg BNA Books & Treatises

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Introducing Practising Law Institute Treatises on Bloomberg BNA
An ideal complement to Bloomberg BNA Tax Management Portfolios

Offering in-depth, topic-driven legal and regulatory guidance from leading attorneys and thought leaders, Bloomberg BNA's Books & Treatises helps you take your tax research to the next level with additional expert perspectives. You will find analysis of key Tax Court decisions, real-world case studies, and numerous examples explaining key tax issues and strategies. 

Bloomberg BNA's Books & Treatises collection includes Practising Law Institute (PLI) treatises that cover Corporate and Partnership tax issues as well as International, Estate Planning, and Practice & Procedure. Plus Getting the Deal Through books. All are available on Bloomberg BNA's Tax and Accounting Center and are fully-searchable for integrated access.

Treatise titles include:


  • The Corporate Tax Practice Series (31 volumes)
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Tender Offers: Law and Strategies (4 volumes)


  • Partnership Tax Practice Series (16 volumes)
  • Private Equity Funds: Formation and Operation


  • Langer on Practical International Tax Planning (2 volumes)
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds: A Legal, Tax and Economic Perspective

Estate Planning

  • Blattmachr on Income Taxation of Estates and Trusts
  • Manning on Estate Planning
  • Estate Planning & Chapter 14: Understanding the Special Valuation Rules
  • International Tax and Estate Planning: A Practical Guide for Multinational Investors

Practice and Procedure

  • All About Tax Tips for Collectors
  • Circular 230 Deskbook: Related Penalties, Reportable Transactions, Working Forms
  • Internal Revenue Service Practice & Procedure Deskbook (2 volumes)

Legal/SEC and Other Topics

  • Accountant’s Liability
  • Legal Opinions in Business Transactions
  • PLI’s Guide to the SEC’s Executive Compensation and Related Party Transaction Disclosure
  • PLI’s Guide to the Sarbanes Oxley Act for Business Professionals
  • Public Company Deskbook: Sarbanes Oxley and Federal Governance Requirements

Book titles include:

  • Tax Controversy 2014
  • Tax on Inbound Investment 2014
  • Section 409 Handbook 

Format & Frequency
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