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Lead the way with access to integrated legal resources, innovative tools, and business information. Prepare your students for the challenges of today and tomorrow and meet your goals for original scholarship. Plus, Bloomberg Law provides personalized training tailored to the needs of your school, including 24/7 phone and email support from legal professionals and online and in-person training for you and your students.

Whether you are preparing for a class or fleshing out the background for your next article or book chapter, Bloomberg Law can help you go further. You have unlimited access to primary sources including both federal and state cases, statutes, rules, and regulations; commentary and analysis from trusted sources such as BNA; news from over 50,000 sources including Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Businessweek, and The New York Times; and world-class company and market information. In addition, Specialized Searches target content based on fields specific to that type of material, enabling you to quickly zero in on relevant cases, example docket filings or transaction documents, on-point news articles, and more.


Our user-friendly system combined with superior customer service means that you can feel confident jumping right into research and encouraging your students to do the same. The content and tools available to law school students are the same ones offered to practitioners at law firms, government agencies, and corporations, allowing your students' research skills on Bloomberg Law to translate seamlessly into practice.

You can ensure your students are prepared for practice with the help of Bloomberg Law through dockets. Law school users have access to all docket sheets and the underlying filings that are loaded on the system or available electronically. You have a wide range of complaints, briefs, motions, and other pleadings to use as examples and they are all easy to find through the fielded Docket Search.

Practical guidance specific to transactional work helps students get up to speed quickly on new projects. From document and clause descriptions to checklists and timelines, students are able to learn as they go, enabling you to focus your teaching on the more complex issues. You also can provide both examples of real transaction documents and a variety of clauses to help students understand the importance of the details. DealMaker Document and Clause Searches enable you to quickly find specific language for a particular jurisdiction or other category that meets your teaching needs.

In addition, you can help students get more perspective on how business and law intertwine with company and market information that is presented in well labeled sections. Once students understand the basics about what the information is, they can find it easily and start putting the pieces together regarding, for example, the impact of litigation on a company s stock price and later business decisions.


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