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Bloomberg Law
Teaching Students
Customize your curriculum with Bloomberg Law's integrated primary sources, analysis (including practitioner contributions), and news, as well as Bloomberg's company and market information. By providing you with unlimited, unrestricted access to so many resources, Bloomberg Law makes it easy to help your students put knowledge into practice with example litigation and transaction documents and more.

Let us show you how to make the most of Bloomberg Law in your classroom with content and features such as:

  • Real-world examples of transactions and litigation help make students practice ready, taking their legal education to the next level.
    • DealMaker Document and Clause Searches help you find example agreements and clauses to use when discussing what to consider while drafting and preparing transaction documents.
    • Docket Search enables you to locate examples of complaints and briefs to provide students with insight into the components of litigation and how different judges may respond to similar arguments.
  • Legislative features offer easy ways to access federal and state statutory material, as well as news that provides the context for what is happening in Congress, including learning more about how the legislative process impacts business activity and the stock market.
  • Regulatory features enable students to stay up to date on the most recent federal rulemaking activity, by regulator, with the Monitor Regulators page.
  • News enables students to stay on top of current events discussed in class and provides them with information on developments that can affect the validity of arguments made in briefs within skills courses and activities such as moot court and mock trial.
  • The United States Law Week® helps students learn more about Supreme Court activity, including circuit splits that can be the source of law review article ideas.
  • Company and market information provides students with a more complete picture of the companies involved in cases and the stakes of litigation, transactions, legislation, and regulation.

Bloomberg Law makes it easy to integrate our content and tools into your legal research and writing (LRW) curriculum — with Bloomberg Law's guide written specifically for LRW professors and custom training options. The guide contains information on traditional first-year concepts and advanced legal research topics so you can use it for a variety of classes. Your school's Relationship Manager also can provide some course exercises so you can get your students started on sample research problems using Bloomberg Law. In addition, Bloomberg Law provides training to you and your students to meet your needs, from basic legal research skills to making transactional drafting more efficient.

Plus, you can use Bloomberg Law Workspaces to flip your classroom. Create a Workspace for each course and invite your students. Then upload your syllabus, homework assignments, and other materials to be used in class — including relevant Bloomberg Law content, such as a BNA Law Report article, law review note, or a chapter from a treatise.


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