BNA Fixed Assets Import, Export & Consolidations for Desktop, DesktopPro, and Server Users

This live webinar has concluded. The program will soon be available in additional formats.


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This 2-hour online training course is designed to help users optimize their workflow and increase productivity with a specific focus on moving data into or out of BNA Fixed Assets using the import and export functions. The session includes an overview of importing and exporting to and from BNA Fixed Assets, formatting data for import or export, working with required fields, using the import/ export wizards, reviewing log files, and editing data via the import system.
Program Content:
• Overview
• Formatting Data for Import/Export
• Import/Export Fields and Tools

Participant Learning Objectives:
After completing this course you will be able to:
• Use the BNA Fixed Assets import wizard to import assets into the program
• Use the BNA Fixed Assets Export utility to export data out of the BNA Fixed Assets program
• Use the BNA Fixed Assets consolidation utility to consolidate company data
• Run consolidated company reports use the Internal and External transfer functions
• Run Reports