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Milestones 1940s-1950s

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1947b milestone
March 18

American Newspaper Guild wins election to represent the company’s editorial employees.

1947a milestone
January 2

BNA begins operations as an employee-owned company under President Dean Dinwoodey with 279 full-time and 49 part-time employees.


milestone 1946

David Lawrence calls five editors to his farm in Centreville, Virginia, and proposes selling BNA to them for $600,000. They accept the deal and open up ownership to all employees.


1943b milestone

United States News builds offices at 24th and N Streets in Washington’s West End for both BNA and U.S. News.

1943a milestone
November 15

Daily Executive Report is launched at the price of $556 annually – it becomes Daily Report for Executives in 1946.


1941c milestone
November 3

Daily Labor Report begins publication.

191a milestone 1947b milestone

Daily Report on Price and Production Control begins, the only privately produced publication to receive an unlimited allocation of paper during WWII.