Bloomberg BNA’s Julie Perdue on ESPN Radio

Bloomberg BNA Legal Editor Julia Perdue discusses labor and arbitration issues around the Tom Brady suspension on ESPN Radio’s The Mike Lupica Show.

Bloomberg BNA’s Dean Scott on Bloomberg Radio and Sirius XM on Bipartisan Senate Energy and Environmental Regulatory Review Bill

Senior Climate Reporter Dean Scott spoke to Bloomberg Radio’s Taking Stock and Sirius XM’s POTUS Politics regarding a Senate bill that would streamline environmental and energy permitting regulations.

Bloomberg BNA’s Jonathan Nicholson Talks Budget with C-SPAN

Bloomberg BNA Capitol Hill Reporter Jonathan Nicholson discusses  House-Senate budget conference report with C-SPAN.

Bloomberg BNA's Steve Roll Discusses State Tax Issues with Bloomberg Radio

Managing Editor of State Tax Steve Roll discusses Bloomberg BNA's 15th annual State Tax Survey with Bloomberg Radio's Taking Stock.

Bloomberg BNA's Annabelle Gibson on Bloomberg Advantage

State Tax Legal Editor Annabelle Gibson appeared on the Bloomberg Advantage show to discuss state taxation on marijuana.

Bloomberg BNA Reporter Discusses Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Case with CBS Radio

Legal Editor Kimberly Robinson spoke to CBS Radio regarding the oral arguments in a landmark Supreme Court case on same-sex marriage. 

Bloomberg BNA Reporter Focuses on President Obama’s Climate Change Agenda with Bloomberg Radio

Capitol Hill environment reporter Anthony Adragna was interviewed on Bloomberg Radio’s “Taking Stock” regarding President Obama’s climate change agenda in the wake of his Earth Day visit to Everglades National Park.

Bloomberg BNA Tax Reporter Discussing Upcoming Congressional Legislation with C-SPAN

Capitol Hill tax reporter Aaron Lorenzo spoke to C-SPAN regarding federal estate tax repeal legislation being debated in the House that day and the outlook for tax reform.

Bloomberg BNA Editor Discusses Spring Legislative Outlook with Bloomberg Radio

Daily Report for Executives’ Heather Rothman reviews legislative priorities with Bloomberg Radio’s Bloomberg Best.

Bloomberg BNA Experts Author Column for Legaltech News

Bloomberg BNA President, Legal David Perla and Market Strategy Director Brian Kudowitz author Legaltech News column on law firm challenges and opportunities in cybersecurity. 


Seven Last Minute Tax Tips From Bloomberg BNA’s Highlighted in Forbes

With two weeks until Tax Day, Bloomberg BNA’s tax tips are highlighted in this Forbes piece. 


Bloomberg BNA Editor Speaks to Sirius XM on Supreme Court Case on Underwater Mortgages

Supreme Court reporter Nicholas Datlowe appears on Sirius XM’s POTUS Politics to discuss Supreme Court case on underwater mortgages.

Bloomberg BNA Reporter Discusses Medicare Legislation with C-SPAN and Sirius XM

Capitol Hill health policy reporter Nathaniel Weixel appeared on C-SPAN and Sirius XM to discuss the House Medicare ‘doc fix’ legislation. 


Bloomberg BNA’s David Perla Speaks to Mimesis Legal

David Perla, president of Bloomberg BNA’s Legal Division, is interviewed by Mimesis Legal’s Lee Pacchia on Big Law’s response to cybersecurity threats.

Bloomberg BNA Reporter Discusses EPA Bills on C-SPAN

Capitol Hill environment reporter Anthony Adragna appears on C-SPAN and discusses two EPA bills being debated on the House floor.

New Website Focused on Business of Law Debuts with Robust Coverage

Media coverage for included stories in the ABA Journal, 3 Geeks and a Law Blog, Bob Ambrogi’s LawSites, Jean O’Grady’s Dewey B Strategic and Talking Biz News

Bloomberg BNA Reporter Discusses Implications of Proposed Internet Sales Tax With Bloomberg Radio

Capitol Hill tax reporter Marc Heller appears on Bloomberg Radio's Taking Stock and discusses proposed Internet sales tax legislation. 

Bloomberg BNA Reporter Discusses Tech Companies’ Water Conservation Efforts with Bloomberg Radio

Bloomberg BNA corporate sustainability reporter Andrea Vittorio spoke with Bloomberg Radio’s Taking Stock about innovative ways technology companies are using dramatically less water in data centers. 

Bloomberg BNA’s Jacklyn Willie on Bloomberg Law Radio

Senior Legal Editor Jacklyn Wille appeared on Bloomberg Law Radio to discuss a U.S. Supreme Court case over investment fees paid by 401(k) participants.  

Bloomberg BNA Reporter Discusses Keystone XL with Sirius XM

Bloomberg BNA clean energy reporter Ari Natter appeared on Sirius XM’s POTUS Politics to discuss the outlook for the Keystone XL bill. 

Media Highlights Key Takeaways from Bloomberg BNA’s 2015 Environment and Energy Policy Outlook

Environmental Leader and FierceEnergy recapped the report published in Daily Environment Report™, which is available here.

Bloomberg BNA Reporter on C-SPAN Discussing FY 2016 Budget

Bloomberg BNA Capitol Hill Reporter Jonathan Nicholson spoke to C-SPAN about President Obama’s proposed fiscal year 2016 budget and the overall congressional budget process.

Bloomberg BNA Reporter Interviewed by C-SPAN on 2015 Department of Homeland Security Bill

Bloomberg BNA’s Nancy Ognanovich appears on C-SPAN and discusses details of the fiscal year 2015 Department of Homeland Security spending bill scheduled for a procedural vote in the Senate the following day.

Bloomberg BNA's Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Employer Survey Generates Extensive Coverage

A number of outlets covered Bloomberg BNA’s Holiday Practices Survey which found that nearly two in five American workers, an all-time high, would provide a paid day off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, including USA Today, The Plain Dealer (Cleveland), The Virginian-Pilot , and The Omaha World-Herald

Extensive Coverage of Bloomberg BNA’s Year-End Holiday Practices Survey

Numerous print and broadcast outlets focused on the timely insights provided by Bloomberg BNA’s Year-End Holiday Practices Survey, including The Oklahoman, The Clarion-Ledger, Omaha World-Herald, and Bloomberg Radio, which interviewed Director of Surveys and Research Reports Matt Sottong. 

Bloomberg BNA Reporter on Appropriations Bill with C-SPAN

Bloomberg BNA’s Nancy Ognanovich appeared on C-SPAN discussing the details of the FY2015 omnibus appropriations bill.

Multiple Outlets Cover Launch of Bloomberg Law: Bankruptcy Treatise

The launch of the new online-only Bloomberg Law: Bankruptcy Treatise was reviewed by Law Technology News, Dewey B Strategic, Above the Law, and Bob Ambrogi’s LawSites.

Multiple Outlets Feature Bloomberg BNA’s Thanksgiving Holiday Practices Survey

Bloomberg BNA’s Matt Sottong talks about employer Thanksgiving practices with Houston’s NPR affiliate and Bloomberg Radio and Inc. Magazine and the Deseret News devote columns to the survey.

Paul Albergo Discusses Legislative Agenda With Multiple News Outlets

Bloomberg BNA’s Paul Albergo looks at the Congressional legislative agenda on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” and the national radio program the “The Tavis Smiley Show.”

Paul Barbagallo Discusses Net Neutrality on C-SPAN

Bloomberg BNA’s Paul Barbagallo discusses net neutrality on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal.”

Robert Combs Talks Unions With Bloomberg Radio

Robert Combs spoke to Bloomberg Radio’s “Taking Stock” to discuss gains in union membership in the health care industry.

Anthony Adragna Interviewed on NPR

Bloomberg BNA environmental reporter Anthony Adragna was interviewed on NPR discussing how Republicans gaining control of the Senate would impact a wide range of environmental rules.

Bloomberg BNA Mentioned In Wall Street Journal

Bloomberg BNA’s projected 2015 tax rates were highlighted in the Wall Street Journal’s Total Return blog.

David Perla Authors Column on Future of PACER

Bloomberg BNA Legal President David Perla had a byline article published (registration required) in Law Technology News on PACER and the role of the private sector.

Bloomberg BNA’s 2015 Tax Rates Projections Highlighted in Forbes and Other Outlets

Bloomberg BNA’s 2015 projected tax rates are highlighted in this Forbes piece.  Additional coverage appeared in Accounting Today and CPA Practice Advisor

David Perla Profiled in Dewey B Strategic

Bloomberg BNA Legal President David Perla is interviewed by Jean O'Grady in this Dewey B Strategic piece.

Anthony Adragna Featured in Roll Call, National Journal and on Bloomberg Radio

Bloomberg BNA reporter Anthony Adragna's piece on Republicans' private support of action on climate change was covered in Roll Call and National Journal

Adragna also appeared on Bloomberg Radio, discussing the same topic.

The Wall Street Journal Highlights Bloomberg BNA’s Addition of David Perla

David Perla’s recent appointment as President of Bloomberg BNA Legal is featured in The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog.

Supreme Court Reporter Kimberly Robinson Previews Hobby Lobby Decision on C-SPAN

Listen to her appearance discussing the case on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal.

Tom Taylor Talks About the Hobby Lobby Decision on NPR’s KCRW

U.S. Law Week Assistant Managing Editor Tom Taylor discussed the recent Supreme Court rulings on cell phone searches and cable copyright on NPR's "To The Point" on KCRW. That same day, Tom also appeared on CBS News Radio in Los Angeles talking about the same two topics, as well as the much-awaited decision regarding the Affordable Care Act's "contraceptive mandate."

SCOTUS Decisions on NPR’s To The Point Features Tom Taylor

U.S. Law Week Assistant Managing Editor Tom Taylor discussed the recent Supreme Court rulings on cell phone searches and cable copyright on NPR's "To The Point" on KCRW. That same day, Tom also appeared on CBS News Radio in Los Angeles talking about the same two topics, as well as the much-awaited decision regarding the Affordable Care Act's "contraceptive mandate."

Bloomberg BNA Report in Biotechnology Industry Featured in SCRIP Intelligence

A Bloomberg BNA report, Stopped at the Threshold: the Practical Impact of the Supreme Court's Mayo and Myriad Decisions on Biotechnology Patent Practices,was releasedJune 25 at the BIO Conference in San Diego. The report, written in conjunction with the law firm of Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi L.L.P., is featured in a SCRIP Intelligence article on how decisions in the Myriad and Mayo cases could affect the biotechnology industry.

Life Sciences Intellectual Property Review Cites Bloomberg BNA Report on Biotechnology

Bloomberg BNA released a report at the BIO conference on how the Myriad and Mayo cases will impact the patent process. Life Sciences Intellectual Property Review features the report, Stopped at the Threshold: the Practical Impact of the Supreme Court's Mayo and Myriad Decisions on Biotechnology Patent Practices, citing how these decisions, and the resulting guidance from the Patent Trade Office, may affect the biotechnology industry.

George Farrah Discusses New Revenue Recognition Standard in Accounting Today

Tax & Accounting Executive Editor George Farrah is featured in an Accounting Today article on the new converged revenue recognition standard from the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the International Accounting Standards Board. This move may have far-reaching consequences for tax practitioners as well as accountants, George is quoted as saying.

Paul Barbagallo Talks About Broadband Spectrum on C-SPAN’s The Communicators

Telecommunications Managing Editor Paul Barbagallo was a guest on C-SPAN's "The Communicators," along with Jot Carpenter of TCIA - The Wireless Association, discussing the increasing need for wireless spectrum.

ABA Journal Features Executive VP, Product Joe Breda

The cover story of the May issue of the ABA Journal is an article on data visualization for which Bloomberg BNA Executive VP, Product Joe Breda was interviewed. The article, "Visual law services are worth a thousand words - and big money," quotes Breda on how the company makes complex information easier to access through graphics.

Tom Taylor Tackles Supreme Court’s Aero TV Case on Several News Outlets

Tom Taylor, Assistant Managing Editor at US Law Week, was at the Supreme Court today covering the Aereo TV case. He was interviewed about the case on Sirius XM POTUS, CBS 880 NY, KCBS San Francisco and NPR's "Here and Now." 

Bloomberg Law Mentioned in New York Times DealBook

Last week, New York Times DealBook columnist Stephen J. Lubben praised Bloomberg Law reporting in an article titled, “Giving a Debtor a Big Club Against Lenders.”

Quick Tax Reference App Featured in Washington Post

Bloomberg BNA’s Quick Tax Reference app was reviewed in The Washington Post’s Business section last week in an article titled, “Quick tax reference: Download this, and don’t fear April 15.” The reviewer praises the app and says the app “puts a ton of tax information at your fingertips” and is “well worth a download - and cheaper than an audit.”

Heather Rothman Takes on Senate Vote Process

Heather Rothman was quoted in a Politico blog post entitled, “Reporters condemn Senate vote.” The piece highlights Capitol Hill reporters' criticism of how Senate handled a roll call vote on raising the debt ceiling earlier this month.

APM’s Marketplace Cites Bloomberg BNA Interview

American Public Media’s “Marketplace” cited a Bloomberg BNA interview with Securus Technologies CEO Richard Smith regarding the impact the FCC’s recent reform of prison phone rates will have on the prison phone market. The FCC is capping at 25 cents per minute the amount phone companies can charge the recipients of an inmate’s call.

Larry Pearl Discusses Environmental Outlook in 2014 at the Wilson Center

Last month, Bloomberg BNA’s Larry Pearl was the keynote speaker at a Wilson Center event reviewing key legal and policy developments expected in 2014 on a number of environmental topics, including air, water, chemicals and climate. His participation was noted in the New York Times blog, Dot Earth

Paul Barbagallo Talks Net Neutrality on C-SPAN

On January 29, Bloomberg BNA’s Paul Barbagallo appeared on C-SPAN’s “The Communicators” to speak on net neutrality, the idea that Internet service providers should treat all content, websites, and platforms that travel over their network equally. 

CBS and American Public Media Cite Bloomberg BNA’s Holiday Practices Survey

Bloomberg BNA's 2013 Year-End Holiday Practices survey was featured in reports on CBS Minnesota and American Public Media’s “Marketplace” about Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The survey found that one-third of U.S. employers gave MLK Jr. Day as a paid holiday this year, on par with President’s Day.

Michael Rose Featured on the Diane Rehm Show

Bloomberg BNA’s Michael Rose discussed long-term unemployment insurance Jan. 13 on WAMU's "The Diane Rehm Show," which is syndicated to NPR stations nationwide.

Grist Cites Bloomberg BNA Reporting

Grist, a popular online magazine that covers environmental news, cited Bloomberg BNA reporting on the Obama administration’s environmental policy.

Bloomberg Law Cited in Global Legal Post

The Global Legal Post cited a Bloomberg Law article regarding a Department of Justice program to find taxpayers hiding accounts in Swiss banks.

Greenpeace USA Cites Bloomberg BNA

Greenpeace USA, a national environmental and peace organization, cited a Bloomberg BNA article on the Obama administration’s environmental policy in their blog. 

Alexei Alexis Speaks with CBS About Bitcoin

Bloomberg BNA’s Alexei Alexis spoke with CBS Radio Las Vegas earlier this month about the digital currency Bitcoin's security concerns and volatility.

Multiple Media Outlets Highlight Bloomberg BNA’s Thanksgiving Holiday Practices Survey

Business Insider, Business News Daily,the New York Post,CBS Radio San Francisco, and CBS Radio Los Angeles highlighted Bloomberg BNA’s 2013 Thanksgiving Holiday Practices survey.

The survey, which covers paid time off, gift giving, holiday work schedules, overtime pay, and more, is based on responses from human resource and employee relations executives at 494 U.S. companies.

Bloomberg BNA's Director of Surveys Matt Sottong spoke with CBS San Francisco and CBS Los Angeles about the survey findings.

CNET Cites Bloomberg BNA Reporting on Personal Data Protection

CNET, a popular technology media website, cited Bloomberg BNA reporting on the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Program.

Tom Taylor Discusses SCOTUS Argument on Public Radio International and Sirius XM

This week on Public Radio International’s “To The Point” and "Morning Briefing" on Sirius XM’s POTUS, Bloomberg BNA’s Tom Taylor discussed Unite Here Local 355 v. Mulhall. This Supreme Court case examines deals known as "neutrality agreements" in which employers agree not to campaign against unionization.

Paul Barbagallo Featured on C-SPAN and Russia Today

Bloomberg BNA's Paul Barbagallo appeared on C-SPAN’s “The Communicators” to interview Steve Berry, the president and CEO of the Competitive Carriers Association, on a range of policy issues affecting the wireless industry.

Barbagallo was also featured in a Russia Today  piece where he talked about the growing telecommunications industry.

Reason Magazine Cites Bloomberg BNA Reporting

Reason Magazinecited Bloomberg BNA reporting on the Energy Information Administration’s report that U.S. emissions of carbon dioxide are down significantly.

ThinkProgress Cites Bloomberg BNA Reporting

ThinkProgress, a popular political news outlet, cited Bloomberg BNA reporting on the government shutdown’s effect on Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforcement.

ABA Journal Cites Bloomberg BNA Reporting

The ABA Journalcites a Bloomberg BNA article reporting on the legality of a law firm looking through incoming e-mails addressed to a former partner.

Tax Court Cites Bloomberg BNA Portfolio

On September 3, a United States Tax Court opinion cited a Bloomberg BNA Portfolio on refund litigation by Ted Peyser.

Law Technology News Features Corporate Law Resource Center

Today, American Lawyer Media's Law Technology Newsfeatured the Corporate Law Resource Center, Bloomberg BNA's new online research platform for corporate practitioners.

George Farrah Named One of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting

Bloomberg BNA Tax & Accounting Executive Editor George Farrah is named one of the "Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting" by Accounting Todaymagazine.

TIME Magazine Cites Labor Day Holiday Employer Survey

In an article entitled, “This Labor Day, Much of America Will Be…Laboring,” TIMEmagazine Friday featured the BBNA Holiday Practices Survey. In addition to TIME’s article, the San Francisco Chronicle, Minneapolis Star Tribune, and numerous broadcast stations cited the survey.

CPA Practice Advisor Reviews BNA Income Tax Planner

In a 2013 review of tax planning systems, CPA Practice Advisor gives BNA Income Tax Planner 5 stars and praises the system for “differentiat[ing] itself from the market with its accessibility from the web and versatility to integrate with several different tax compliance programs.”

Accounting Today Discusses Premier State Tax Library Enhancements

Accounting Today, a leading trade publisher of business news for the tax and accounting community, showcases the expanded content areas and tools added to Bloomberg BNA’s Premier State Tax Library.

Bloomberg BNA Special Report Featured on Prominent Tax Law Blog

Bloomberg BNA’s 2013 Trust Nexus Survey: Analysis of Key Factors Driving State Taxation of Trusts was featured on Paul Caron's TaxProf Blog, a member of the Law Professor Blogs Network. The report discusses the factors that each state considers when determining whether to tax a trust.

iHealthBeat Cites Bloomberg BNA Reporting on FDA Guidance

iHealthBeat cites a Bloomberg BNA article about the FDA issuing final guidance on incorporating and integrating radio frequency wireless technology into medical devices.

Forbes Cites Bloomberg BNA Insight Article on Digital Discovery

In an article about the public comment period for proposed amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure governing the pre-trial discovery process, Forbesrefers to the “good overview” of the work of the Advisory Committee on Civil Rules provided in Bloomberg BNA’s Digital Discovery and e-Evidence.

Energy Blog Cites Bloomberg BNA Article on EPA Standards

Social Media Today’s cites a Bloomberg BNA article on the EPA's deadline extension for controlling emissions from oil and gas storage tanks.

Privacy and Information Security Law Blog cites Bloomberg BNA reporting

Hunton & Williams’ Privacy and Information Security Law Blog cites a Bloomberg BNA report that the Irish Office of the Data Protection Commissioner will not investigate complaints relating to the alleged involvement of Facebook Ireland Inc. and Apple Distribution International in the PRISM surveillance program.

Bloomberg Businessweek Cites BBNA Reporting on Iowa Supreme Court Ruling

Bloomberg Businessweek cites Bloomberg BNA reporting on Iowa’s employee termination laws in a story regarding the Supreme Court ruling that a dentist acted legally when he fired a dental assistant because he found her too attractive.

Ari Natter Discusses Energy Spending Bill on C-SPAN TV

Bloomberg BNA’s Ari Natter discusses the House debate on energy and water spending bill.

CPA Practice Advisor Reviews Bloomberg BNA Sales & Use Tax Rates & Forms Software

In CPA Practice Advisor’s Review of Sales & Use Tax Systems, Bloomberg BNA’s Sales & Tax Rates & Forms software received a higher rating (4.5/5.0) than any other product in the “Sales Tax Preparation Systems” category. 

Tom Taylor Discusses Recent and Pending Supreme Court Decisions on C-SPAN TV

Bloomberg BNA’s U.S. Law Week Assisting Managing Editor Tom Taylor discusses recent and pending Supreme Court decisions on patenting human genes, same-sex marriage, affirmative action, and voting rights with C-SPAN’s Washington Journal host Libby Casey. The nearly one-hour show included questions from viewers.

Accounting Today Interviews George Farrah on Accountants’ Challenges and Opportunities

In an interview with Accounting Today TV, Bloomberg BNA Tax & Accounting Executive Editor George Farrah spoke with Accounting Today Editor-in-Chief Daniel Hood on how accountants are dealing with the economy, globalization, and technology.

BNA Income Tax Planner Web recognized as a Finalist for 2013 Innovation Awards

BNA Income Tax Planner Web was recognized as a Finalist for the 2013 Innovation Awards presented by CPA Practice Advisor. These awards “serve to honor new or recently enhanced technologies that benefit tax and accounting professionals and their clients through improved workflow, increased accessibility, enhanced collaboration or other means.” BBNA's desktop tax planning system has long been recognized as the leader in tax planning.

Accounting Today Features Bloomberg BNA State Tax Survey

Accounting Today featured some key results from the Bloomberg BNA 2013 State Tax Department Survey in a May 3 news article, Bloomberg BNA's Survey of State Tax Departments Clarifies State Nexus Policies. The survey captures responses from senior state tax officials in all 50 states, who were asked how they were changing their policies to incorporate new technologies such as cloud computing, and on the nexus consequences of Internet servers, alternative work arrangements, and transactions involving non-U.S. Entities.

BNA Quick Tax Reference Makes TIME Mag's List of Top Tax Calculation Apps

BNA Quick Tax ReferenceMakes TIME Magazine'sList of "Apps and Sites That Make Filing Taxes Easier." Free at

New York Post Reviews the Bloomberg BNA Quick Tax Reference App

The New York Posttalks up the Bloomberg BNA Quick Tax Reference Appas a tool that "...provides current and past tax rates and helps you calculate what you owe." The popular app is free for the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android-based phones. 

Bloomberg BNA Insights Voted 2013 Best Legal News iPad App by National Law Journal Readers

The Bloomberg BNA Insights Apphas been voted the 2013 Best Legal News iPad App by the National Law Journalreader community. The app delivers hundreds of highly regarded BNA Insights articles and videos, providing practical advice and sound guidance in a range of legal practice areas. The second annual Best of The National Law Journal Readers Rankings are based on nearly 5,000 responses from readers, who chose their favorite vendors and products in 70 categories.

Avery Fellow Talks About Shareholder Sustainability Resolutions on The Allegheny Front Radio Show

Avery Fellow talked to WESA-Pittsburgh's The Allegheny Front radio show about a trend that shows in 2013 shareholders are demanding climate-risk disclosures, and other sustainability resolutions, on proxy statements. Highlights the BNA Quick Tax Reference App

The Bloomberg BNA Quick Tax Reference appis one of several free tools recommended by Government Technologymagazine to "help the taxpaying public navigate the tricky waters of filing taxes."

USA Today: Bloomberg BNA Quick Tax Reference App a Powerful Resource

USA Today calls the Bloomberg BNA Quick Tax Referenceapp for smartphones "a powerful resource if you have questions about any item in the tax code, no matter how small."

Forbes Cites Remarkable Environmental Reporting by Bloomberg BNA

In an article titled "Why The U.S. Needs A National Climate And Energy Plan," Forbes Contributor Justin Gerdes cites "a remarkable piece of reporting" by Bloomberg BNA Washington state correspondent Paul Shukovsky. Shukovsky's "deeply reported" story reveals talks the White House Council on Environmental Quality convened with federal regulators over the past nine months to assess the possibly broad climate change impacts of exporting U.S. coal to Asia - and whether such projects should be analyzed individually, or be considered together for their cumulative effects.

NLRB Recognizes Bloomberg BNA Labor Reporting

The National Labor Relations Board(NLRB) posts a link to Bloomberg BNA coverage of a panel discussionat Cornell University in which NLRB board members and regional directors shed light on some of the Board's recent decisions. The original article is by Bloomberg BNA New York Correspondent John Herzfeld. Cites Bloomberg BNA's Wage Trend Indicator cites Bloomberg BNA's Wage Trend Indicatorin a story on "The sequester: what's it mean for you?" by Mark Huffman, which looks at the likely impacts of the impending across-the-board cuts in government spending slated to go into effect March 1, 2013 unless Congress acts to cut a deal on deficit reduction by other means. The Wage Trend Indicator™ is designed to serve as a yardstick for employers, analysts, and policymakers to identify turning points in private sector wage patterns.

Bloomberg BNA's Financial Accounting Resource Center received an Honorable Mention in Accounting Today’s Top New Products feature

Bloomberg BNA's Financial Accounting Resource Center received an Honorable Mention in Accounting Today’s "Top New Products" feature. The publication’s report, now in its fourth year, recognizes “the best new and significantly improved products” aimed at tax and accounting professionals, as judged by its editors. The center was praised for expanding the choices for accounting research and was one of the products that Accounting Today said “Accounting professionals should be aware of and keep an eye on.

John Sullivan Discusses 2013 in Environment News at the Wilson Center

The Wilson Center's NewSecurityBeat blogquotes Bloomberg BNA's John Sullivan, director of environmental news at Bloomberg BNA, as part of a Jan. 25 journalists roundtable looking at the year ahead in environment news. Sullivan 'expects most of the domestic action on environmental issues will come from regulatory groups like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), not Congress.'
“The best case scenario is legislation that might lay the groundwork for discussion, and lay the groundwork for action in 2014,” said Sullivan, “but I don’t think anyone really expects any serious legislation to move, certainly not this year and probably not even in this Congress.”

Reuters Credits Bloomberg BNA Reporting On DOE Furloughs

Reuters reportedFeb. 7 on a U.S. Energy Department memo to employees about mandatory furloughs that will likely be necessary if sequestration occurs, credits Bloomberg BNA for breaking the news.

Bloomberg BNA Breaks the News On DOE Furloughs

In its reporting on the Energy Department's plans to furlough employees as a tactic to manage the budget cuts that will be necessary if sequestration occurs, The Hillcredits Bloomberg BNA as the original source of news on the internal DOE memo.

ABA Journal Cites Bloomberg BNA Legal Reporting

The ABA Journalcites a Bloomberg BNA articlereporting on a case (Francis v. Mirman, Markovits & Landau PC), recently dismissed by a Brooklyn trial court,  in which a personal injury client claimed his lawyers failed to warn him that the litigation financing agreements he made with third parties might consume all of his settlement money| from the ABA/BNA Lawyers' Manual on Professional Conduct™ Cites Bloomberg BNA Banking Reporter

The Credit Union National Association cites a Bloomberg BNA 2013 Outlookstory highlighting the American Bankers Association's intent to push in 2013 to finally eliminate the federal tax exemption for credit unions. The story by Bloomberg BNA's NYC Correspondent Stephen Joyce, titled "Technical Corrections to Dodd-Frank Only Sure Financial Legislation for 2013," quotes ABA Executive Vice President James Ballentine.

Matt Sottong Talks to KPLU About Employer Practices on MLK Day

Bloomberg BNA Surveys Director Matthew Sottong and Business Reporter Ashley Gross of NPR station KPLU in Seattle discuss the different ways employers observe the holiday, and which types of employers are most likely to do so.

CPA Practice Advisor Reviews Bloomberg BNA Expert Solutions' Fixed Assets DesktopPro

CPA Practice Advisor magazine reviewed the BNA Fixed Assets DesktopProfrom Bloomberg BNA Expert Solutions, a software solution for tax and accounting, financial planning, and estate planning professionals in companies of every size.

Tax Editor Steve Roll Joins Accounting Today Experts Roundtable

Bloomberg BNA Tax Editor Steve Roll joined in an Accounting Today roundtable of experts discussing the most important current trends in state sales and use taxes. A major issue highlighted is the states' growing determination to collect taxes on online sales.

Fox Business News Highlights Bloomberg BNA Year End Holiday Survey of Employer Practices

In an article that highlights data from the Bloomberg BNA Year End Holiday Surveyof employers, Fox Business Newsfocuses on how much paid time off the nation's workers in various market segments are likely to receive from their employers based on Christmas and New Year's falling on Tuesdays this year.

Philadelphia Inquirer Reviews the Bloomberg BNA Quick Tax Reference App

The Philadelphia Inquirer  recommends the Quick Tax Reference App for the iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry devices, which is a quick, free download from Bloomberg BNA.

HuffPost Live Interviews Matt Sottong on Employees Who Come to Work Sick

HR Surveys Director Matt Sottong talks with HuffPost Liveabout the 80% of workers who will come to work even when they know they're sick.

Paul Barbagallo Interviews USTelecom Chairman Jeff Gardner on C-SPAN

Bloomberg BNA's Paul Barbagallo discusses universal service fund reform, spectrum, and other telecommunications issueswith USTelecom Chairman and Windstream President & CEO Jeff Gardner on C-SPAN's The Communicators.

Digital Journal Cites a Daily Tax Report Piece on Churches and Electioneering

A Digital Journalarticle on a lawsuit by the Freedom From Religion Foundation against the IRS cites Daily Tax Report reporting on the way IRS is handling tax audits of churches. Church audits have been suspended until the IRS finalizes rules. According to the lawsuit, FEFF accuses IRS of "inconsistency in enforcing its electioneering restrictions on religious, tax-exempt organizations," the article says.

Ithaca Journal Cites Telecommunications Law Resource Center Reporting

The Ithaca Journal cites an article from Bloomberg BNA's Telecommunications Law Resource Center™ on two-class action lawsuits filed against Time Warner Cablein New Jersey and New York over a new $3.95-per-month modem rental fee the company has begun charging customers.

ProEdgeWire Cites Bloomberg BNA Weekly State Tax Report

A Bloomberg BNA Weekly State Tax Reportarticle by Kathleen Caggiano on solar energyincentives in California was cited in a roundup of new energy incentives around the U.S. Picks Up Thanksgiving Holiday Practices Survey

Business News Daily reports on the Bloomberg BNA 2012 Thanksgiving HolidayPractices survey of year-end holiday practices, based on responses from human resource and employee relations executives at 628 U.S. companies. Bloomberg BNA's survey of year-end holiday practices covers paid time off, holiday gift giving, holiday staffing and work schedules, overtime pay, and more. It has been conducted since 1980.

Bloomberg BNA, Bloomberg Law Cited on

A article on the unique value that law librarians, as curators of knowledge, bring to their firms in the electronic age of legal research, cites the combined Bloomberg Law and Bloomberg BNA as a potential source of considerable savings for librarians seeking to contain costs.

Salon Features Bloomberg BNA Union Lockout Statistics used Bloomberg BNA labor statistics in a piece on the declining influence of unions and the rise in employer militancy - as evidenced by employer use of union lockouts as a tactic - over the past 30 years. The recently settled NFL referee strike is the latest example. Bloomberg BNA Labor Research Manager Robert Combs is quoted in the article.

George Farrah Named One of the Top 100 Most Influential People by Accounting Today Magazine

For the second year in a row, Accounting Today Magazine has named Bloomberg BNA Tax & Accounting Executive Editor George Farrah one of the Top 100 Most Influential Peoplein accounting. The article notes that "Farrah and his team produce and disseminate vital technical information to tens of thousands of tax and accounting professionals."

Boston Business Journal Highlights Bloomberg BNA Reporting on Concord, MA Single-Serving Water Bottle Ban

The battle over reducing the volume of single serving plastic water bottles grows hotter with Concord, MA's passage of legislation banning sales of water in bottles of less than 1 liter. The Boston Business Journalstory highlights Bloomberg BNA reportingon the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA)'s opposition to the ban.

Daily Kos Cites Bloomberg BNA Union Membership Data

The Daily Kos cites Bloomberg BNA union membershipdata in its By the Numbersroundup Sepbember 12: "Union membership in the private sector in 1980 and 2011, respectively: 20%, 6.7%"

Bloomberg BNA California Correspondent Interviewed By Pacific Swell Blog

Bloomberg BNA California Correspondent Carolyn Whetzel, who writes for Daily Environment Report, was one of the "pool reporters" who participated in the state's practice drill for its first real carbon credit auction, scheduled for November 14. She was interviewed by Southern California Public Radio (KPCC)'s Pacific Swell blog. Cites Bloomberg BNA Union Labor Data has cited Bloomberg BNA union labor statistics in a story on the NFL lockoutof its professional referrees, which started in June and has persisted into the regular season. Tommy Craggs writes: "The most distressing thing about it is that we've evidently reached a point where a lockout is considered a naturally occurring phenomenon—a regrettable but unavoidable consequence of doing business, rather than an act of employer militancy." And, "According to a study by Bloomberg BNA, "employers were much more likely to lock out workers in 2011 than in any other year since we started keeping track of work stoppages two decades ago."

San Diego Reader Cites Bloomberg BNA Telecom Reporting

Bloomberg BNA reporting is cited in the San Diego Reader's coverage of a turf war in California over whether the State's Public Utilities Commission will retain responsibility for regulating voice-over-internet protocol (VOIP). The bill passed through the California Senate with the support of large telecom companies and small internet-based services like Skype, Google Voice, and FaceTime, but is being challenged by consumer watchdog groups. The Reader's story cites a Daily Report for Executives exclusive interview with PUC Commissioner Mike Florio.

Huffington Post Credits Bloomberg BNA Reporting on Campaign Finance Law

Reporting by Bloomberg BNA Daily Tax Report'sDiane Freda on a Congressional Research Service (CRS) memo issued August 30 is cited in a Huffington Post storythat posits CRS will be less tolerant going forward of campaign ads issued by section 501(c)(4) nonprofits that claim not to be political as long as they don't mention candidates by name or include words like "vote" or "elect."

Accounting Today Quotes BBNA State Tax Editor on The Main Street Fairness Act

Accounting Today quotes BBNA State TaxEditor Steven Roll in an article on the prospects for passage of the Main Street Fairness Act, which will open the door to states' taxation of online sellers. The article, "Widening the Net," details the states' administrative preparations for capturing this new income stream if Congress sets aside the current "physical presence" requirement that says a company must have a physical presence in a state before it is subject to state sales taxes.

StarTribune Report on SuperMom Bakery Union Lockout Uses Bloomberg BNA Labor Stats

The Minneapolis StarTribune reports on a lockout of delivery truck drivers in St. Paul by SuperMom Bakery management, noting that "...lockouts as a percentage of all U.S. work stoppages in 2010-2011 -- 9.64 percent -- were up sharply over the past two decades." Statistics on work stoppages, including strikes and lockouts, are from the five LABOR PLUS databases maintained by Bloomberg BNA Research & Custom Solutions.


ABA Journal Article Features Bloomberg BNA-Bloomberg Law Video on Online Taxes

Bloomberg BNA-Bloomberg Law video featuring State Tax Advisory Board member Todd Lard, of the Council on State Taxation, highlights the growing movement for states to charge taxes from online retailers.

Business Insider Picks Up Bloomberg Law Podcast on Online Sales Taxes

Discussing the steady march toward online sales taxes, Bloomberg BNA State Tax advisory board member Todd Lard, of the Council on State Taxation, said at a recent roundtable that Congress has "gone further than they have in a number of years in terms of getting a legislative solution." Business Insiderpicked up the video. Read more at Bloomberg Law.


Accounting Today Quotes Bloomberg BNA State Tax Editor Steven Roll

An Accounting Todaymagazine piece on the states' desperate hunger for revenue features a quote from Bloomberg BNA State Tax Editor Steven Roll, who has conducted comprehensive analyses of the states' efforts to begin taxing online retailers. Those efforts are known colloquially as "Amazon" laws, after one of the first and largest retailers in the category.

C-SPAN Taps Heather Rothman to Explain House Tax Bills

Daily Tax Report's Heather Rothman, in a C-SPAN interview August 1, discussed the House of Representatives' Republican proposal that would extend the Bush-era tax cuts for all taxpayers, and the Democratic proposal that would extend tax cuts for individuals earning up to $200,000 and couples earning up to $250,000.
She also spoke about the following day’s bill on tax reform.

Bloomberg BNA's Brett Ferguson Interviewed on C-SPAN

Daily Tax Report's Brett Ferguson appeared live on C-SPAN to explain the Democrats’ proposed tax legislation, which would extend all the current tax cuts for one year and allow tax rates for people earning over $250,000 to go back to Clinton-era levels.
The tax cuts would affect approximately 98% of the population, and Democrats say they would improve fairness and increase opportunities for the middle class. cites Bloomberg BNA Reporting on the Estate Tax cites Bloomberg BNA reporting in an article on the current tussle in Congress over the estate taxand the prospects for a deal on whether or not to extend the George W. Bush-era tax cuts.

The Youngstown Business Journal Picks Up BBNA's Mid-Year Economic Outlook Report

The Business Journal (Youngstown, OH) picks up Bloomberg BNA's Mid-Year Economic Outlook, a surveyof 16 leading economists who give their projections for the U.S. economy for the balance of 2012. Article on Summertime Job Absence Trends Features Bloomberg BNA Surveys Director Matt Sottong

In an article for Career Diva Eve Tahmincioglu interviewed Surveys Director Matt Sottong on trends in job absenteeismduring the summer months. The relevant data was from Bloomberg BNA's Job Absence & Turnover Report, published quarterly to provide focused quarterly employment statistics covering employee turnover and unscheduled job absences. Top-line results and summaries are presented followed by breakouts for employment sector, workforce size, and geographic region. This survey is conducted among a panel of human resource executives representing organizations around the United States.

BBNA Job Absence and Turnover Report Cited by

The Atlanta Journal Constitution website cited job absencestatistics from the Bloomberg BNA quarterly Job Absence & Turnover Report, in an article on rates of employee absenteeism during the warm summer months.

The Knockoff Economy Cites Bloomberg BNA Reporter for his Cincinnati Reds Knowledge

Bloomberg BNA's Anandashankar Mazumdar, Legal Editor for Patent, Trademark & Copyright Journal, was referenced in "The Knockoff Economy" blogthanks to his expertise as a Cincinnati Reds fan. Mazumdar pointed out to the blogger that the New York Mets' mascot, Mr. Met, "who is usually credited with being the first major league baseball mascot, is actually a knockoff" of 'Mr. Red,' a mascot for the Cincinnati Reds. This question was ultimately left up for debate, because the first human character version of Mr. Met first appeared in 1963, while Mr. Red did not appear until 1980, but Mr. Red also appeared on the Reds' programs as early as 1953.

Associated Press Cites Bloomberg BNA Labor Data on Union Lockouts

The Associated Press reports on union activityat the American Crystal Sugar Co. in Fargo, North Dakota, where some 1,300 workers have been locked out - a move the data seems to suggest is, as the reporters says, "a successful strategy that has become popular with employers throughout the country." This piece ran in

Survey of State Tax Departments Referenced in Senate Finance Committee Testimony

Bloomberg BNA's annual Survey of State Tax Departmentswas referenced by Tax Foundation's Joseph Henchman in testimonybefore the April 25 U.S. Senate Finance Committee hearing on state tax reform:  "While this thick volume remains the best comprehensive guidance for interstate business, it is littered with footnotes, exceptions, and “depends” notations, reinforcing the lack of clarity the states have imposed on those engaged in interstate commerce." Picks Up Labor & Employment Blog: Are Fed Employees Paid Too Much? picked up a story from the Labor & Employment Blogon a Partnership for Public Service roundtable event in Washington, D.C., at which representatives of the American Enterprise Institute, the Federal Salary Council, and the Congressional Budget Office offered very different views on whether or not federal employees are paid too much.


Environment Reporter Ari Natter Discusses the 2013 Energy & Water Spending Bill with C-SPAN

Environment Reporter Ari Natter discusses with C-SPANthe various provisions of and riders to the 2013 Energy & Water spending bill that passed Wednesday in the House of Representatives.

The Daily Record Picks Up Bloomberg BNA Piece on Pro Bono Mandates in NY

A Bloomberg BNA story,on a new mandate requiring lawyers seeking entry to the New York bar to have completed 50 hours of pro bono service, was picked up by The Daily Record.

Investigative Reporting By Correspondent Laura Mahoney Gets a Nod from the Sacramento Bee

Bloomberg BNA Correspondent Laura Mahoney's past reporting on tax adjudication in California is cited in this Sacramento Bee editorialabout a pending bill that could force the Board of Equalization, California 's main taxing body, to make its rulings public.

Bloomberg BNA to Host 2012 EDF Climate Corps Fellow

Environmental Leader today published a list of organizations, of which Bloomberg BNA is one, working with the Environmental Defense Fund(EDF) Climate Corps Fellowship to host an EDF Fellow in 2012. EDF fellows are specially trained graduate students who go to work inside companies, cities, and universities, to build the business case for energy efficiency.

Dewey B Strategic Law Blog Reviews New Social Media Law Report

Blogger Jean O'Grady reviewsBloomberg BNA's just-launched Social Media Law & Policy Report, a new source for the latest developments in social media litigation, analysis, case law, primarcy sources, and practice tools.

Accounting Today Features State Tax Survey from Bloomberg BNA

Accounting Today ("States Expand Definition of 'Nexus' for Taxes") featured some key results from the Bloomberg BNA 2012 State Tax Department Surveyin a May 8 article. The survey captures responses from senior state tax officials in all 50 states, who were asked how they were changing their policies to incorporate new technologies such as cloud computing, and new types of transactions, such as social coupons - business models that operate across all physical borders.

Tech Journal Picks Up Bloomberg BNA Survey of State Tax Departments

Tech Journalthis week picked up the annual Bloomberg BNA Survey of state tax departments, a 50-state examination of how the states are taxing the new technologies and types of transactions that continue to emerge as the U.S. economy shifts from the bricks and mortar of Main Street to the web-based world.

Virginia Business Picks Up Bloomberg BNA's 2012 Employer Bargaining Objectives Survey

Virginia Business Magazine picked up the 27th annual Bloomberg BNA Employer Bargaining Objectivessurvey of employers' goals for their 2012 round of bargaining with the unions that represent their workers. The report is based on responses from 117 employers representing a wide range of industries throughout the U.S., and lists employers’ bargaining ‘'wish lists’‘ on a wide range of issues, including compensation, health care, life insurance, retirement and pension benefits, paid leave and job security. 

Law of Fashion Blog Runs A Bloomberg BNA Story

Law of Fashion blog ran a story from Bloomberg BNA's Weekly State Tax Report on the striking down of "Amazon Law" reporting rules in a Colorado lawsuit brought by the Direct Marketing Association.

Class-Action Case First Reported in Daily Labor Report is Detailed in Chicago Real Estate Daily

Crain's Chicago Real Estate Daily reports on the certification in March of class action status in a race-bias lawsuit against a Chicago-based real estate company. The case was first reported in Bloomberg BNA's Daily Labor Report.

Bloomberg BNA - American U. Kogod Tax Center Study Featured in 21st Century Taxation Blog

21st Century Taxation blog coveres a joint studyreleased last month by Bloomberg BNA and the American University School of Business' Kogod Tax Centerrevealed that businesses large and small demonstrate surprising agreement on the suite of tax reform proposals they support. The study was published in Bloomberg BNA's Daily Tax Reporton Feb. 8.

Tax Blogger Kay Bell Cites Bloomberg BNA Reporting

Tax Blogger Kay Bell citesBloomberg BNA reporting on state tax nexus, in a piece on new state tax liabilities incurred by telecommuters, and their employers, in New Jersey  - where an appellate court ruled for nexus (Telebright Corp. v. New Jersey Division of Taxation), as well as other states where decisions are pending.

Accounting Today Features Bloomberg BNA-Bloomberg New Energy Finance Survey of Tax Pros

Accounting Today magazine featureda new survey jointly conducted by Bloomberg BNA and Bloomberg New Energy Finance on tax equity investments in the clean energy sector. Presented in a meeting with the Department of Energy at the White House on March 13, the survey results revealed  that tax professionals are largely unfamiliar with the various tax incentives available to private investors in clean energy projects, despite the fact that many have participated in other kinds of "tax equity" transactions.

The Kiplinger Letter Cites Bloomberg BNA Labor Statistic

A Kiplinger Letter "Practical Economics" column by Art Pine on the slow recovery of employment cites a Bloomberg BNA labor union statistic on lockouts.

Bloomberg BNA's International Environment Reporter in The New York Times

 A New York Times Environmentsection news roundup points to a Bloomberg BNA International Environment Reporterstoryon the shipping industry's failure to make headway on developing market-based measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In These Times Cites Bloomberg BNA Stat on Worker Lockouts

Reporting on the Crystal Sugar strike and lockout in Horicon, Wis., In These Timesnewsmagazine citesa Bloomberg BNA statistic on the 17 instances last year when companies ceased negotiations and locked out union workers.

Election Law Blog Cites Bloomberg BNA's Money and Politics Report

Election Law Blog picked up a Money & Politicsstory on a Federal Election Commission March 1 decision in which the panel deadlocked on whether a corporate political action committee can solicit unlimited contributions to pay for independent campaign expenditures.

House Energy and Power Subcommittee Cites Bloomberg BNA Reporting

The House Energy and Power Subcommittee citesin a press release a Bloomberg BNA news article in which its Chairman, Ed Whitfield (R-KY), is quoted discussing his pledge to examine EPA grants, and the basis upon which they are awarded. Power EngineeringMagazine picked up the release.

HuffPost Picks Up Bloomberg BNA/American U. Survey on Tax Reform Goals for Business

Huffington Post picked up a surveyjointly conducted by Bloomberg BNA and Managing Director David Kautter of the American University Kogod Tax Center that reveals the surprising degree to which businesses of all sizes share common goals for tax reform. The survey demonstrates that "Regardless of size, businesses appear to share common priorities for reforming the tax code in ways that will spur growth."

Charlotte Law Library Blog Taps Bloomberg BNA Legal Portfolios

This postfrom the Charlotte Law Libary blog offers a detailed review of the Bloomberg BNA Portfolio series, pointing out among other things that students should "Think of it as a crash course in a particular area of law." While focusing on Portfolios, the review goes on to highlight the full range of Bloomberg BNA products.

Water Online Magazine Picks Up Bloomberg BNA Environment Reporter Story

Water Online Magazine leads Feb. 15 with a citation to Bloomberg BNA's Environment Reporter, in an article titled "Senate Finance Votes To Remove Water Infrastructure Roadblock"

Kansas City Star Picks Up Bloomberg BNA Wage Trend Indicator

The Kansas City Starreported the February issue of the Wage Trend Indicator (WTI), Bloomberg BNA's forward-looking index that serves as a yardstick for employers, analysts, and policymakers to identify turning points in private sector wage patterns. The WTI is published monthly.

Bloomberg BNA Chairman Paul Wojcik Quoted in B to B Magazine

Bloomberg BNA Chairman Paul Wojcik's remarks at the Jan. 24 Software & Information Industry Association Information Industry Summitwere quoted by B to B Magazine. Wojcik spoke on on the future of information content, noting that: “Winning and maintaining trust is the defining challenge for the content business in the years ahead."

FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog Cites PTCJ

FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blogwrites: "IP in relation to anti-bribery and anti-corruption programs under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) were recently explored in an article by authors Doug Sawyer and T. Markus Funk, in an article entitled “The IP Practitioner’s ‘Cheat Sheet’ to the FCPA and Travel Act: Introducing the IP FCPA Decision Tree” published in the BNA Bloomberg Patent, Trademark & Copyright Journal (January 27, 2012)."

The Hill’s Congress Blog Includes Bloomberg BNA Union Membership Data

A blog entryon Tuesday's hearing regarding President Obama's recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board cites data from Bloomberg BNA's Union Membership & Earnings Data Book.

Referencing union membership data released in 2011, the author writes, "Collective bargaining coverage fell again to 13 percent, which contrasts with an average in most northern European nations of about 80 percent. The U.S. has tens of millions of workers who want union membership but, due to weak legal protection and strong employer opposition, can't get it. It also has by far the largest "representation gap" - the gap between those who say they want union membership and those who actually have it - in the developed world."

WPRI Rhode Island Cites Bloomberg BNA Union Data

In an article on the high rate of unionization in Rhode Island, WPRI reporter Ted Nesi writes: "The public-sector unionization rate in Rhode Island was 67% in 2010, second-highest in the country after New York, according to data provided to by [Bloomberg BNA]."

New York Times Reports Bloomberg BNA Stat on Company Lockouts

Bloomberg BNA labor data on lockouts as a percentage of work stoppages each year supports a New York Timesstory on the increasing prevalence of the practice as an employer tactic: "More Lockouts as Companies Battle Unions"

Bloomberg BNA Scoop Flagged by The Hill and the Blog for Clean Air

The Hilland Clean Air Watch's "Blog for Clean Air" picked up a news story by Jessica Coomes of Bloomberg BNA's Daily Environment Report: "EPA Utility Mercury Rule Won't Harm Electricity Reliability, CRS Report Says." Coomes' article was based on a Jan. 9 report by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service debunking criticism of the EPA air pollution regulation.

USA Today features Bloomberg BNA Martin Luther King Holiday Survey

In observance of Martin Luther King Day, slightly more than three in ten employers (31 percent) will give all or most workers a paid holiday on Monday, January 16, according to Bloomberg BNA's most recent survey of holiday practices.

Forbes Cites BNA's 2012 Economic Outlook

In an article titled "C-Suite Beware: This Could Be The Year Of The Employee Backlash," cites data from Bloomberg BNA's 2012 Economic Outlookto suggest that talent retention might be a bigger concern for employers this year.

Bloomberg BNA Executive Editor George Farrah Quoted in Accounting Today

As Congress considers three tax bills this session - the Main Street Fairness Act, the Marketplace Equity Act, and the Marketplace Fairness Act - Accounting Todaytakes a look at the prospects for states to capture more "transaction taxes" on online sales - from either online retailers or consumers who make purchases over the Internet. Bloomberg BNA Executive Editor George Farrah is quoted in the article.

Accounting Today Tax Preview Article Quotes BNA Tax and Accounting's Allen Calhoun

The Accounting Today article on new mandates and preparer requirements for 2011 returns quotes BNA Tax & Accounting Managing Editor for Business Entities and Tax Accounting, Allen Calhoun.

BNA Job Absence & Turnover Report Cited in the Virginian-Pilot

A piece in the daily Virginian-Pilotfeaturesdata from BNA's quarterly Job Absence & Turnover Report: "Unscheduled absences averaged 0.6 percent of "scheduled worker days" during the third quarter of 2011, compared with 0.7 percent in the same period last year, according to a study by BNA, a research company in Northern Virginia."

Boston Globe Cites BNA's Daily Labor Report

Daily Labor Reportarticle ["EEOC: Requiring High School Diploma Must Be Job-Related to Hold Up Under ADA"] on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Americans With Disabilities Act ruling in December 2011 is the focus of the Globe story.

BNA's Year End Holiday Survey the Focus of ThomasNet News Story on Office Parties

ThomasNet News features BNA's Year End Holiday Surveyin its Industry Market Trends online newsletter.

CIO Insight Slideshow Features BNA's Year End Holiday Practices Survey

CIO uses BNA survey data on gifts and bonuses, holiday parties, alcohol consumption at year end celebrations, and paid time off, in this IT Management Slideshow: Corporate Holiday Cheer Returns

For more than two decades, BNA’s Year-End Holiday Practices Surveyhas offered an annual snapshot of companies’ plans for marking the year’s end and recognizing employees’ contributions with benefits like paid time off, special holiday work schedules, holiday parties and celebrations, employee gifts and bonuses, and holiday charity. This year’s results are based on the responses of human resources executives representing 392 U.S. employers.

BenefitsPro Cites BNA's Employment Outlook

BenefitsPro picks up BNA's quarterly Employment Outlook, looking ahead to the first quarter of 2012: "Hiring projected to slow in first quarter." The outlook is published in BNA's Bulletin to Management, Human Resources Report, and Daily Labor Report.

SHRM Picks Up BNA's Year-End Holiday Practices Survey

Feature article from the Society for Human Resource Management(SHRM Online) focuses on "Holiday Gift Giving and Year-End Paid Time Off": "In 2011, employers in the U.S. seemed to have sputtered out in their sponsorship of year-end party celebrations and charitable giving. Where employers were substantially more likely in 2010 than 2009 to sponsor nearly all types of year-end party giving and engage in charitable activities, the trend is not continuing in 2011." The BNA survey of employersis published annually. BNA HR Pubs a Recommended Resource references "Using Social Media During Hiring Process Could Lead to Bias Claims," from BNA's Human Resources Report, June 2011 as recommended reading for participants in a Jan. 2012 webinar: Avoiding (Un)Intentional Discrimination When Recruiting Via Social Media

BNA Data Cited in The Hill's Congress Blog

Article by John Logan, Professor and Director of Labor and Employment Studies at San Francisco State University, posted today on "the extreme politics of the GOP on labor rights" cites data from BNA's NLRB Election Statistics report.

BNA's Pharmaceutical Law & Industry Report Cited in the Philly Inquirer

PhillyPharma story todaycites a Pharmaceutical Law & Industry ReportInsight article co-authored by Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America lead attorney Lisa Blatt.

Washington Post's Capital Business Features BNA's Year-End Holiday Survey of Employers

Washington Post  Capital Business: "There’s a school of thought that says you can tell how a business feels about its prospects by how it treats staff and clients during the holidays. If that’s true, then companies are feeling a little more hopeful these days, according to business publisher the [BNA]." BNA Surveys Director Matt Sottong, interviewed for the article, puts it this way: "These little acts of kindness are in some ways an indicator of the way employers feel the economy is going.”

Los Angeles Daily Breeze Reports BNA Thanksgiving Survey

The Los Angeles Daily Breezewrote a feature articleon BNA's Thanksgiving Holiday Practices survey: "According to this year's annual BNA survey of employers' year-end holiday plans, just over seven in 10 surveyed employers (72 percent) have designated both Thanksgiving Day (November 24) and the day after as paid holidays this year, down from 74 percent and 79 percent in 2010 and 2009, respectively. That means, of course, that more people will be working on Friday than in years past."

Orange County Register Taps BNA's Thanksgiving Employer Holiday Practices Survey

For the second consecutive year, employers are less generous in providing their workers Thanksgiving holiday leave. Levels of gift giving, virtually unchanged for the past six years, remain at historically low levels, according to BNA’s annual survey of employers’year-end holiday plans. The Orange County Register reports the BNA survey, pulling out that "This year, 72 percent of employers will give workers the day after Thanksgiving off in addition to the holiday... That's down from 74 percent in 2010 and 79 percent in 2009."

Anchorage Daily News Gives a Nod to BNA's Health Care Daily Report

The Anchorage Daily NewsGives a Nod to BNA's Health Care Daily Reportfor coverage of the four out of five metropolitan areasin the United States that lack a competitive commercial health insurance market.

iHealthBeat Cites BNA Report on Physicians' Use of Text Messages

The BNA reporton an Oct. 17 webinar hosted by TigerText states that "More than 70 percent of physicians use text messaging to communicate with other doctors about patients." Privacy experts at the webinar cautioned that, while convenient for physicians, these electronic exchanges may pose potentially "big compliance risks under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy and Security Rules if messages contain protected health information and are not properly safeguarded." iHealthBeatreports on "Technology's Impact on Health Care."

BNA Correspondent Steven Burkholder's FASB Coverage Cited in FEI Blog

Edith Orenstein’s financial reporting blog, sponsored by Financial Executives International, cites BNA’s coverageof FASB rulemaking: "BNA’s Steven Burkholder, in an article entitled FASB to Defer Part of Rules On Presenting ‘Recycling’ Adjustments, in today’s BNA Daily Report for Executives, notes that the proposed deferral of “reclassification adjustments,” or “what accountants call recycling” is expected to be released for public comment “in early November”. "

Huffington Post Cites BNA's Pension & Benefits Reporter

A Huffington Post commentaryleads with a BNA quote from Deputy Assistant Treasury Secretary for Retirement and Health Policy J. Mark Iwry, who stated that Treasury will “soon” release guidance on providing annuity options in defined contribution plans. 

Women's Health magazine cites BNA's Daily Environment Report

A Daily Environment Report story on the FDA's proposed ban on bisphenol-A in baby bottles and sippy cups was cited this week by Women's Health magazine's health blog.

BNA / Atlas Film Financing Conference in the News

IndieWire Blog Network: "...I used to go to exactly this kind of conference as a young pup entertainment lawyer looking to meet experienced TV and movie execs... The conference was the 11th Annual New York International Film & TV Summit, organized by BNA / ATLAS, and indeed it was loaded with exactly the kind of indie film royalty a striving young producer might want to meet."

BNA on Business

Mashable Business articlefeatures BNA stat on the trend in voluntary job separations.

BNA On the Scene: First-Hand Reporting

BNA’s Chicago Correspondent was one of only a handful of reporters on hand in person to cover the progress of the vital TransPacific Partnership negotiations held in the Windy City earlier in September. Says Washington Trade Daily: “There we were along with Inside US Trade– who was there for the first three days of the negotiations. Coming for the end were Washington reporters from Reuter and Bloomberg news service. Also on hand for the three official press availabilities were Chicago-based reporters from the Bureau of National Affairs, the Associated Press, a local television station and reporters from two or three Japanese news outlets.” cites BNA's quarterly Job Absence & Turnover Report According to BNA, "...only 0.5 percent of the American workforce voluntarily left their jobs at the height of the recession in 2009. That number rose to 0.7 percent in 2010 and Q1 2011, but it’s still below the 1.1 percent rate reported each year from 2005-2007." Based on BNA's focused quarterly employment statistics covering employee turnover and unscheduled job absences in the second quarter of 2011, based on a survey of 278 human resource executives representing organizations throughout the United States.

BNA's George Farrah Named One of Accounting Today's Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting

BNA Tax & Accounting Executive Editor George Farrahis named one of the "Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting" by Accounting Todaymagazine.

USA Today Snapshot Features BNA Union Membership Databook Stats

"Nine out of ten employees at for-profit companies are not in a union." Union membership rate for private-sector workers at 6.9% in 2010.

B-to-B Media Business on the Bloomberg/BNA Deal

The value of Bloomberg's deal for BNA, which publishes subscription newsletters such as the Daily Tax Report and Daily Labor Report, shows the premium placed on paid content, which is viewed as the top of the food chain in business media and information. Bloomberg, which rarely makes acquisitions, described its deal for BNA, which had revenue of $331 million in 2010, as a “rare strategic opportunity.”


Labor Analyst Michael Rose Visited with AP on Labor Day

Michael Rose of BNA's Daily Labor Reportweighed in on likely labor union strategy for the 2012 national elections with Associated Press.

BNA's Matt Sottong Discusses the Q4 2011 Employment Outlook on the Jim Bohannon Show

The August employment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics was worse than expected. While the unemployment rate remained at an elevated 9.1 percent, the number of net new jobs created during the month was zero. Jim Bohannon discuss how Americans' relationship with our jobs is changing with Matt Sottong, director of the surveys unit of the BNA.

Reed Smith Attorneys Highlight BNA Coverage of Health Care Issues

In a September 1 blog post, Reed Smith highlights BNA coverage (BNA's Health IT Law & Industry Report) of the implications for health care companies management of data in "the cloud," as cloud computing enters the business mainstream.

Wall Street Journal: Bloomberg to Snap Up BNA

$990 Million Deal Furthers Publisher's Push Into Legal Research Business

Bloomberg LP agreed to acquire legal-research firm BNA in a deal valued at about $990 million, a bold move in the financial information company's evolving efforts to diversify its business.

The deal, announced Thursday for $39.50 a share in cash, is Bloomberg's largest-ever acquisition and is aimed primarily at bolstering the company's recent entry into the market for electronic legal research.

Bloomberg said it expects the transaction to close in 2011, though it still has to be approved by current and former BNA employees, who own the Arlington, Va., company.

Accounting Today reports BNA's Wage Trend Indicator

The accounting trade publication picked up the preliminary third quarter Wage Trend Indicator™ (WTI) report ("BNA Predicts Private Sector Wage Growth in 2012"), which is designed to serve as a yardstick for employers, analysts, and policymakers to identify turning points in private sector wage patterns.

Huffington Post cites BNA's Daily Tax Report

Huffington Post cites BNA's Daily Tax Report in a story about the proposed Panama trade deal and its impact on the ability of the U.S. to track the movement of funds through the Central American country, and to collect taxes on those funds.

BNA's Transportation Watch scoop gets a nod from

Adam Snider of BNA's Transportation Watch gets a shout out from a blog focusing on transportation, infrastructure, smart growth and livable streets issues -- for his scoop on the Senate Finance Committee deal completed this week which identified the source for the $12 billion funding gap in the $109 billion surface transportation reauthorization bill.

BNA NY Correspondent Stephen Joyce explains Dodd-Frank

BNA Wall Street Correspondent Stephen Joyce (@lstephenjoycejr) explains the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Acton WFIN-AM Toledo and many other news outlets on July 21, the anniversary of the bill signing and the day its provisions went into effect.

BNA's Daily Report for Executives cited in The Infrastructurist

Transportation policy reporting from BNA's Daily Report for Executives cited in The Infrastructurist blog: "Two Alternatives to the Gas Tax."