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BNA Trainer™

Product Code: BTLW97
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What this service is:

BNA Trainer is an online training and risk management solution that allows you to deliver, track, manage, and report on all your training initiatives -- for multiple trainees and locations, across multiple subject areas.

What it helps you do:

  • Train anyone, anywhere, anytime with a flexible Learning Management System and extensive online library from the industry's most trusted experts.
  • Get everything your company needs to improve environment, health, and safety, as well as organizational performance, in one package.
  • Provide training that's convenient, effective, and efficient via a system that's easy to implement, understand, and manage.
  • Deliver a customizable and consistent training message, tailored to fit your own company's culture.
  • Offer courses developed around your company's specific business objectives and requirements.
  • Meet the communication needs of today's diverse workforce. Many of the courses are available in Spanish, or can be translated into virtually any language you require.
  • Make learning easy for trainees. They just need to click on an assignment to begin lessons, and a complete messaging system enables them to ask job-specific questions.
  • Monitor an employee's completion rate, test scores, and more.
  • Enhance and personalize your employees' learning experiences.
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  • Construction
  • Driver safety
  • Drug & alcohol policies
  • Environment
  • Ergonomics
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Employee health & wellness
  • Employment liability
  • General safety
  • Health & wellness
  • Human resources
  • Mining
  • OSHA essentials
  • Supervisory safety
  • Transportation safety
  • University/student safety
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