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Canadian EHS Legislative & Regulatory Alert™

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What this service is:

Track the progress of Canadian regulatory and legislative actions—from proposal to enactment—in the federal, provincial, and territorial governments.

What it helps you do:

  • Find out about proposed, interim, and final regulations, notices, and hearings, as well as proposed and final laws. Easily track actions at every stage in the process, from proposal to enactment to amendment.
  • Monthly summaries of federal, provincial, and territorial registers and notices.
  • Understand complex, lengthy regulations, translated for you by Bloomberg BNA's editors into clear, succinct, plain-English action statements.
  • Summaries include direct links to relevant full-text documents online.
  • View information by government level, topic, publication name, hearing schedules, effective dates, publication dates, or comment deadlines.
  • Customize your email alerts to cover only those jurisdictions and topics you want.
  • ‘No Activity’ reports indicate when there has been no activity that month for a selected jurisdiction or topic.
  • Keep pace with and prepare for changes that can affect your daily operations and long-term planning, even if you do business across all levels of the Canadian governments.

Product Structure

Format and Frequency: Updated monthly online with email highlights. 


  • Air
  • Climate change
  • Compliance & enforcement
  • Energy
  • Environmental assessments
  • HazMat
  • Health & safety
  • Land use
  • Mining
  • Natural resources industries
  • Remediation, redevelopment
  • Sustainable development
  • Transportation
  • Waste
  • Water
  • Workers’ compensation