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Clean Technology and Energy Efficiency: Benchmarking Trends and Market Impacts on U.S. Organizations

Clean Technology and Energy Efficiency: Benchmarking Trends and Market Impacts on U.S. Organizations
Product Code - EHAU03
Speaker(s): Ted Hesser, Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Energy Smart Technologies and Margery Moore, Bloomberg BNA
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Over the next 25 years, America’s energy needs will grow by about 10 percent, according to the U.S. Energy Information Agency’s 2012 Annual Energy Outlook. Two economic forces critical to the country’s ability to meet these energy needs are the performance of U.S. organizations that innovate and produce renewable energy, clean technology, and energy efficiency (RCE) products or technology, and the energy use practices of U.S. organizations, including business, government, and nonprofits.

In an effort to identify key trends related to the intersection of these two economic forces and their growing interdependence as well as the potential effects on future energy markets, Bloomberg BNA and EnergyBoom Media surveyed more than 300 companies in the fall of 2011 and produced a three-volume Clean Technology and Energy Efficiency Benchmark Series, that reviews and analyzes the data from those surveys. The benchmark reports represent an important picture of the energy-use strategies and attitudes of North American business and government communities.

This 90-minute webinar, featuring Ted Hesser, energy efficiency and smart technologies expert with Bloomberg’s New Energy Finance, will review the findings of those surveys as published in the benchmark series and is designed to help participants understand trends in both the RCE sector and organizational sectors and how they interrelate.

Topics covered will include:

  • Future energy efficiency trends and investments in U.S. business, government, and other organizations, including:
    • Impacts of government incentives (or lack of)
    • Investments in vehicle fleets
    • Teleconferencing trends to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from employee travel
    • Self-generation capacity
    • Leading building upgrades
  • RCE sector’s perspective on its past, current, and future performance with respect to government incentives; price parity in geothermal, solar, and wind technologies; and obstacles to RCE implementation and financial performance.

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Ted Hesser, Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Energy Smart Technologies and Margery Moore, Bloomberg BNA

 Ted Hesser
Ted Hesser leads Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Energy Smart Technologies research practice in North America. His work focuses on market trends, technology, and policy analysis within the emerging smart grid, energy efficiency, battery storage, and advanced transportation sectors. Prior to joining Bloomberg, he worked with the Natural Resources Defense Council in their Center for Market Innovation. At NRDC, he researched the impact of slated EPA regulations on coal retirements and authored a chapter on ‘Renewable Integration through Direct Load Control and Demand Response’ in the Elsevier textbook Smart Grid: Integrating Renewable, Distributed, & Efficient Energy. He has also worked as a professional rock climber for the National Geographic Society and the North Face in the Himalayas, having accomplished two mountaineering first ascents and an Everest expedition. Hesser received a BA in physics from The Colorado College and a MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Stanford University.

Margery Moore
Margery Moore is Director of EHS Alliances at Bloomberg BNA. She has over 17 years of experience designing, developing, and implementing environmental compliance and sustainability systems for NGOs, governments, and corporations. She is a former ISO 14001 auditor and currently is focused on designing online tools to assist organizations as they implement their sustainability strategies. She is a past board member and now affiliate council member of the National Association of Environmental Managers and a board member of the Association of Climate Change Officers. She has a radio spot on EHS Trends on GreenSense Radio and writes a column for BBNA’s Environmental Compliance Bulletin.