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Topics Covered
  • Computer crime/hacking
  • Consumer protection
  • Database protection
  • Digital copyright
  • Information and software licensing
  • Insurance coverage for malfunctions and defects
  • Interactive marketing
  • Jurisdiction
  • Liability for hardware and software defects
  • Outsourcing
  • Privacy protections for electronic information
  • Software patents
  • Trademarks
  • Trade secrets
  • Actions of the FTC, FCC, Department of Commerce, European Commission and European Parliament, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, and the United Nations.
Key Laws & Regulations Covered
  • CAN-SPAM Act
  • Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
  • Copyright Act
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act
  • Electronic Communications Privacy Act
  • FTC Act
  • Lanham Act


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FCC Officials Confident Final Rules On Net Neutrality Can Survive Court Battle
February 20
IBM Sues Priceline, Kayak Over Royalties for Late ’90s Patents
February 20
4th Cir.: Business Model of Inducing Spam Precluded Recovery Under Cal., Md. Statutes
February 20
Class Certification Properly Revoked For Consumers Challenging Apple Warranty
February 20
$1.25 Million LinkedIn Settlement Wins Early Approval in Data Breach Case
February 20
Senator Said to Be Circulating Draft Measure To Promote U.S. Internet of Things Strategy
February 20
Thune: Policymakers Should Treat Internet of Things With ‘Light Touch’
February 20
New York Reproposes ‘BitLicense' Rule; Industry Notes Improvements, Extant Faults
February 20
New Jersey Legislators Take First Look At Virtual Currency's Regulatory System
February 20
ECPA Amendment Seeks to Modernize Privacy Protections
February 20
Administration Outlines New Surveillance Overhaul Steps, Reaffirms Support for Bill
February 20
Qualcomm Says It Won't Follow New Wi-Fi Rules on Patents
February 20
Wi-Fi Inventors’ Cut of IPhone 6 Sales to Shrink in IEEE Patent Vote
February 20
YODA Bill on Device, Software Ownership Reintroduced by Reps. Farenthold, Polis
February 20
Social Media and Brand Engagement: Risks and Rewards
February 20
Residency Requirements for Data in Clouds—What Now?
February 20
Future of FTC Data Security Enforcement Hinges on Forthcoming Wyndham Ruling
January 16
No Rehearing in Georgia State ‘Coursepack' Case Means SCOTUS May Be Next Stop
January 16
Claims on Linking Data Objects Over Internet Akin to Library Catalog, Not Patent Eligible
January 16
No Sanctions Where Computer Inspection Took Place, Despite Parties' Confusion
January 16
Direct Relations with Manufacturer, Absent Direct Purchase, Support Contract Privity
January 16
Former NFLers' Suit Against EA Over Madden ‘Historic Teams' May Continue
January 16
New Zealand Supreme Court Rules Search, Seizure of Kim Dotcom Computers Valid
January 16
Database Copyright Ownership Remains With Developer When No Partnership Formed
January 16
AT&T Must Disclose Some Information About IP Transition Tests, FCC Rules
January 16
GT Advanced Seeks Approval of Incentive, Retentive Programs With ‘Aggressive' Goals
January 16
McCaul Drafting Bill to Ease Legal Concerns Around Cyberthreat Data Sharing, Aide Says
January 16
Sony Hack Prompts U.S. to Review Government Role in Company Security
January 16
Tech Sector, Privacy Groups Expected To Renew Push for Surveillance Changes
January 16
AT&T Could Face FCC Fine Over Mobile Data Slowdowns for Users
January 16
USTR Solicits Comments, Plans Hearing On IPR Regimes of U.S. Trading Partners
January 16
ISP Blocking Injunctions Now Available Against Counterfeit Sites to Protect Trade Mark Rights
January 16
2014 Trade Secrets Litigation Round-Up
January 16