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Follow the key labor and employment issues critical to all segments of the construction industry—union, non-union, or dual shop—with unique, targeted news reports from Construction Law Report.

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  • Get the most objective news in the industry—whether you're in management, labor, government, education, or a trade association.
  • Make sure you have the latest information on labor-management issues.
  • Get an unbiased look at all significant regulatory, legislative, and industry developments that affect the way you do business.
  • Review on-target state news reports from around the country.
  • Make sense of complex statutes, regulations, policies, and legal procedures affecting the construction industry with Bloomberg BNA's well-organized, clearly written information.
  • Monitor actions by management in union and open shops, as well as union/employee reactions and tactics.
  • Use current economic statistics to benchmark and stay competitive—including the consumer price index, housing starts, construction expenditures, unemployment rates, wage earnings, cost of living, and more.
  • Rely on BNA Insights articles written by expert practitioners for additional analysis and essential data.
  • Read about precedent-setting decisions and wage and hour rulings to prepare your case before the courts or the NLRB.
  • Consult full-text source materials, such as NLRB decisions, proposed and final regulations, jurisdictional agreements between building trade unions, arbitration awards in wage and contract disputes, and wage and hour rulings.
  • Take advantage of Bloomberg BNA's experience. Since 1955, Construction Labor Report has been considered an indispensable asset by all those who track developments in the industry.
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July 31, 2014
  • Senate Scales Back Highway Bill As Standoff With House Continues
  • Obama Infrastructure Plan Should Include Vetting Bidders on Safety, Steelworkers Say
  • Obama Said to Be Developing Plans To Give Millions Work Permits to Stay in U.S.
  • 423 Severe Violators as Program Turns Five; Construction, Manufacturing Dominate List
  • Northwest Ironworkers Ratify New Contract Providing Sick Leave Pay for Oregon Workers
  • DOL Needs to Target Guidance Better, GAO, Former Wage and Hour Chief Say
  • House Panel Approves Resolution Authorizing Lawsuit Against Obama
  • FAR Clauses Changed to Reflect New Contractor EEO Mandates
  • Senate Panel OKs Amendment to Change Section 4062(e) Cessation Liability Test
  • New Jersey Wage Law Not Preempted; Third Circuit Orders Remand to State Court
  • Boss's Favoritism for Alleged Paramour Not Sex Bias Under Title VII, Court Affirms
  • Court Says Race Bias Claims Challenging Union Hiring Hall Practices Aren't Preempted
  • North Carolina Firm Officers Plead Guilty To Roles in $87M Fraudulent Scheme
  • Company That Didn't Receive Issued Citation Lacks Viable Due Process Claim, Court Rules
  • Ninth Circuit Shuts Down Injured Worker's Challenge to Jury Verdict in Company's Favor
  • Governor Signs Bill Approving $1.1 Billion For Road Construction; 14,000 Jobs Expected
  • Health Insurance Marketplace Opened For Tennessee Construction Companies
  • Cleveland Insulators to Receive Increased Wages, Benefits Under New Five-Year Accord
  • Landscape Workers Get Wage Protection Under Ordinance Approved in Princeton, N.J.
  • Qatar Must Improve Safety of Workers Building World Cup Structures, House Says
  • Canada Easing Foreign Credentials Recognition for Three Construction Trades
  • Ontario Safety Blitz Targets Fall Protection
  • First-Year Average Wage Hike 2 Percent, 2014 Contract Settlements Analysis Finds
  • Construction-Related Cases From NLRB's Weekly Summary of Cases
July 24, 2014
  • Obama Turns to Private Sector To Invest in U.S. Infrastructure
  • As Obama Signs Job Training Bill Into Law, Biden Issues Workforce Development Report
  • Obama Issues Order Banning LGBT Bias, Declines Call to Expand Religious Exemption
  • Republicans Seek to Repeal Davis-Bacon, Condemn Law as ‘Handout to Labor Unions'
  • Foxx Criticizes Congress as Senate Leaders Work Toward Agreement on Highway Bill
  • Safety of Those Who Work on Towers Is Addressed in New Directive From OSHA
  • Teamsters Construction Locals Ratify Contract Covering 4,000 Pipeline Workers
  • Business Groups Express Backing for Bill To Repeal ACA Auto-Enrollment Provision
  • As President Pushes Middle-Class Issues, Advocates Say Occupational Safety Excluded
  • Eight Contractors at Construction Site In Texas Fined After Death of Worker in Fall
  • Construction of New U.S. Homes Declines on Plunge in South, Report Says
  • Homebuilder Confidence in U.S. Climbed in July to Six-Month High
  • Gasoline, Other Price Hikes Erode Workers' Earnings for Third Month
  • Gains in Consumer Prices Eased Somewhat in June to 0.3 Percent
  • OSHA Deadline for Silica Briefs Now Aug. 18
  • No High Court Review Sought in Horton; Fifth Circuit Nixed NLRB Class Waiver View
  • ERISA Preempts Quincy, Mass., Ordinance, First Circuit Voids Apprenticeship Mandate
  • Eighth Circuit Orders Plumbing Company To Continue Contributing to Benefit Fund
  • Benefit Funds Win Court Judgment in Suit To Enforce Arbitral Award Against Company
  • Court Says Roofing Salesman Likely Violated Noncompete Covenants, Enjoins Certain Sales
  • San Francisco Task Force Says Licenses Of Wage Theft Violators Should Be Revoked
  • Death of Worker Who Fell 72 Feet Leads To $256,800 in Fines for Three Companies
  • Massachusetts Window Contractor to Pay Over $109K for Prevailing Wage Violation
  • Listing
  • Construction-Related Cases From NLRB's Weekly Summary of Cases
July 17, 2014
  • House Passes Short-Term Highway Patch As Senate Vows to Vote on Three Measures
  • House Passes DOL Job Training Bill To Renew, Update Slew of Programs
  • Obama, Cabinet Full Steam Ahead On More Executive Actions in 2014
  • Boehner Lawsuit to Focus on Health Care, Won't Test Immigration, Contractor Moves
  • NLRB General Counsel Provides Update On Responses to Noel Canning Decision
  • Obama Nominates Block as NLRB Member; Attorney Held Invalid Recess Appointment
  • Small Power Generators, Distributors Exempt Now From Programmed Inspections by OSHA
  • House Defeats Latest King Proposal To Cut Prevailing Wages Out of Water Bill
  • Temporary Staffing Firm to Pay $1.6 Million In Back Overtime Caused by Per Diem Error
  • Florida Construction Company Fined $228,690 Over Fall Protection Violations
  • PBGC to Issue Guidance on ERISA 4062(e), Has Decided Not to Re-Propose Regulation
  • PBGC Director Gotbaum to Step Down In August; Groups Praise His Efforts
  • Executive Immigration Action Would Benefit American Workers, Progressive Group Says
  • Court Halts Cincinnati Bidding Ordinance, Finds ERISA May Preempt Provisions of Law
  • NLRB Nixes ULP Claims by Carpenters, Teamsters Against Event Center Authority
  • Court: Challenge to District's First Source Employment Agreement Act Can Proceed
  • NLRB Judge Says IUOE Local Had No Duty To Share Reports Containing Budget Details
  • Court Says Workers' Compensation Claimant Was Employee, Not Independent Contractor
  • Court Rules for Indiana General Contractor On Negligence Claim of Paralyzed Roofer
  • State Labor Official Outlines Independent Contractor Status Test
  • Insulation Company's Prevailing Wage Breach Means Two Workers Share $400,000 Payout
  • Analysis of 2014 Contract Settlements Finds First-Year Average Wage Hike of 1.9 Percent
  • Major Collective Bargaining Settlements Reported to Date in 2014
  • Construction-Related Cases From NLRB's Weekly Summary of Cases
July 10, 2014
  • Justices Reject NLRB Recess Appointments And Mark Constraints on Presidential Power
  • No Deal on Highway Trust Fund Patch Reached in Senate as Deadline Looms
  • DOT Will Slow Its Reimbursements For Highway Construction in August
  • DOL Extends Deadline for Commenting On Federal Contractor Minimum Wage
  • Electric Rule Compliance Deadline Delayed; DOL, Industry Negotiating Rule Challenge
  • Unions Fulfill Commitment to Raise $10B To Invest in Infrastructure and Job Training
  • PBGC Multiemployer Program at High Risk Of Insolvency by 2025, Agency Report Says
  • Immigration Advocates Shifting Focus From Legislation to President, Election
  • Justices' Recess Appointment Ruling Could Weigh on Future Nominations
  • DOL Proposes to Weigh Performance More In Selecting Job Corps Centers for Closure
  • Undocumented Workers Not Employed In Nation's Most Dangerous Jobs, Study Finds
  • Governors: DOL Workforce Grant Recipients With Best Outcomes Favor Similar Strategies
  • BCTD Launches New Office to Promote Jobs, Training
  • Griffin Considering NLRB Office Restructuring
  • Job Corps Head Sought After Kilbane's Retirement
  • For-Profit, Closely Held Corporations Can Opt Out of Contraceptive Mandate
  • Fifth Circuit Upholds Jury Verdict for Black Worker on His Hostile Environment Claim
  • Transit Agency Not Employer, Not Liable to Contractor's Worker, Court Says
  • New York Court Sustains Injured Roofer's Labor Law Claims Against Building Owner
  • Court Says Warehouse Owner Violated New York Law on Elevated Worker Risks
  • Court OKs $6.5 Million Deal in Installers' Wage Suit
  • Missouri Governor Signs Bill to Allow Volunteer Workers on Public Works Projects
  • Denver-Area Residential Roofing Contractors Being Cited in ‘Record Numbers,' OSHA Says
  • Laborers Local 79 Enters Agreements With Building, Demolition Contractor Groups
  • California Contractors Must Register to Bid On Public Works Projects, State Agency Says
  • British Columbia Board Says It Will Mull Building Trade Collective Bargaining Issues
  • Saskatchewan Board Says Its Jurisdiction Applies to Certain Nonresident Contractors
  • The Impact of the Supreme Court's Noel Canning Decision—Years of Litigation Challenges on the Horizon for the NLRB
  • 2014 Contracts Show 1.9 Percent Average Wage Hike, Analysis Finds
  • Listing
June 26, 2014
  • Philadelphia Unions Agree to 20 Percent Wage-Benefit Cut on Public Housing Projects
  • Senators Float Higher Gas Tax Plan To Pay for Highway Trust Fund Shortfall
  • Camp Still Undecided on Repatriation As Way to Rescue Highway Trust Fund
  • Senate Energy Approves Keystone Bill; Landrieu Vows to Press for Senate Vote
  • Senate Passes Job Training Bill To Fund, Update DOL Programs
  • House Subcommittee Looks at NLRB Agenda With Focus on E-Mail Use, Joint Employment
  • DOT Warns of Road Project Payment Delays If Congress Fails to Act on Highway Fund
  • FTA's McMillan: Summer ‘Season of Decision’ On Transportation and Infrastructure Dollars
  • Conservatives Say Cantor Election Defeat Shouldn't Stifle Immigration Overhaul Efforts
  • Even With New Majority Leader, Chances Dim For Immigration Overhaul Measure This Year
  • OSHA Head Tells Employers to Shield Workers From Heat Stress or Face Citations, Fines
  • OFCCP Updates Frequently Asked Questions Regarding New Disabilities, Veterans Rules
  • OFCCP Officers Reiterate Contract, Employee Thresholds for VEVRAA, Section 503 Rules
  • Real Weekly Earnings Fall 0.2 Percent With Prices Higher, Hours Unchanged
  • Consumer Prices Increased in May By Most Since Early 2013, DOL Reports
  • Men Worked 36 Minutes More Per Day Than Women in Full-Time Jobs in 2013
  • PBGC Updates MyPBA Online Service
  • Company Cited After Worker Knocked Into Trench
  • Members of Limited Liability Companies Are Also Their Employees Under FLSA, Court Says
  • Nebraska Construction Contractors Indicted For Embezzling from Health Benefits Program
  • Las Vegas Project General Contractor Wasn't Workers' Employer Under FLSA, Court Holds
  • Citations Issued by Uncertified Inspectors, Company Says; Commission Will Hear Case
  • Developer Gets PLA for Proposed Casino While Awaiting Approval From New York
  • MCA Wisconsin, Two Plumbers Locals Agree On New CBAs Covering About 3,000 Workers
  • Virginia Seeks Comment on Steel Erection Safety
  • Ontario Labour Relations Board Overturns Work Assignment at Nuclear Power Plant
  • ILO Adopts Binding Protocol Addressing Contemporary Versions of Forced Labor
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