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Bloomberg BNA is committed to the continuing education needs of business professionals and hosts a variety of events featuring experts from law firms, consulting and accounting firms, government, corporations, and associations.

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All Upcoming Programs

Title Date Topic
Labor and Employment and ERISA Class Actions After Wal-Mart and Comcast – Part III 04/16/2014 Legal
U.S. Expatriate Compensation Planning & Reporting Methodology 04/16/2014 HR
Encore! IRS Information Gathering: IDRs & Summonses 04/17/2014 Tax
Multistate Tax Issues for Payroll in 2014 04/17/2014 HR
New York’s Corporate Tax Reform Package A Game Changer for Businesses 04/18/2014 Tax
FATCA on the Horizon:  Are You Ready? Updates, Tips, and Questions Answered 04/22/2014 Tax
Principles of Alternatives Assessment: How to Identify and Compare Chemical Hazards 04/22/2014 EHS
Encore: FATCA on the Horizon:  Are You Ready? Updates, Tips, and Questions Answered 04/23/2014 Tax
Intellectual Property: A Roadmap for Securing Your I.P. When Expanding Overseas 04/23/2014 Legal
Taming the Wage and Hour Monster 04/23/2014 HR
The International Regulation of Mobile Payments: What’s Coming Next? 04/23/2014 Legal
Tools, Strategies, and Techniques for Successfully Resolving IRS Audits -- Audit Preparation And Information Gathering 04/23/2014 Tax
Withholding Child Support from Contractors’ Income and Reporting as New Hires 04/24/2014 HR
Earnings & Profits of Foreign Subsidiaries 04/28/2014 Tax
U.S. International Tax Reporting & Compliance 04/28/2014 Tax
Taxation of Intellectual Property 04/28/2014 Tax
Tax Accounting ASC 740 Primer: Debits, Credits and Worksheets 04/28/2014 Tax
What Lawyers and Tax Advisors Need to Know When Planning for Same Sex Couples 04/28/2014 Tax
Independent Contractor Classification in an Interconnected World 04/29/2014 HR
State Sales Taxes and Foreign Value Added Taxes: Common Issues and Planning Considerations 04/29/2014 Tax
Developing Salary Ranges in 2014: A Strategic User’s Guide to Salary Structures 04/29/2014 HR
U.S. Tax Planning for CFCs Under Subpart F 04/30/2014 Tax
Current Issues in U.S. Taxation of Mergers & Acquisitions 04/30/2014 Tax
EU Biocidal Products Regulation: What it Means for Industry and How it Compares to U.S. Regulation 04/30/2014 EHS
How to Categorize Workers Correctly and Avoid Potential Penalties 04/30/2014 HR
Recent Developments in Whistleblower Reward and Retaliation Claims Including Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank Claims 04/30/2014 Legal
International Dismissal Toolkit: Individual Employment Terminations & Reductions-in-Force Outside the U.S. 05/01/2014 HR
The Evolution and Impact of Health IT and EHRs: Setting the Stage for Growth and Value 05/01/2014 Legal
How to Properly Handle Supplemental Wage Payments 05/01/2014 HR
U.S. Tax Aspects of International Acquisitions & Reorganizations 05/05/2014 Tax
Introduction to U.S. Taxation of Financial Products and Derivatives 05/05/2014 Tax
Hot Issues in International Tax 05/05/2014 Tax
Antitrust Investigations: What Counsel for Pharmaceutical Companies and Medical Device Manufacturers Need to Know 05/06/2014 Legal
Employment Law Across Borders: What Every International HR Professional Must Know 05/06/2014 HR
Advertising Drugs and Health Care Products via Social Media: FDA Regulation 05/07/2014 Legal
IRS Appeals: Procedures and Strategies 05/07/2014 Tax
Introduction to U.S. International Tax 05/12/2014 Tax
Leveraging HR Analytics to Drive Business Strategy Execution 05/13/2014 HR
Intermediate U.S. International Tax Update 05/14/2014 Tax
Cross-Border Frequent Business Travelers- Canadian Payroll Implications 05/15/2014 HR
Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation Update 05/19/2014 Tax
U.S. Accounting ASC 740 for Income Taxes 05/19/2014 Tax
U.S. International Tax Reporting & Compliance 05/19/2014 Tax
Latin America Tax Update 05/19/2014 Tax
Measuring the Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Human Capital: A Look at Bloomberg BNA’s 2014 HR Auditing Benchmark Report 05/20/2014 HR
Online Lending and CFPB Expectations 05/20/2014 Legal
Health Information Exchange: Mobilizing Health Information to Improve Care 05/22/2014 Legal
Polish Your Social Media Policy 05/27/2014 HR
Critical Tax Issues Facing the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Devices Industries 05/28/2014 Tax
Global Patent Litigation: How and Where to Win 05/29/2014 Legal
U.S. Transfer Pricing Primer 06/04/2014 Tax
Bloomberg BNA Baker & McKenzie North American Transfer Pricing Conference 06/04/2014 Tax
Tax Aspects of International Joint Ventures 06/09/2014 Tax
Advanced International Tax Planning 06/11/2014 Tax
Investing into India: Legal and Tax Update 06/16/2014 Tax
Amending the Federal eDiscovery Rules: Moving Toward Adoption or Back to the Drawing Board? 06/17/2014 Legal
Introduction to U.S. International Tax 06/23/2014 Tax
Intermediate U.S. International Tax Update 06/25/2014 Tax
U.S. Tax Planning for CFCs Under Subpart F 07/07/2014 Tax
Section 861 Income and Expense Rules 07/07/2014 Tax
Current U.S. Tax Planning for Foreign-Controlled Companies 07/07/2014 Tax
U.S. International Tax Planning 07/09/2014 Tax
International Tax Aspects of Foreign Currency 08/04/2014 Tax
U.S. International Transfer Pricing Update 08/18/2014 Tax
Hot Issues in International Tax 08/18/2014 Tax
Introduction to U.S. International Tax 08/18/2014 Tax
Intermediate U.S. International Tax Update 08/20/2014 Tax
Introduction to U.S. International Tax 09/15/2014 Tax
Intermediate U.S. International Tax Update 09/17/2014 Tax
U.S. Tax Aspects of International Acquisitions & Reorganizations 09/29/2014 Tax
Mexico Tax Update 09/29/2014 Tax
U.S. International Tax Reporting & Compliance 09/29/2014 Tax
Tax Valuation Practice and Principles 10/20/2014 Tax
Earnings & Profits of Foreign Subsidiaries 10/20/2014 Tax
Canada - U.S. Cross-Border Tax Update 10/20/2014 Tax
Introduction to U.S. International Tax 10/27/2014 Tax
Tax Accounting ASC 740 Primer: Debits, Credits and Worksheets 10/27/2014 Tax
Resolving IRS Tax Controversies 10/27/2014 Tax
Captive Insurance Tax Summit 10/27/2014 Tax
Intermediate U.S. International Tax Update 10/29/2014 Tax

OnDemand/CD Programs

Title Topic
Anti-Bribery and Third-Party Compliance in 2014: What Is Required of Multinational Companies and Their Global Business Partners? Legal
Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace HR
Encore! Transparency Around “Do Not Track”: Best Practices Regarding California’s Privacy Amendments and Related Legislative Developments Legal
Building a Strategic Global Payroll Function for Greater Efficiency and Innovation HR
Form W2-C and Prior-Year Adjustments: Frequently Asked Questions HR
Employment Contracts Outside the United States HR
Leaves of Absence for California Employers: Navigating CA and Federal Leave Laws HR
Clean Water Act Jurisdiction: Where Have We Been? Where Are We Going? EHS
Universal Healthcare in Action: The ACA’s Market Reforms and Coverage Mandates Legal
The Aftermath of Loving: Caveat Emptor When Choosing a Return Preparer Tax
Spouse's Elective Share Tax
State Tax Levies HR
Technology Business: Achieving Global Growth While Avoiding Legal Troubles Legal
Adding Story Power to Your Talent Management and Development Process HR
An Intro to Australian Payroll HR
International Employee Handbooks, HR Policies, Individual Employment Contracts: The Challenges of Global Alignment HR
Fair Labor Standards Act Overtime Regulations to be Revised HR
IRS Information Gathering: IDRs & Summonses Tax
Closing Property Transactions Using Mitigation Banking Credits EHS
Intermediate U.S. International Tax Update Tax
International Film and TV Finance Summit Tax
Intermediate International Tax for Non-International Tax Professionals Tax
Sending U.S. Employees Overseas: Tax and Immigration Regulation Update HR
Good for Business? The Case of Paid Sick Leave Legislation in Connecticut HR
Encore! A Practitioner’s Guide Through the Minefield of Chapter 14 Tax
China: Legal, Tax and Finance Update Tax
Introduction to U.S. International Tax Tax
Federal Tax Levies HR
Let My Trustees Go! – The State Income Taxation of Trusts Tax
Trade Secret Implications of the AIA: Choosing Between Patents and Secrets Legal
Labor and Employment and ERISA Class Actions After Wal-Mart and Comcast – Part II Legal
Encore! The Final 4980H Regulations: Complying The Final 4980H Regulations: Complying with the ACA’s Employer Responsibility Rules Tax
Updates on ACA: Tax Reporting Under IRC Secs. 6055 and 6056 and the Employer Shared Responsibility Payments HR
Disintermediation: Peer-to-Peer Lending Versus Traditional Lending Legal
Managing Payroll in the United Kingdom HR
The Latest on ICANN's gTLD Program: Today’s Business Opportunities and Legal Risks Legal
Introduction to U.S. International Tax Tax
Top Ten International HR mistakes That Can Get You Fired HR
2014 Requirements & Challenges in Establishing Wellness Programs HR
Who’s Minding the Store? Payroll Internal Controls in 2014 HR
The Final 4980H Regulations: Complying with the ACA’s Employer Shared Responsibility Rules Tax
Amending the Federal eDiscovery Rules: Getting Ready for Portland – What’s Next in the Amendment Process Legal
Child and Spousal Support Part I HR
What You Need to Know About Estate Planning Thru an Asset Protection Lens Tax
Encore! Mexican Tax Reform in 2014 Tax
Encore! The Federal Rules of Evidence as Applied by the Tax Court Tax
Employee Social Media Use: Potential Liability for Employers Who Attempt to Regulate It and Reasonable Expectations for Employees Legal
Collaborating to Meet the Challenge of Sustainability: New Roles for EHS Professionals EHS
Encore! Captive Insurance Demystified Tax
Identifying and Developing Competencies for Performance Success HR
Advanced International Tax Planning Tax
Privacy in the 21st Century: Definition, Regulation, Litigation, and What Is on the Horizon Legal
Recent Cases Affecting Family Limited Partnerships and LLCs Tax
AIA Post-Grant Patent Practice Conference Legal
Halftime at the Supreme Court Legal
Spectrum Auctions Are Back: What You Need to Know Legal
Hong Kong Employment Law: The Key Challenges HR
International Tax Reform:  The Baucus Proposals Tax
Individual and Group Medical Practices; Planning for Tax, Medical Law, and Creditor Protection Optimization Tax
State Reporting of Federal Changes: Hot Topics and Current Issues Tax
Student Loan and Federal Administrative Wage Garnishment HR
From Bad to Worse: BFPP Defense Fails to Eliminate CERCLA Liability Uncertainty EHS
Getting Ready for the FDA’s Unique Device Identifier System Legal
Anti-Counterfeiting for Licensed Products: What You Don't Know Can Hurt Your Business Legal
Unfracked Territory: Legal and Regulatory Changes Impacting Shale Gas Developments EHS
Mental Health Parity and the Affordable Care Act: How Will the New Rules Impact Your Plans? HR
Labor and Employment and ERISA Class Actions After Wal-Mart and Comcast Legal
Gear Up For 2014:  An Estate Planning Round Up By Bloomberg BNA Editors Tax
Product Stewardship and Extended Producer Responsibility: Key Trends in U.S. and Global Policy, Regulation and Enforcement EHS
Creditor Garnishment and Voluntary Wage Assignments for 2014 HR
Transparency Around “Do Not Track”: Best Practices Regarding California’s Privacy Amendments and Related Legislative Developments Legal
International EEO Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Discrimination, Harassment and Diversity Compliance Outside the U.S. HR
Linking Employee Engagement to Business Objectives: Why it Matters and How to Get There HR
Outlook 2014: The Environmental Agenda in the Year Ahead EHS
Analysis Of and Planning For the Final Net Investment Income Tax Regulations Tax
A Guide to Payroll Tax and Compliance in Asia HR
Uncovering the Mysteries of the Tip Wage HR
Net Investment Income Tax Proposed Rules on Pass-Through Entities Tax
Crowdfunding: An Overview Legal
Keeping the Internet-Based Job Applicant Compliant with OFCCP Rules HR
Post-DOMA: An Update for Payroll HR
Strategic Estate Planning and Compliance with Portability Elections in 2014 Tax
Will Aereo Case Force a Rewrite of Communications and Copyright Laws? Legal
Employment Law in Belgium HR
Introduction to Garnishment and Support HR
BYOG and the Workplace: Seven Proactive Protocols for Personnel Actions Legal
Encore!  Demystifying Captive Insurance Tax
Developments in SEC Environmental Reporting: From Liability to Sustainability EHS
Natural Resource Damages: A Primer on Concepts and Assessment Techniques EHS
Class Action Waivers: The Impact of Recent Supreme Court Decisions on Employment and Wage-Hour Cases Legal
Encore! Captive Insurance Demystified Tax
The Total User Experience: Improving the Content and Quality of Your Company’s Patent Application Process Post-AIA Legal
Whistleblower Watch: Big Issues in the Latest Whistleblower Cases Under Dodd-Frank, Sarbanes-Oxley, and the Internal Revenue Code Legal
Private Fund Managers and Rule 506 Legal
Corporate Governance: Corporate Secretaries and Boards Legal
Insurance and Reinsurance Transfer Pricing - Preparing for Tomorrow’s Tax Challenges Today Tax
The New Guidance on Cross-Border Application of the U.S. Swap Rules: What Corporate End Users Need to Know Legal
Planning with Self-Cancelling Installment Notes and Private Annuities: Don’t Get Burned Tax
A Look at the GAO Report on the Role of Non-Practicing Entities and Current Legislative Activities Legal
Chapter 14 Essentials: A Practitioner's Guide Through the Minefield Tax
Sun Capital Partners: Impact on Private Equity Fund Exposure to Pension Liabilities Legal
Current Captive Insurance Tax Issues Demystified Tax
FDA Mobile Medical App Guidance: Implications for the Industry Legal
Amending the Federal eDiscovery Rules: Fallout From the First Public Hearing Legal
Discount Pricing: Competition Enhancing or Exclusionary? Legal
The FCC’s Tough New Telemarketing Rules: What Every Business Needs to Know Legal
How Cyber Thieves Can Pick Your I.P. Pocket Legal
Insurance Transfer Pricing - Preparing for Tomorrow’s Tax Challenges Today Tax
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act: Recent Developments Legal
Contingent Workers and Legal Risks to Employer Benefit Plans Legal
Planning for Disability in an Aging World Tax
Medicaid Expansion: The Foundation of the ACA Coverage Continuum Legal
Making the Most of Year End Planning Opportunities with Checklists, Forms and Client Letters Tax
Employee Stock Ownership Plans Legal
International First Sales and Gray Imports Under U.S. and European IP Laws Legal
The Final and New Proposed Tangible Property Regulations – What You Need To Know Now Tax
Judges’ Use of Online Social Networking: Ethical Considerations Legal
Year-End Tax Planning for U.S. Multinational Corporations Tax
What the FCC’s Relaxed Foreign Ownership Regulations Mean for Global Commerce Legal
Multistate Businesses Take Note: The Apportionment Landscape is Changing Tax
User Generated Content and Native Advertising: Intellectual Property and Adequate Disclosure Ramifications Legal
The Road Forward: Hatch-Waxman Litigation Settlements in the Wake of FTC v. Actavis Legal
Death, Taxes and . . . Social Media? How Companies Can Adapt to the Social Media Age Legal
Is There a Problem with ESOPs? Recent Litigation and Enforcement Efforts Legal
HR Checklist for Health Care Employers Legal
Class Action Litigation Developments in 2013 Legal
U.S. Inbound Business Tax Planning Tax
The State of Sanctions in 2013: Recent Developments and Possible Rule Amendments Legal
Fraud and Abuse in 2013: Mapping Trends, Strengthening Compliance and Avoiding FCA Actions Legal
Trust Decanting: Examples and Analysis Tax
Private Equity Investment in Franchise Systems Legal
What to Expect from Exchanges: How One-Stop Shopping Will Shape the Future of Health Care Legal
It’s Kickoff Time! Protecting Your Trademarks in the New Generic Top-Level Domain Names Legal
Planning for Same-Sex Married Couples after the Windsor Decision and the Defense of Marriage Act Tax
Antitrust Implications of Exclusive Dealing Arrangements Legal
Navigating the Increasingly Treacherous Waters of Pre-Employment Background Checks: Challenges for Employers and Potential Bounties for Employees Legal
Social Media Enforcement: FDA, FTC, and National Advertising Division Case Studies and Practical Advice Legal
Managed Care: Compliance and Enforcement Legal
Fiduciary Considerations in Selecting Target Date Funds as Default Investment Alternatives Legal
Preserving the Attorney-Client Privilege and Ethics in Cross-Border Matters Legal
The New Approach to Revenue Recognition: What Lawyers Need to Know Tax
Ethics and Fiduciary Issues for Public Pension Plans: Lessons Learned Legal
Encore! Tax Planning and Compliance for Captive Insurance Companies Tax
Data Breach and Privacy Litigation: The Recent Successes and Failures of Common Defenses and Claims Legal
Elder Law and Ethics Tax
Practical Tips on Hiring New Employees, Avoiding Litigation and Protecting Business Interests as Well as the Interests of Those Being Hired Legal
ESI in Federal and State Criminal Actions: Constitutional and Practical Dimensions Legal
International Tax Issues Facing Domestic Estate Tax Planners Tax
The Branch Related Taxes Tax
Golden Parachutes in 2013 and Beyond Legal
Mobile Health: Update from the Regulatory Front Legal
Introduction to Clearing of Derivatives for End Users Legal
Clinical Research Compliance: A Year in Review Legal
Current Trends and Developments in Physician Tiering Legal
The SUPPORT Trial on Oxygen Therapy in Premature Infants: Ethical and Regulatory Issues Legal
What You Need to Know About the New Section 336 Tax
Hatch-Waxman Patent Settlements in the Aftermath of FTC v. Actavis Legal
What Estate Tax Planners Need to Know About Portability Elections Tax
ERISA Bubbles IV: More Cases and Issues Ready to Pop Legal
The OIG's Updated Self-Disclosure Protocol Legal
Multiemployer Plans, Health Benefit Exchanges and State Law Legal
Tax Planning and Compliance for Captive Insurance Companies Tax
Shareholder Activism: A Changing Landscape Legal
Reg FD in the Age of Twitter: Using Social Media without Running Afoul of the SEC Legal
Gift Tax Filing and Form 709 Preparation Tax
ERISA Plan Investments: From Precautions to Plan Amendments Legal
Cybercrime: What Every General Counsel, Board Member and Executive Should Know Legal
How the European Swap Regulations Compare with the U.S. Rules for End Users Legal
The Fine Print: Analyzing the FTC’s Updated Digital Advertising Guidelines Legal
What the New U.S. Swap Rules Mean for End Users of Swaps Legal
Computer Fraud and Abuse Act: Is It Really the Least Understood Law in the U.S. or Just in Technology? Legal
FATCA: What Non-Financial US Companies Need to Do to Prepare. Tax
Accounting for Income Taxes: UTPs in Transfer Pricing Tax
Valuable Planning for Snowbirds: Tips, Traps and Tactics for Advisors with Clients in Florida Tax
Understanding the New Repair Regulations – The Capitalization of Tangible Assets Tax
Employee Benefits in Puerto Rico – 2013 Update Tax
Preparing for New Business Associate Obligations under the HIPAA Final Rule Legal
Analyzing Bloomberg BNA’s 2013 Survey of State Tax Departments Tax
The Challenge of “BYOD” and “COPE”: What’s an Employer to Do? Legal
What Estate Planners Need to Know about Premarital and Marital Agreements and Divorce Tax
State Taxes: Issues Regarding the Interface between Compliance and Financial Reporting Tax
New Accounting Guidance for Revenue: Big Change on the Horizon Tax
Intermediate US International Tax For Non-International Tax Professionals Tax
Advanced VAT for E-Commerce Business Tax
California: The Perfect Storm for Tax Reform? Tax
DOMA and the Taxation of Same-Sex Couples: The Potential Impact of Windsor Tax
Estate Tax Return Compliance with Portability Elections on Form 706 Tax
The Basics of VAT Tax
Don't Discount the Use of Discounts Tax
Family Limited Partnerships – Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going Tax
The Nuts and Bolts of the Sunshine Act and Enforcement Implications Legal
Affordable Care Act Workshop for Large Employers Tax
Top 10 2013 Estate Planning Strategies: Beyond the Obvious Tax
Final FATCA Tax
The 3.8% Net Investment Income Tax: An Analysis of the Proposed Regs. and Related Planning Opportunities Tax
A Line-By-Line Guide to Form 706 in 2013 Tax
Uncovering the Mysteries of Tipped Wages HR
Gillette & The Future of Income Tax Apportionment Tax
2011 Estate Tax Law Changes Tax
§409A: New Document Corrections Program for Nonqualified Plans Tax