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eDiscovery Resource Center

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What this service is:

The eDiscovery Resource Center™ is Bloomberg BNA’s comprehensive research solution for litigators and in-house counsel who require authoritative guidance on the handling, obtaining, and deploying of electronically stored information. This fully searchable platform integrates Bloomberg BNA’s unparalleled news reports with practical analysis, current cases, proprietary practice tools, and state, federal, and international references — all in one site — so you know the latest policies and trends in order to comply with rules, regulations, and guidelines, and to control costs and avoid sanctions.

What it helps you do:

  • Keep up with breaking eDiscovery news via Digital Discovery & e-Evidence®, which delivers authoritative, timely coverage on federal, state, and international laws governing the discovery process for electronic evidence, new legal and policy developments, and the latest legislation, regulations, and court and administrative decisions.
  • Find real-world solutions to your challenging legal problems with a selection of Bloomberg BNA treatises from today’s thought leaders, including Electronic Discovery Practice Under the Federal Rules, Preserving Electronically Stored Information: A Practical Approach, Privilege Issues in the Age of Electronic Discovery, Spoliation in the Electronic Age, and Global Employee Privacy and Data Security Law.
  • Track the progress of the latest decisions with full text of the most current, significant federal and state cases affecting digital discovery and e-evidence.
  • Stay fully compliant and avoid sanctions with the latest federal rules for civil procedure and evidence, and full-text of ethics opinions regarding search and retrieval, preservation, production, and privilege requirements from all 50 states.
  • Get unique perspectives and expert guidance from leading practitioners across a wide variety of eDiscovery topics with our industry-renowned collection of BNA Insights articles and videos.
  • Utilize an interactive state map for easy review of the latest guidance from state bar associations and governing bodies on lawyers’ ethical obligations regarding electronically stored information.
  • Access helpful related resources, including Sedona Conference® documents and the Federal Judicial Center Library, as well as a selection of key Bloomberg BNA Resource Centers and news services content —available by subscription.
  • Link directly from the text of cases to where that case has been cited in the news, in other pertinent cases, or in a Portfolio with the helpful ‘Cited-In’ Function.

Product Structure
Reference: analysis, guidance, and primary source material
Decisions: full-text judicial opinions and rulings
Notification: current reports providing news and developments
Formats and Frequency
The Resource Center is updated continually. Digital Discovery and e-Evidence is delivered biweekly, with email updates sent continually as important news breaks.

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  • Accessibility
  • Admissibility
  • Archived data
  • Backup tapes
  • Claw backs
  • Computerized data
  • Cost-shifting
  • Databases
  • Deleted data
  • eDiscovery tools
  • Email
  • Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, as amended 12/1/06, addressing electronic
    discovery, and their state counterparts
  • Instant messaging (IM)
  • Keyword searches
  • Legacy data
  • Litigation holds
  • Meet and confer obligations
  • Metadata
  • Mirror images 
  • Native file review
  • Near-line data
  • On-line data
  • Preservation of electronically stored information
  • Production of electronically stored information
  • Quick peeks
  • Record retention
  • Regulations of administrative agencies concerning record retention and production
  • Sanctions
  • Sedona Principles
  • Spoliation
  • Tape recycling
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