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EHS Decision Support Network™

Product Code: EHSD97
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What this service is:

EHS Decision Support Network offers a premier compilation of resources to support your strategic planning. Our membership-based solution combines custom research, white papers, webinars, benchmarking information, and a specially developed EHS news service.


  • Custom Research. Members of our network may ask up to 12 custom questions per year. Each answer will include a short summary of articles reviewed, an annotated bibliography of internal and external sources, and the cited articles.
  • Webinars. Our members receive unlimited access to past and present Bloomberg BNA EHS webinars, including an average of two new webinars per month. Every 60-90 minute event includes lively, dynamic presentations from top speakers, helpful live Q&A sessions, and digital downloads. CLE and CPE credits available!
  • EHS Strategies. These strategy reports and case studies analyze EHS ‘hot topics’ with in-depth, single-issue focus.
  • EHS Quarterly Reviews. Keep up to date with expert reports on industry trends. Bloomberg BNA’s seasoned editors highlight the most important events of the past three months that affect federal and state air, safety, waste, and water policies and regulations.
  • EHS Special Reports. Get cutting-edge perspectives on new and emerging EHS issues. BNA’s Bureau of Environmental News regularly publishes in-depth articles written by leading experts.
  • EHS Benchmarks. Set a point of comparison for your expenditures, budgets, staffing, and more.
  • EHS Decision Support Network Report. BNA’s expert editors will vet the best of our EHS news into a weekly report.

What it helps you do:

  • Get custom answers to your organization’s pressing questions about environmental enforcement, climate change initiatives, greenhouse gas issues, and more.
  • Advise your company about long-term strategy with the help of Bloomberg BNA’s value-added content and services.
  • Save time and energy—let our experts absorb the volume of new and proposed regulations published every day. We’ll deliver summaries of the developments that most affect you.
Product Structure

Reference: analysis, guidance and primary source material
Notification: current reports providing news and developments
Webinars: live and via download

Formats and Frequency

SEE Environment & Safety Library

NOTE: EHS Decision Support Network is a component of BNA's Environment & Safety Resource Center. More information on the Library.

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