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EHS Global Alert™

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What this service is:

Bloomberg BNA and ENHESA are pleased to provide EHS Global Alert™. Protect your markets and operations — stay ahead of worldwide policy developments in environment, health and safety.

What it helps you do:

  • Get concise and informative abstracts of all proposed and amended EHS legislation in each jurisdiction covered, as the legislation moves through that government’s regulatory process.
  • Stay informed with monthly e-mail alert of topical abstracts, which you can customize to include only the jurisdictions and topics of interest to you.
  • Review a fully searchable Web archive of abstracts and updates on current policy activity in individual countries. Each abstract includes country, descriptive title, identification of development (legislation, regulation, proposal, policy, jurisprudence, or background news), one-paragraph description, regulatory citation, date of adoption, and indicative keywords.
  • Manage risks and avoid liabilities. Track the latest regulatory requirements. Evaluate your operations and activities accordingly, to ensure cost-effective compliance, shoulder new responsibilities, and avoid penalties.
  • Monitor regulatory and policy developments to prioritize their real and potential impacts on your operations and markets. Use that information to develop programs for improving your business and environment, health and safety performance.
  • Integrate EHS into your corporate strategies. Design and implement appropriate systems and programs for long-term success.
  • Get previously hard-to-find information delivered directly to your e-mail inbox.
  • Ensure that your company is fully prepared for the next set of regulations, whether they’re issued by your continental neighbor or by a less familiar government on the other side of the globe.
Product Structure

Reference: analysis, guidance and primary source material

Notification: current reports providing news and developments

Formats and Frequency

Web/e-mail, monthly updates

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•    Algeria    
•    Argentina
•    Australia - Commonwealth and NSW
•    Australia - Commonwealth and Queensland
•    Australia - Commonwealth and Victoria
•    Australia - Commonwealth and Western Australia
•    Argentina-Santa Cruz
•    Austria
•    Belgium
•    Brazil
•    Belgium-Flanders
•    Belgium-Wallonia
•    Botswana-National
•    Brazil-Rio Grande do sul
•    Brazil-São Paulo
•    Chile
•    China
•    China-Jiangsu
•    China-Liaoning
•    China-Shandong
•    China-Shanghai
•    China-Zhejiang
•    Colombia
•    Congo (DRC)
•    Costa Rica
•    Czech Republic
•    Denmark
•    Dominican Republic
•    Ecuador
•    Egypt
•    European Union
•    Finland
•    France
•    Germany
•    Germany-Baden Württenberg
•    Germany-Berlin
•    Germany-Brandenburg
•    Germany-Hesse
•    Germany-North Rhine-Westphalia
•    Germany-Rheinland Palatinate
•    Germany-Saxony
•    Greece
•    Guinea
•    Hong Kong
•    Hungary
•    India
•    India-Karnataka
•    India-Maharashtra
•    Indonesia
•    Ireland
•    Israel
•    Italy
•    Japan
•    Jordan
•    Kenya  
•    Malaysia
•    Mali
•    Malta
•    Mauritius
•    Mexico
•    Namibia
•    Netherlands
•    Nigeria
•    Norway
•    Pakistan
•    Peru
•    Philippines
•    Poland
•    Qatar
•    Romania
•    Russia
•    Russia-Sakhalin
•    Saudi Arabia
•    Seychelles
•    Singapore
•    South Africa
•    South Korea
•    Spain
•    Sweden
•    Switzerland
•    Taiwan
•    Thailand
•    Turkey
•    United Arab Emirates - Dubai
•    United Kingdom - England and Wales
•    United Kingdom – Scotland
•    Ukraine
•    United Arab Emirates-Abu Dhabi
•    United Arab Emirates-National
•    Uruguay
•    Vietnam
•    Venezuela

    Try EHS Global Alert™ now.