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  • Consumer protection laws
  • Copyright and trademark issues
  • Cryptography
  • Database protection
  • Defamation
  • Domain name disputes
  • Electronic signatures
  • Free speech/First Amendment issues
  • Information licensing
  • Internet governance
  • Internet-related telecommunications regulation
  • Jurisdiction
  • Network security
  • Online contracting
  • Online gambling
  • Online marketing
  • Privacy
  • Trade regulation
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July 30, 2014
  • Property Rights in ccTLDs Nonexistent, ICANN Argues in Effort to Quash Attachment
  • Amazon: ICANN's Failure to Disclose Docs Raises Accountability, Transparency Concerns
  • Court Locks Domain Names Louis Vuitton Claims Are Counterfeiters
  • Class Claims Brought Against Bitcoin For Gold Website Over Unfufilled Orders
  • House Clears Financial Regulatory Measures; Bills Meant to Protect Data Confidentiality
  • Facebook, Google Welcome Updated Leahy Measure to Rein in NSA Activities
July 29, 2014
  • Trademark Owners Urge ICANN To Ensure Sunrise for ‘Blocked' SLDs
  • ICANN Denies Holding Property of Iran, Syria In Interrogatory Answers to Terrorism Victims
  • China Raids Microsoft Offices In Anti-Monopoly Investigation
  • FilmOn Held in Contempt for Violating Injunction, Streaming After Aereo Stopped
  • House Passes Bill to Clarify DHS Role As Cybersecurity Partner to Industry
  • ACPA Statutory Damages of $100,000 Appropriate Where Domains Enabled Fraud
July 28, 2014
  • Registering a Domain Name Alone Doesn't Violate Court Order Against ‘Use'
  • Microsoft in China Is Target Of Potential Probe, Sina Reports
  • Latest Google Lobbying Figures Reflect Growing Washington Profile
  • Unsigned Terms of Service Did Not Contradict Affidavit Describing E-Contracting Processes
  • Credits for Lack of Cable, Internet Service Didn't Entirely Moot Consumer Class Suit
  • Complying With the New Canada Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL): Practical Advice for U.S. Businesses
  • Complying with the New Canada Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL): Practical Advice for U.S. Businesses
July 25, 2014
  • Tech Support Scammers Must Pay Over $5.1 Million
  • Issa Seeks to Immunize Whistle-Blower In Probe of FTC Data Security Efforts
  • Yelp! Review-Filtering Touting Commercial Speech, Not Subject to Anti-SLAPP Motion
  • Domain Registrant Has Standing to Sue Despite Not Being WHOIS ‘Account Holder'
  • Proposed Bill Would Crack Down on Fraud; Expand Spoofing Ban to Texts, Internet Calls
  • Request for Three-Person UDRP Panel Not Allowed Once Single Panelist Appointed
  • Request for Three-Person UDRP Panel Not Allowed Once Single Panelist Appointed
July 24, 2014
  • ICANN Board Set to Address Amazon Appeal of TLD Denial
  • Parents Sustain Claims for Minors' in-App Purchases Using Google Play Payment Info
  • Issa Blasted for ‘Interfering’ With FTC Data Security Case
  • Senate Plans Short-Term Extension Of Ban on Taxation of Internet Access
  • Treasury Working on Cloud Tax Guidance As Questions on Income Type, Source Grow
  • Parents Sustain Claims for Minors' In-App Purchases Using Google Play Payment Info
  • Treasury Working on Cloud Tax Guidance As Questions on Income Type, Source Grow
July 23, 2014
  • ICANN Board Nixes Dot Sport Limited's Second Go at Appealing .sports TLD Decision
  • Images Used in Digital, Second Print Runs Infringed ‘Invoiced' Copyright License Limits
  • Suit Against Google Unified Privacy Policy Barely Survives Third Motion to Dismiss
  • Contempt Order Denied Against Registrant; Transferee Failed to Create Registrar Account
  • 9/11 Commissioners Say U.S. Terror Threat High from Hackers
  • Cloud Computing Services Provider Cloudeeva Files for Chapter 11 Protection in New Jersey
  • Another Marketer of ‘Free' Gift Cards Settles FTC Deceptive Practices Charges
  • S.D.N.Y.'s Approval of Broad E-Mail Warrant Signals Significant Circuit Split
July 22, 2014
  • Strickling: Congressional Delay of IANA Move Would Risk U.S. Multistakeholder Reputation
  • German Media Company Suit Attacks AdBlocker Again on Antitrust Grounds
  • CFPB Begins Taking Prepaid Card Complaints As Agency Prepares Rule with Protections
  • Barcode Resellers Reach Accord with FTC Amid Accusations of Invitations to Collude
  • Senate Faces Industry Pressure To Pass Cybersecurity Legislation
  • EU May Consider Seeking Further Concessions by Google
  • Senate Faces Industry Pressure To Pass Cybersecurity Legislation
July 21, 2014
  • Unfair Domain Use of a Marketing Name Presupposes Distinctiveness Based on Use
  • Early Consideration of Privacy Issues Is Central to Internet of Things Design
  • Use of ‘Segsolutions' and ‘Segcessories' Didn't Establish ‘Family' of Segway Marks
  • DC-Focused ‘Digital Chamber of Commerce' To Advocate for Virtual Currency Businesses
  • NIST Advisory Group Calls for Transparency In Development of Cryptographic Standards
  • Anti-Union Hacking Claims Survive Motion to Dismiss
  • False Customer Reviews on Faux Affiliate Site Create False Advertising, Other Tort Claims
  • Supreme Court Continues to Build Out Its Framework for Patent Eligibility in High-Tech and Life Sciences Sectors
  • Use of ‘Segsolutions' and ‘Segcessories' Didn't Establish ‘Family' of Segway Marks
July 18, 2014
  • Three Co-Chairmen for IANA Planning Group, But Secretariat Details Remains Murky
  • Digital Assets Uniform Law Granting Fiduciary Access OKed, Sent for States' Consideration
  • Apple Reaches $450 Million E-Books Accord with U.S. States
  • Holleyman Nomination Hearing Draws Calls For Strong Intellectual Property Rights in TPP
July 17, 2014
  • GAC Gets Five IANA Transition Seats But Attendant ‘Assumptions' Still to Come
  • New York State Issues Proposed ‘BitLicense' Regulations for Virtual Currency Businesses
  • FCC, Inundated by Net Neutrality Comments, Extends Response Deadline
  • Web Companies Seek FCC Ban On Internet Prioritization Deals
  • 10th Circuit Vacates Copyright Infringement Finding in Payroll Management Software Case
  • Alleged Scraper Settles With LinkedIn; Company to Pay $40K, Destroy User Data
  • FTC Updates COPPA Rule Compliance Guidance on Obtaining Parental Consent
  • House OKs Permanent Ban on Internet Access Taxes, Handing Issue to Senate
  • Senators Introduce Combined Measure On Internet Taxes, Online Sales Tax
July 15, 2014
  • Cyberattack Questions Emerging In TRIA Reauthorization Bill Debate
  • UDRP Panel: Trademark Disclaimer Left Term Available for Domain Registration
  • Coach Flagged for Using Team E-Mail After Firing May Have Been Authorized
  • Court Cites Riley v. California in Civil Case Denying Inspection of Ex-Employees' Phones
  • Panel Nixes IBM's URS Claim Cites AIX, DB2 Mark Uses Elsewhere
  • Amazon's Antitrust Clash Over E-Books in Germany Draws EU Gaze
  • Governors Association Calls for Steps To Enhance U.S. Cybersecurity Posture
  • UDRP Panel: Trademark Disclaimer Left Term Available for Domain Registration
  • Panel Nixes IBM's URS Claim Cites AIX, DB2 Mark Uses Elsewhere
July 14, 2014
  • U.S. Internet Gambling Laws: An Update
  • Ninth Circuit Revises Garcia Injunction Pointing to Lower Court's Remaining Latitude
  • World Bank Has Valuable Potential Role in Internet Development, Governance, Cerf Says
  • UDRP Based on Common Law Mark Requires Evidence Proving Claimed Usage
  • Ad-Supported Internet Content Patent To Be Reconsidered in Light of Alice Ruling
  • Sony PlayStation Breach Settlement Receives Preliminary Stamp of Approval
  • Dueling Defamation Suits Dismissed Between Law School and Plaintiffs' Lawyers
  • Internet Tax Freedom Act Renewal Moves to House for July 15 Vote
  • UDRP Based on Common Law Mark Requires Evidence Proving Claimed Usage
July 11, 2014
  • Two Seats or Five for the GAC? ICANN Asks IANA Planning Group To Decide
  • FTC Challenges Amazon's Unlawful Billing Of Children's Unauthorized In-App Charges
  • Senate Panel Approves Bill To Unlock Mobile Phones
  • Alternate Pseudonym, Agency Theories Viable for Defamatory ‘Third-Party' Reviews
  • Clearing a Path in the States For Financial Technology Companies
  • UDRP Complaint Requires Cite to Evidence
  • UDRP Panel OKs Bona Fide Use Of Trademark Term in Domain Name
  • UDRP Complaint Requires Cite to Evidence
  • UDRP Panel OKs Bona Fide Use Of Trademark Term in Domain Name
July 10, 2014
  • Cal. Domain Name Levy Requires Writ of Execution, Not Receiver Auction Request
  • Senate Panel OKs Bill to Resolve Cyberthreat Data-Sharing Risks
  • Debt Collectors Need Not Maintain Call Consent Records Creditors Keep, Court Says
  • Group Asks FTC to Probe Facebook's Changes to User News Feeds for Study
  • Yahoo! Hacks Highlight Cyber Onslaught That Vulnerable Japan Is Rushing to Thwart
  • UDRP Panel Decides to Move Forward Despite Pending Admin, Court Proceedings
  • UDRP Panel Decides to Move Forward Despite Pending Admin, Court Proceedings
July 09, 2014
  • West, Lexis Make ‘Fair Use' of Briefs By Transforming Them into Searchable Texts
  • Lawyers May Advise Clients to ‘Take Down' Facebook Posts, but Must Preserve Deletions
  • Bulletin Board-Style Online Forum Suggests Posts Are Mere Opinions, N.Y. Court Says
  • TTAB Sustains Merely Descriptive Refusal For ‘Your Cloud' for Personal Cloud Services
July 08, 2014
  • WordPress Publisher Not Liable for Content Breaching Site Terms of Service
  • Lengthy Delay Erodes UDRP Complaint Despite Inapplicability of Laches Doctrine
  • Google Fades Into Background In Fight to Save Open Internet
  • ABA IPL Section Calls on Congress To Address Massive Offshore Internet Piracy
  • No Reconsideration for Yahoo ATDS Ruling, But Appeal Already Certified in Similar Case
  • Non-Forum Defendant Can Be Sued in Utah For Manipulating Online Server Located There
  • OTCs Win as Colorado Appeals Court Says They Aren't Liable for Hotel Occupancy Tax
  • Lengthy Delay Erodes UDRP Complaint Despite Inapplicability of Laches Doctrine
July 07, 2014
  • Terror Victims Ask ICANN to Turn Over Iranian, Syrian Property, Seeking ccTLDs
  • California UCL Enjoins Domain Name Use Based on Injunction-Ineligible ACPA Claim
  • Taco Bell Isn't Liable Under TCPA For Text Messages Sent by Marketer
  • Websites Generally Aren't Obligated To Disclose User Data, German Court Rules
  • Copyrighted Photo's Role in Blog Criticism Entitled to Infringement ‘Fair Use' Defense
  • New Jersey Follows Lead of Other States, Enacts ‘Click-Through' Nexus Legislation
  • Microsoft Taxes May Undergo Scrutiny as EU Quizzes Luxembourg
  • Bitcoin Faces EU Rules as Central Regulator Tells Banks to Stay Away
July 03, 2014
  • Governments, ICANN on Collision Course Over Critical Internet Governance Issues
  • New Top-Level Domains in Financial Sector Present Disparate Approaches to Safeguards
  • Fails to Get Preliminary Injunction Against Rival
  • Human Rights Considerations Need More ICANN Attention, Council of Europe Says
  • UDRP Panelists Differ Over Impact Of Offering Disputed Domain at High Price
July 02, 2014
  • Stakeholders Question Belief That Adding Registrars Will Aid ‘Underserved’ Regions
  • Internet Community to ICANN: Accountability Must Be External, With Teeth
  • Groups Slam ‘Weak’ Privacy Board Report Finding Web Surveillance Program Lawful
  • New York County's Cyberbullying Law Is Overbroad, Violates Free Speech Rights
  • Hacked Companies Face SEC Scrutiny Over Adequacy of Risk Disclosure, Controls
July 01, 2014
  • ICANN's GNSO Sounds Call For Independent Accountability Mechanism
  • CBO: State, Local Jurisdictions Could Lose Millions From Internet Tax Bill
  • EU Official Discusses Digital Technology Questions Raised by Google Case Analysis
  • Draft Senate Bill Reignites Debate Over Privacy, Cyberthreat Data Sharing
  • Text Messages Sent to Others' Phones Lack Privacy Protection
  • Bank Regulators Launching Cyber Threat Assessment Program for Community Banks
June 30, 2014
  • High Court Rejects Google's Attempt To Shut Down Street-View Class Action
  • California Governor Signs Bill Clearing Way for Virtual Currency
  • Special Shipping Instructions, Actual Sales Give Jurisdiction Over Related Patent Claims
  • Indicia of Commonality Among Registrants Support Consolidated UDRP Domain Transfers
  • FTC Releases Updated Document Summarizing Privacy, Security Efforts
June 27, 2014
  • ICANN Board Formally Adopts ATRT2 Accountability, Transparency Measures
  • Compelled Disclosure of Encryption Key Wasn't Covered by Act-of-Production Rule
  • Big Data Reports May Lead to Big Privacy Change: BGOV Analysis
  • Bitcoin to Get Scrutiny from Consumer Bureau After GAO Prodding
  • Anti-SLAPP Fight Between Legal Recruiters Ends over Internet Comment Interest Showing
  • No Jurisdiction in Arizona Over Blogger, E-mailer Who Didn't Target State
  • Internet Tax Moratorium Bill May See House Vote in July, Goodlatte Says
June 26, 2014
  • Officials Flex Government Muscles In Sharp GAC Advice to ICANN Board
  • U.S. Vintners Refute Claimed Support For ICANN's OK to .wine, .vin Domains
  • 6th Cir. Affirms Need to Specify What Portions of Software Are Protectable
  • Aereo Court Ruling Sidesteps Cloud Computing Copyright Questions
  • Customized App Deal Did Not Automatically Incorporate Underlying App's EULA Terms
  • Later Clickwrap Agreement Saves Failed Point-of-Sale Assent, Compels Arbitration
  • Large-Scale German E-Retailers Say They Will Ignore Some New Online-Shopping Rules
  • Senate Committee Approves Two Bills To Beef Up U.S. Cyberdefenses
June 25, 2014
  • High Court Overturns 2d Cir., Says Aereo Publicly Performs Copyrighted Broadcasts
  • Digital Data Entitled to Greater Privacy Than ‘Physical Items,’ Supreme Court Says
  • ICANN GNSO Returns to IGO Protections, Commences Review of New Domains Program
  • Police Can't Hold Indefinitely Digital Files That Are Beyond Scope of Search Warrant
  • Delegating Moderator-Like Functions Fails To Create Liability for Defamatory Posts
  • Lack of Evidence of Bad-Faith Registrations Dooms UDRPs Over Great Courses Domains
  • .email TLD Gets Mixed URS Rulings Testing Use of TM Terms on e-mail Platform
  • FinCEN to Start Checking Virtual Currency Entities to Ensure BSA/AML Compliance
  • Bitcoin Auction Draws Bidders From Wall Street to Silicon Valley
June 24, 2014
  • ICANN's Government Advisors Take Board to Task Over Category 2 Advice Implementation
  • Trade Association Eases Brand Owners Into Registry Operations
  • Independent Top-to-Bottom Review Set to Get Underway for ICANN's GNSO
  • SCA Provides Adequate Remedy for Further Violations, Stemming Need for Injunction
  • Mobile Application Development: The Next Frontier for Government Compliance
  • Writ Granted to Protect Online Anonymity, Prima Facie Defamation Case Required First
  • Cloud-Based Platform's Search Engine Did Nothing Special to Target Delaware Users
  • Amazon Faces German Sellers’ Antitrust Complaint on E-Books
June 23, 2014
  • Court Rejects Wyndham's Second Bid to Ax FTC Data Security Case, but Permits Review
  • Europeans Attack ICANN's Decision To Press Ahead With Wine Domains
  • UDRP Panel Says Passage of Years Nixed Retrospective Bad Faith Registration
  • ICANN Board Committee Overrules Panel, Cleveland Clinic's .med TLD Bid Resuscitated
  • TCPA Defendant Job Site Fails to Plead Third Party Resume Provider Indemnification
  • Complaints about Google Should Have No Effect on Planned Settlement with EU
  • House Passes Proposal to Block NSA ‘Back Doors' Into IT Products
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