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Emerging Roles and Challenges for State Licensed Site Professionals at Hazardous Waste Sites

Product Code - EHAU03
Speaker(s): Jorge H. Berkowitz, Langan Engineering and Environmental Services Inc., Jeffrey Lambert, Conestoga-Rovers & Associates, Lawrence Schnapf, Schnapf LLC, Greg Bibler, Goodwin Procter LLP and Dean Jeffery Telego, RTM Communications Inc.
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Bloomberg BNA is proud to present this webinar in co-sponsorship with RTM Communications.

Many states have turned to privatizing site cleanups to cut costs, increase speed, and return more properties to productive use. The state licensed site professional (LSP) programs have morphed since their inception with the Massachusetts Licensed Site Professional program in 1993. To date, about 30,000 sites have been cleaned up under the Massachusetts program with the assistance of environmental professionals. Currently, about 12 states use some form of licensed professionals, either through the operation of law or formal voluntary programs.

Over the years, states such as Connecticut and New Jersey have amended or passed new legislation, regulations, and guidance affecting site cleanup actions, liability provisions, and site redevelopments. Sweeping changes have impacted the way sites are assessed, characterized, and remediated. Site owners, state regulators, and LSPs have successfully closed thousands of sites, but major areas of conflict and challenge remain. Site reopeners resulting from vapor intrusion, the availability of public records from LSPs, and monitoring and enforcement of engineered and institutional controls join other issues facing LSPs, site owners, and regulators involved in real estate transactions and waste site cleanups.

Bloomberg BNA and RTM Communications, Inc. invite you to join a distinguished panel to discuss these cutting-edge topics. The panelists include:

  • Jorge H. Berkowitz, Langan Engineering and Environmental Services Inc.
  • Jeffrey Lambert, Conestoga-Rovers & Associates
  • Lawrence Schnapf, Schnapf LLC
  • Greg Bibler, Goodwin Procter LLP
  • Dean Jeffery Telego, RTM Communications Inc. (Moderator)

This informative 90-minute presentation is designed to help you:

  • Unlock the changing regulatory culture, roles, and responsibilities of LSPs.
  • Gain insight about the challenges and different approaches LSP programs are taking.
  • Determine the extent of authority and liability for remedial investigations, deed restrictions, release reporting, and property transfers.
  • Hear from practitioners with boots on the ground and lessons learned.

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In addition, you’ll receive:

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  • Follow-up materials. You need no materials upfront to follow along to our live conference. But BNA always issues a follow-up e-mail with contact information for our speakers as well as other materials related to the topic.
  • CLE credits will be available for this EHS Webinar.


Jorge H. Berkowitz, Langan Engineering and Environmental Services Inc., Jeffrey Lambert, Conestoga-Rovers & Associates, Lawrence Schnapf, Schnapf LLC, Greg Bibler, Goodwin Procter LLP and Dean Jeffery Telego, RTM Communications Inc.

 Jorge H. Berkowitz, LSRP is a senior associate with Langan Engineering and Environmental Services Inc. in charge of the environmental component in the Trenton, N.J., office. As an environmental consultant, Jorge specializes in remediating and redeveloping contaminated sites, regulatory compliance, environmental health, and brownfields redevelopment. He serves as an expert witness on environmental issues and is an advisor to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and other advisory committees in the state. Jorge was instrumental in helping to formulate necessary changes to the original Site Remediation Reform Act that established the Licensed Site Remediation Professional program.

Jeffrey Lambert
, LEP, LSP, P.E. is an associate of Conestoga-Rovers & Associates and manager of the Plainville, Conn., office. He is a registered professional engineer (civil) in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont, as well as a Licensed Environmental Professional in Connecticut and a Licensed Site Professional in Massachusetts. Jeffrey’s professional practice encompasses a variety of environmental engineering tasks, with an emphasis on site assessment/investigation, remediation design and implementation, construction management, due diligence, regulatory permitting and compliance, public relations, and project management.

Lawrence Schnapf is a principal of Schnapf LLC in New York City. He has over 27 years of national environmental experience with Fortune 500 corporations and a number of major New York-based law firms. Larry primarily concentrates on environmental issues associated with corporate, real estate and brownfield transactions, commercial lending, distressed debt, bankruptcy, and workouts. He has extensive experience with brownfield redevelopment and financing, negotiating environmental insurance policies for business and real estate transactions, and performing environmental due diligence for complex business transactions. Larry is the co-chair of the New York State Bar Association’s Hazardous Site Remediation Committee, co-chair of the NYSBA brownfield task force, and serves on the Board of the NYC Partnership of Brownfield Practitioners.

Greg Bibler
is a Partner and Chair of Goodwin Procter LLP's Environmental Practice. His focus is strategic environmental counseling in litigation, corporate compliance, contaminated site management, and business transactions. Greg represents clients at sites throughout the country in devising and implementing cost-effective plans for clean-up and redevelopment, in cost-recovery and damages suits, licensing proceedings, and enforcement actions. Greg also provides counsel and assists in implementing corporate programs for compliance with environmental and nuclear regulations and management standards. Greg provides strategic analysis, negotiates, and supplies technically informed oversight for the investigation and cleanup of federal and state Superfund sites throughout the country. He represents manufacturing companies, service industries, and financial institutions in environmental litigation. Greg received his AB and JD from Harvard University.

Dean Jeffery Telego is president of Risk Management Technologies (RTM) and RTM Communications, Inc. Jeff directs RTM corporate development and oversees the companies’ technical operations. Jeff creates and chairs two national conferences on environmental finance and risk management topics each year and develops customized training for the financial services industry in the United States, Asia, and Eastern and Central Europe. Jeff also is executive co-director of the Environmental Bankers Association, a financial services industry trade association created to develop model environmental risk management policies and procedures, exchange information by means of a clearinghouse and network, and apply this information in practical terms to credit risk analysis process in lending and for trust transactions.