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    Affordable Care Act: Law and Regulations, Annotated (Consolidated and Amended Excerpts on Health Benefits)
    A companion volume to ERISA: The Law and the Code and ERISA Regulations

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    Employee Benefits Law, Third Edition, with Fall 2014 Cumulative Supplement
    Employee Benefits Law, Third Edition offers detailed, annotated coverage of ERISA Titles I and IV; rules of tax qualification, deductibility and other key tax issues; preemption; benefit claims; interplay with related legal areas; and effects of sexual orientation and veteran status on benefits.

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    ERISA Class Exemptions, Fourth Edition, with 2014 Cumulative Supplement
    2012/2 Volumes/2,360 pp./ Order #9472P 2014 Cumulative Supplement alone ISBN 978617464720/ Order #2472/$195.00 This time-saving reference contains all of the regulatory class exemptions...

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    ERISA Fiduciary Law, Second Edition, with 2011 Cumulative Supplement

    Address crucial issues in the short and long term with this sophisticated analysis of ERISA fiduciary topics as determined by ERISA, the IRC, DOL regulations, and the federal courts.



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    ERISA Litigation, Fifth Edition
    ERISA cases are complex and often contain multiple issues that are difficult to untangle in order to analyze and litigate each issue effectively. ERISA Litigation, Fifth Edition supplies complete analysis of the developments in heavily litigated areas such as standard of review, preemption, fiduciary duties, pension plan investments, and retiree welfare benefits, as well as of cutting-edge problem areas such as privacy, contingent workers, managed care, and RICO.

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    ERISA Regulations, 2015 Edition
    ERISA Regulations, 2015 Edition contains the full text of all proposed and final regulations through June 30, 2014, that affect benefits plans—from the Department of Labor, Pension Benefit Guaranty...

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    ERISA: The Law and the Code, 2014 Edition, Annotated
    ERISA: The Law and the Code, 2014 Edition, Annotated contains the full, updated text of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and relevant portions of the Internal Revenue Code (Tax Code) and Public Health Service Act (PHSA).

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    Pension Plan Terminations, Second Edition
    This is the only treatise with full coverage of the potentially conflicting authorities facing a pension plan sponsor considering plan termination.

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    Section 409A Handbook, with 2011 Supplement
    Design compensation arrangements to comply with Section 409A and avoid costly IRS penalties with this invaluable new reference.



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