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    Employee Benefits

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    Affordable Care Act: Law and Regulations, Annotated (Consolidated and Amended Excerpts on Health Benefits)
    A companion volume to ERISA: The Law and the Code and ERISA Regulations

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    Employee Benefits Law, Third Edition, with Fall 2013 Cumulative Supplement
    The first source for decided cases, legislation, regulations, and employee benefits law guidance issued by federal agencies

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    ERISA Class Exemptions, Fourth Edition, with 2013 Supplement

    The class exemptions from ERISA's prohibited transactions rules are all here in this timesaving reference, which provides a complete, up-to-date resource on ERISA class exemptions.



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    ERISA Fiduciary Law, Second Edition, with 2011 Cumulative Supplement

    Address crucial issues in the short and long term with this sophisticated analysis of ERISA fiduciary topics as determined by ERISA, the IRC, DOL regulations, and the federal courts.



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    ERISA Litigation, Fourth Edition, with 2013 Cumulative Supplement
    Address crucial ERISA-related issues with this analysis of ERISA fiduciary topics covering ERISA, the IRC, DOL regulations, and the federal courts

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    ERISA Regulations, 2014 Edition

    Save time with this single-source collection of formerly hard-to-access information.

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    ERISA: Related Statutes
    You need more than the text of ERISA and the IRC to fully address vital issues. This volume gives you the text of the most significant other federal laws that affect employee benefits practice.

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    ERISA: The Law and the Code, 2012 Edition, Annotated
    Your key to staying fully informed on changes to ERISA, the Tax Code, and the Public Health Service Act

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    Pension Plan Terminations, Second Edition
    This is the only treatise with full coverage of the potentially conflicting authorities facing a pension plan sponsor considering plan termination.

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    Section 409A Handbook, with 2011 Supplement
    Design compensation arrangements to comply with Section 409A and avoid costly IRS penalties with this invaluable new reference.



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