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What this service is:

Featuring uniquely comprehensive and objective coverage of judicial, legislative, and regulatory developments in the area of equal employment opportunity, Employment Discrimination Report spans all areas of EEO policy and practice.

What it helps you do:

  • Prepare for any day-to-day question—or emergency—that may cross your desk, whether you represent an employer or an employee.
  • Get the definitive word. Keep up-to-date with reliable, in-depth reporting on key cases from all levels of courts across the U.S. and news on alternative dispute resolution.
  • Keep an eye on the radar screen. Follow the cases that interpret new laws, establish precedents, tackle current controversies, contribute to emerging legal theories, or identify splits among the circuits.
  • Recommend reliable action plans based on your understanding of new developments and emerging case trends.
  • Review summaries of briefs filed by the EEOC and other “friends of the court,” plus Supreme Court oral arguments.
  • Know what the experts know. Rely on BNA Insights by nationally prominent attorneys that address hot topics in the EEO field, emerging trends, legal theories, and more.
  • Gain insights and advice from your peers. Read interviews with top practitioners and conference coverage that provides expert commentary on the meaning and impact of legal developments.
  • Safeguard client interests and prepare for settlement negotiations, be aware of details on important jury verdicts, monetary settlements, and consent decrees.
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Notification: current reports providing news and developments

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Print and web notification formats are issued and available weekly. Print current reports are indexed every six months, cumulating annually. Web current reports are archived to 1/03/1996. E-mail summaries, providing the highlights and table of contents for each report, with links to full-text articles and documents, are available for all web subscriptions.

A useful complement to your Employment Discrimination Report, Employment Discrimination Verdicts and Settlements offers access to a database that houses thousands of employment discrimination verdicts, settlements, and awards since 1997.

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  • Age-based discrimination
  • Appearance-based discrimination
  • Class actions
  • Damages and remedies
  • Disabilities-based discrimination
  • Discovery
  • Employment practices liability insurance
  • Family and medical leave
  • Gender-based discrimination
  • Glass ceiling
  • Jury practice
  • National origin-based discrimination
  • Race-based discrimination
  • Religion-based discrimination
  • Retaliation
  • Rules of evidence
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual orientation-based discrimination
  • Taxation
  • Testers
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July 30, 2014
  • Discipline Threat for False EEOC Charges Adverse, But Officers Lose Retaliation Claim
  • Boss's Favoritism for Alleged Paramour Not Sex Bias Under Title VII, Court Says
  • Cablevision Worker's Bias Claims Boosted By HR's ‘KKK Without Hood' Observation
  • Fourth Circuit Nixes Steel Company's Bid To Undo Black Class Alleging Harassment
  • Court Revives Sex Bias, Retaliation Claims Of Verizon Worker Terminated in 2007 RIF
  • Lewd Comments May Constitute Sex Bias, But Liaisons on Co-Worker's Desk Were Not
  • FAR Clauses Changed to Reflect New Contractor EEO Mandates
  • OPM Rule Updates Nondiscrimination Provisions
  • EEOC Names Regional Attorney in St. Louis
  • New York Governor Signs Legislation Protecting Interns From Discrimination
  • IBM Must Pay Former Executive $3.7 Million For Marginalizing, Firing Him After 40 Years
  • Female Mechanic May Bring Sex Bias Suit; Handbook Puts Brakes on Retaliation Claim
  • Federal Reserve Must Face Trial on Claims Of Former Worker With 9/11-Related PTSD
  • Male Worker Called ‘Gay,' ‘Mary' Has Same-Sex Harassment Claims
  • Court Finds No Link Between Noose Incidents And Scrutiny of Black Welder's Performance
  • Elevator Mechanic's Performance Issues, Not Injury-Related Absence, Sink ADA Claim
  • Excluding Same-Sex Spouses May Land Self-Insured Plans in Court, Attorney Says
  • Roundup of Recent EEOC Settlements And Newly Filed Enforcement Actions
  • Also in the Courts: A Roundup of Recent Employment Discrimination Rulings
July 23, 2014
  • Obama Issues Order Banning LGBT Bias, Declines Call to Expand Religious Exemption
  • Property Firm Not Liable Under Title VII Because It Wasn't ‘Employer,' Court Rules
  • Police Officer Fired After Leave Expired Lacks ADA or FMLA Claim, Court Affirms
  • Job Coach Not Required to Accommodate Worker for Workplace Profanity, 7th Cir. Says
  • Army Specialist Didn't Show Mental Illness Should Toll Filing Period for Job Bias Claims
  • 2d Cir. Revives Black Trooper's Bias Claims Based on ‘Fitting in' Comments, Other Proof
  • Governor Enacts Limits on Employer Use Of Background Checks During Hiring
  • Mayor Will Sign Measure to Help Job Applicants With Criminal Records
  • Governor Signs Bill Requiring Employers To Compensate Men and Women Equally
  • Iowa's Top Court Nixes Class Case Alleging Implicit Bias by State Against Black Workers
  • Despite Juror's ‘Knucklehead' Conduct In Browsing ‘Damages,' Judge Nixes Retrial
  • Court Penalizes Grocery Store Chain For Violating Terms of Consent Decree
  • Entergy's Refusal to Submit AAPs, Cooperate With OFCCP Audits Prompts Lawsuit by DOJ
  • Court Rejects DOL's Argument That Justices Nixed Title VII Retaliatory Harassment Claims
  • Absent Business Reason, ‘Anticipatory' Firing Of Pregnant Employee May Violate Title VII
  • School Employee Fired for Alcohol Violation Fails to Raise ADA Jury Issues, Court Rules
  • Also in the Courts: A Roundup of Recent Employment Discrimination Rulings
July 16, 2014
  • EEOC Issues New Enforcement Guidance On Pregnancy Bias Under PDA and ADA
  • Female Worker's Sex Bias Claim Not Barred By Railway Labor Act, Seventh Circuit Rules
  • Former T-Mobile Vice President From India Lacks Bias, Retaliation Claims, 7th Cir. Says
  • Worker's ‘Amorphous Litany of Complaints' Not Direct Evidence of Age Bias, Court Says
  • Obama, Cabinet Full Steam Ahead On More Executive Actions in 2014
  • KPMG Must Face Sex-Based Class Claims Under Equal Pay Act, Title VII, Court Rules
  • Court Counts 250,000-Member Class In Race Bias Action Against Census Bureau
  • Black Comcast Technicians in Chicago May Proceed as Class Action, Judge Rules
  • Federal Court in Pennsylvania Clarifies Ruling For EEOC on Pre-Offer Medical Examinations
  • Asking Mexican Worker if He's ‘Illegal Alien' Supports Discrimination Claim Under Title VII
  • Court Denies Race Bias Plaintiffs' Move to Inspect Phones of Ex-Employees
  • Big Lots Worker's Harassment Claim Barred Despite Co-Worker's Lewd Comments
  • Worker With Baby Under Four Months Still Protected Under Pregnancy Bias Law
  • Oil Distribution Driver Permitted to Bring Disabilities and Age Bias Claim, Court Says
  • Law Firm Didn't Violate ADA by Firing Support Staff Worker With Lifting Restriction
  • U.S. Supreme Court's Ruling on Religious Exemption Poses Big Impact, Attorneys Say
  • Roundup of Recent EEOC Settlements And Newly Filed Enforcement Actions
  • Also in the Courts: A Roundup of Recent Employment Discrimination Rulings
July 09, 2014
  • Barring Male Guards for Female Inmates Might Violate Title VII, Ninth Circuit Rules
  • Memo Citing Members' Bias Claims Supports Jury Verdict Against Florida Firefighters Union
  • Male Nurse's Failure to Apply for Job Dooms EEOC's Claim of Sex-Based Transfer Denial
  • Fourth Circuit to Reconsider Protected Activity Issue
  • Faith Leaders Lobby White House for Right To Discriminate Based on Sexual Orientation
  • Obama Pledges to Issue Executive Order Barring Discrimination in Federal Agencies
  • California Governor Signs Measure Updating Workplace Retaliation Law
  • EEOC, Walgreens Settle for $180,000 ADA Case Over ‘Grazing' Diabetic Worker's Firing
  • EEOC, Princeton HealthCare System Settle Class Disability Bias Claims for $1.35 Million
  • Alleged Pay Disparities in BoA's Raw Data Justified OFCCP's On-Site Review, Judge Says
  • Pay Inequity in Sex Bias Claim Not Excused By Transfer Policy at Alabama Junior College
  • Entergy Files Appeal in Case Against OFCCP
  • Justices Will Review Accommodation Issue Arising Under Pregnancy Discrimination Act
  • Conference Calendar
  • Also in the Courts: A Roundup of Recent Employment Discrimination Rulings
  • Stockwell v. City & County of San Francisco: What It Doesn't Say About Statistics in Age Discrimination Cases
July 02, 2014
  • Third Circuit Says Public Worker Can't Bring Age Discrimination Claim Under Section 1983
  • White Worker Raised Plausible Bias Claims Against Japanese Company, U.S. Subsidiary
  • Employee Forced Out After Harassment Claim Raises Triable Retaliation Case, 6th Cir. Rules
  • Failing to List Claim in Bankruptcy Filing No Bar to Bringing Bias Claim, 7th Cir. Says
  • EEOC's Tampa and Miami Offices To Mark Title VII's 50th Anniversary
  • Boehner Faces Uphill Battle In Legal Challenge to Obama
  • Unauthorized Worker Allowed to Pursue Bias Claim in State Court, Seek Lost Wages
  • Massachusetts Legislature Passes Domestic Workers' Rights Measure
  • Fifth Circuit Upholds Jury Verdict for Black Worker on His Hostile Environment Claim
  • 4th Cir. Affirms Verdict for EEOC, Truckers On Racial Harassment, Retaliation Claims
  • Co-Worker's Statement on Facebook Page Bolsters Claim of ADA Confidentiality Breach
  • Justices to Consider if Courts Can Review EEOC's Pre-Lawsuit Efforts to Settle Charges
  • Supreme Court Won't Take Look at Exercise Of Supervisory Discretion in Light of Dukes
  • Employment Case Denied Review June 30, 2014
  • Place Emphasis on Supervisor in Title VII Sexual ‘Submission' Cases, Attorneys Say
  • Retired Judge Warns of Job Rights Rollbacks, Encourages Plaintiffs' Bar to Continue Fight
  • Advocates Share Suggestions for Helping People With Disabilities Return to Work
  • OFCCP Updates Frequently Asked Questions Regarding New Disabilities, Veterans Rules
  • Also in the Courts: A Roundup of Recent Employment Discrimination Rulings
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