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Environment Health & Safety Special Reports

Benchmarks Report

The EHS Benchmarks Report  highlights annual expenditures, budgets, staffing, responsibilities, and priorities of EH&S departments based on data gathered from surveys of such departments. It also includes information on EHS professionals' titles, salaries, and reporting relationships.

EHS Quarterly Review

Written by Bloomberg BNA EH&S analysts, EHS Quarterly Review  discusses the most important events affecting federal and state air, safety, waste, and water policies for a given quarter of each year. It also includes perspectives on new developments that likely are to occur in the months ahead.

EHS Strategies

EHS Strategies provides insights into a variety of environment, health, and safety issues written by experts in their fields, or "thought leaders." The reports provide background, analysis, practical information, and recent developments on the issues.

Climate Change Reports

Bloomberg BNA's premiere EHS news services-Daily Environment Report, Environment Reporter, and World Climate Change Report- periodically publish in-depth and cutting-edge articles written by outside authors on climate change developments. These articles as well as background reports, conferences, developing news, press releases, reference materials, videos, and links to outside Web resources on a wide range of climate change topics are available at

Other Topical Reports