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This multi-part environmental resource keeps you fully up to date on rapidly changing developments in courts, Congress, federal agencies, state legislatures, industry, and environmental organizations.

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  • Get full coverage of today’s most crucial environment topics — including climate change, Superfund, wetlands, and more.
  • Manage the risks caused directly by climate change or by emerging regulations to mitigate climate change.
  • Stay on top of the interplay between federal and state courts, and respond rapidly to new decisions.
  • Get details on enforcement and compliance initiatives, to better maintain compliance and offer sound advice to clients and colleagues.
  • Conduct keyword searches using terms of art — the Reporter is fully indexed online and in print.
  • Gain cutting-edge perspectives on new and emerging issues with Analysis & Perspective and Annual Outlook articles from leading experts.
  • Have immediate knowledge of the environmental law developments that can significantly affect your business.
  • Track the development of an issue over time — Bloomberg BNA publications are always meticulously cited to back issues and back stories.
  • Trust the company that has covered this field continuously since the Environmental Protection Agency was established in 1970.
  • Environment Resource Center on CD offers a complete collection of environmental laws, regulations, and supporting documents. Federal coverage includes environment, chemical controls, and hazardous materials transportation. State coverage includes full-text statutes and regulations, plus many required forms, for all 50 states, Puerto Rico, District of Columbia, and Virgin Islands. (See also Environment and Safety Resource Center.)
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Reference: analysis, guidance and primary source material

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Notification: current reports providing news and developments

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Print reference material is updated biweekly and indexed semiannually. Print notification is issued weekly and indexed every six months, cumulating annually. Decisions are published weekly and indexed regularly, with Bound Volumes issued semiannually.

Web reference is updated daily. Web notification is available weekly and archived to 1/26/96. E-mail summaries, providing the highlights and table of contents for each report, with URLs to full text articles and documents are also available.

SEE ALSO Environment and Safety Resource Library.

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  • Emissions trading
  • Energy
  • International developments


  • Federal Register summaries of environmental regulatory activities including the EPA, DOE, DOI and DOJ

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  • Endangered species
  • Right to know
  • Security

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  • Hazardous waste
  • Mining
  • Superfund

Water pollution

  • Drinking water
  • Sewer overflows
  • Wetlands
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July 11, 2014
  • Crude Oil Shipping Facility in Oregon Violates Air Act, Advocacy Groups Say
  • Current Ozone Standard Insufficient To Protect Health, Science Advisers Say
  • States Seek to Challenge Application Of EPA's Cross-State Air Pollution Rule
  • Fifth Circuit Rejects Luminant Lawsuit Over Texas Power Plant Violations
  • Justice Objects to Former EPA Official Serving as Witness in Enforcement Case
  • EPA Seeks to Reduce Particulate Emissions From New, Modified Grain Elevator Facilities
  • EPA Agrees to Deadlines for Determining Visibility Impacts From Minnesota Coal Plant
  • Amendments on Light Bulb Efficiency Rules Offered to House Energy Appropriations Bill
  • Obama Withdraws Nominee Robinson To Serve as Undersecretary of Energy
  • Obama Administration Looking for Ways To Work With Insurers on Extreme Weather
  • Rich-Poor Division on Climate Unresolved In Latest UN Document on Global Agreement
  • U.S., China Renew Pledge on Climate Deal, Discuss Readying Post-2020 Emissions Cuts
  • EPA Proposes to Prohibit Some Uses Of HFCs With High Global Warming Potential
  • Virginia Should Join RGGI to Generate Flood Protection Funds, Report Says
  • DOE Solicits Applications for $4 Billion In Renewable, Efficiency Loan Guarantees
  • Interior to Auction 80,000 Acres Off Coast Of Maryland for Wind Power Development
  • Utilities Awarded $14 Million in Grants To Demonstrate Use of Battery Storage
  • EPA Finalizes Quality Assurance Program To Ensure Validity of RINs Oil Refiners Use
  • Grassley Says EPA Unlikely to Finalize 2014 Renewable Fuel Standard Until Fall
  • Report by Renewable Fuels Producers Accuses Oil Industry of Blocking Sales
  • Upton Threatens EPA Subpoena Over Power Plant Rule Documents on Decision Process
  • West Virginia Fish Declined in Streams Impacted by Mountaintop Mining, Study Says
  • CTS Corp. Site at Center of Waldburger To Stay on Superfund National Priorities List
  • Lesson From Waldburger: Federalism Alive, High Court Wary of Preempting State Law
  • Waldburger Plaintiffs Ask for Remand To Allow Lower Court to Consider New Law
  • EPA Withdraws Animal Feedlot Guidance From OMB Review, Citing Recent Revisions
  • New Agriculture Exemptions Won't Require Approval by EPA, Corps, McCarthy Says
  • Low Levels of Arsenic Cause Cancer In Male Mice, NIEHS Research Finds
  • Former Connecticut CEO Pleads Guilty To Violating Clean Water Act, Faces Prison
  • Many Rivers Less Acidic After 65 Years, U.S. Geological Survey Study Concludes
  • EPA to Hold Meetings to Share Ideas About Operating New Financing Program
  • EPA Deputy Administrator Reiterates Puddles Do Not Fall Under Water Act Jurisdiction
  • Maine Sues EPA for Failing to Approve State Water Testing of Rivers on Tribal Lands
  • McCarthy Says Agencies Didn't Anticipate Regulatory Role for USDA in Water Act Rule
  • Congressman Says Water Needed to Avoid Health Disaster From Diminishing Salton Sea
  • Proposed Forest Service Groundwater Plan Raises Concerns From Western Governors
  • House Appropriations Panel Approves Bill For Interior, EPA With Some Targeted Cuts
  • White House Cites Riders in Issuing Threat To Veto Energy, Water Appropriations Bill
  • Fracking Guidelines Issued by Industry To Ease Communities’ Widespread Fears
  • E-Mails, Interviews Confirm McCarthy's ‘Stand Down' Claim on Beale Probe, IG Says
  • Turf War Between EPA Inspector General, Security Office Still Unresolved: Spokesman
  • Governors Advocate Reforms to Improve Endangered Species Act Listing Policies
  • Environmental, Tribal Groups Oppose EIS For New Mexico Power Plant, Mine Plan
  • Court Says CEQA Review Not Required For Central Valley Project Water Contracts
  • Legislation Introduced to Delay Inclusion Of Transportation Fuels in Trading Program
  • State Water Board Adopts Emergency Rules On Enforcement of Orders to Halt Diversions
  • Water Resources Board Proposes Ways To Protect Ocean During Desalination
  • State's Top Environmental Official Vows to Act on County's Oil Well Concerns
  • Governor Proposes to Update ‘Inadequate' Standards for Toxic Chemicals in Waterways
  • The Greenery of Brownfields
  • Investors Zero in on Energy Companies And Their Approach to Climate Change
  • Listing
July 04, 2014
  • Advisory Panel Recommends EPA Set More Stringent Ozone Standard
  • EPA Approval of Pennsylvania Plan On Regional Haze Challenged in Court
  • EPA Finalizes Plan for Arizona Facilities To Curb Regional Haze in Parks, Wilderness
  • Federal Court Dismisses Lawsuit Asking For EPA Regulation of Feedlot Emissions
  • EPA Proposes to Limit Toxic Emissions From Off-Site Waste, Recovery Facilities
  • EPA Updates Policy for Helping Agency, Communities Adapt to Climate Change
  • Firmer Deadlines to Assess Climate Impacts On Defense Installations Needed, GAO Says
  • Recent Republican Calls for Climate Action Unlikely to Produce Results, Senators Say
  • Records Show New England Energy Plan Favors Industry, Law Foundation Says
  • Climate Change Proposal in U.S. Poses Pascal's Wager: Benefits Outweigh Losses
  • Clinton Gives Support to Obama Climate Plan, Voices Optimism for Global 2015 Agreement
  • WildEarth Guardians Seeks Rehearing in Coal Case
  • EPA Identifies Five Alternatives to HFCs With Far Less Ozone-Depleting Potential
  • EPA Unveils Methane Limits for Landfills, Approaches New, Existing Sites Separately
  • Cape Wind Receives Loan Guarantee Of $150 Million From Energy Department
  • Court Backs Environmental Impact Study Of Solar Energy Projects in Western States
  • Petitioners Ask D.C. Circuit to Review Rules On Test Fuels in Light of Tier 3 Regulations
  • AEP, Other Companies Explain Why, How They Use Internal Carbon Pricing
  • 195 Groups Press Obama to Finalize Definition of Solid Waste Rule by July 11
  • D.C. Circuit Strikes Down Two Regulations Exempting Fuels From Waste Restrictions
  • EPA Begins Work on Fee Structure For Electronic Hazardous Waste System
  • Federal Court Vacates Agency Approval Of Coal Mining in Colorado Roadless Area
  • EPA Again Signals Regulating Coal Ash As Nonhazardous Waste Could Be Adequate
  • EPA Adopts $46.7 Million Cleanup Plan For Ringwood Mines Site in New Jersey
  • EPA Proposes $5.3 Million Cleanup Of Heavy Metals in Parts of New Jersey Site
  • Senate to Take Up Conservation Bill With Lead Bullet Regulation Provision
  • EPA Says States, D.C. Mostly on Track To Meet Nutrient Reduction Goals in TMDL
  • USGS Predicts Slightly Larger Dead Zone In Bay Because of Higher Susquehanna Flows
  • Everglades Restoration Sees More Planning Than Progress, Research Council Reports
  • Obama Signs Bipartisan Bill to Enhance Efforts to Control Algae Blooms, Hypoxia
  • Hamilton County Is Ultimate Authority For Cincinnati Sewer Upgrades, Court Says
  • Challenges to Water Jurisdiction Rule Expected Due to Conflicts With Rulings
  • Critics Pile Up Objections to Proposed Rule To Clarify Jurisdiction of Clean Water Act
  • House OKs Bill to Expand Offshore Drilling, Require Faster Permitting on Federal Lands
  • Agencies Complete Definition of Key Term For Endangered Species Act Protections
  • Plan Incorporates Wyoming Sage Grouse Strategy
  • Whooping Crane ESA ‘Take' Too Remote For TCEQ Water Permitting, Court Rules
  • Board Advises EPA to Balance Flexibility, Consistency in Environmental Justice Draft
  • Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Case On California Low-Carbon Fuel Rules
  • Governor Signs Clean Energy Legislation, Invests $30M to Jump-Start Solar Projects
  • Entire Massachusetts Coast Now Designated No-Discharge Area; EPA Clears Final Segment
  • Governor Signs Bill to Extend Length Of Permits for Aquatic Nuisance Control
  • State High Court Upholds Local Laws, Could Bring Halt to Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Bill on Groundwater Contamination Lawsuits Signed Into Law by North Carolina Governor
  • Governor Revives Climate Change Panel, Says Revenue Needed for Resilience Work
  • Air Regulators Say Timely EPA Guidance Would Aid New Source Review Permitting
  • Listing
June 27, 2014
  • Court Asked to Lift Stay of Cross-State Rule, Extend Compliance Deadlines by Three Years
  • EPA to Publish Air Toxics Proposal For Refineries, Open Comment Period
  • Expanded Drilling, Natural Gas Exports, Keystone Permitting on House Agenda
  • Furnace Fan Energy Requirements Opposed By Manufacturers to Save $9 Billion by 2030
  • Houston Man Charged With Selling Fake Renewable Credits to Oil Companies
  • Mayors Skip Debate Over Climate Science, Move to Deal With Community Impacts
  • ‘Climate-Smart’ Policies Could Boost Global Economy, World Bank Reports
  • Climate Change to be Key Issue for U.S. As Arctic Council Chair, Official Says
  • UNEP Report Calls Climate Change World's Overriding Environmental Issue
  • House Approves Propane Shortage Bill; Measure Ready for Obama's Signature
  • EPA May Face More Scrutiny From Judges Following Supreme Court Permitting Decision
  • Industry Says Supreme Court Decision Has Warning Signs for Power Plant Rules
  • Supreme Court Decision Means D.C. Circuit Can Move Forward With Permitting Cases
  • Supreme Court Rules Greenhouse Gases Limited in Permits but Don't Trigger Them
  • Senate Draft Bill Targets HFCs, Methane, Urges EPA to Speed Phasedown of HFCs
  • Court Asked to Rehear Renewables Standard Case
  • Fish and Wildlife to Get Input on Proposal To Permit Wind Farms' to Harm, Kill Eagles
  • House-Passed Defense Bill Prohibits ‘Billions' in Green Energy Spending
  • Final 2014 Renewable Fuels Standard Could Be Released ‘Soon,’ McCarthy Says
  • Warming Could Cost U.S. Economy Hundreds of Billions, Report Warns
  • Scientists Call for ‘Sound Science' in EPA's Final Biomass Accounting Framework
  • Fortune 100 Companies Report $1.1 Billion In Savings From Energy, Climate Efforts
  • Raft of Programs, Rulemakings Aim to Make Resource Extraction in Arctic Sustainable
  • State Attorneys General Ask Judges to Block Proposed Carbon Standards for Power Plants
  • Albertsons Supermarket to Pay $3.3 Million In Settlement Over Hazardous Waste Charges
  • EPA Expands Reporting Requirements For CRT Exports to Improve Tracking
  • Federal Appeals Court Awards Utility In California $53 Million in Waste Dispute
  • Senate Panel Approves Nominee to Head DOE's Environmental Management Office
  • EPA Handbook Outlines Liability Protections For Redevelopment of Contaminated Sites
  • Identification of Vapor Migration at Site Not a ‘Deal Killer,’ Attorney Tells Webinar
  • Senate Panel Considers Ways to Improve Work on Energy-Water Interdependency
  • EPA Suggests Reducing Monitoring Period For Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule
  • New Barrier, Other Controls to Be Deployed In Chicago Area to Combat Asian Carp
  • Business Leaders, Officials Push International Community on Ocean Plan
  • EPA Orders 85 Pennsylvania Municipalities To Improve Stormwater Runoff Programs
  • EPA to Get Advisory Panel Review of Science In Proposal on Federal Waters Jurisdiction
  • Engineering Solutions Recommended To Manage Wastewater During Heavy Rains
  • Environmental Groups File Lawsuit Seeking Records on Meetings About Water Act Rule
  • Federal, State Balance Achievable in Finding Solution to Nutrient Pollution, Speakers Say
  • Obama Says Most Americans Support Efforts On Climate, Urges Clean Water Protections
  • Science Advisers Sharpen Comments for EPA On Variable Connectivity of Bodies of Water
  • Doctrine Applicable to Oil, Gas Development Doesn't Extend to Groundwater, Court Says
  • Proposed Rule on U.S. Jurisdictional Waters Contains Unreliable Exemptions, Critics Say
  • $34 Billion Energy-Water Spending Bill Expected on House Floor Week of July 7
  • Energy, Water Bill Unlikely to Return To Committee, McConnell Spokesman Says
  • Local Governments Have Important Role In Regulating Oil, Natural Gas, Lawyer Says
  • Issa Tells McCarthy He Intends to Hold EPA In Contempt Over Document Request
  • No Permanent Head of Environment Division At Justice Seen as Threat to Daily Operations
  • Advocates Ask EPA to Finalize Guidance On Considering Justice Issues in Rulemaking
  • NRC Commissioner Apostolakis Leaving As White House Decides Not to Renominate
  • Inaugural UN Assembly Gets Under Way; Environment Called Issue of High Concern
  • House Committee Moves Bill Requiring Public Scientific Information in Rulemakings
  • Trade in Environmental Goods, Services Called Driving Force for Green Economy
  • Bristol Bay Mine Ballot Initiative Passes Constitutional Muster, State High Court Says
  • Group Challenges State's Scoping Plan For Including High-Speed Rail Project
  • State Halts Injection Well Drilling In Aftermath of Two Earthquakes
  • Voters in Loveland Reject Moratorium On Hydraulic Fracturing Within City Limits
  • Plaintiffs Urge State Supreme Court To Uphold Ruling Against Keystone Pipeline
  • EPA Approves No-Discharge Zone Sought by State Officials for Lake Erie
  • State Legislature Approves Bill to Require Agencies to Consider Warming in Permitting
  • Stopgap Extension of Brownfields Law Backed by Both Legislative Chambers
  • State Sues Oil Companies Over Discharges Of MTBE, Alleged Misuse of Cleanup Fund
  • State Supreme Court Dismisses Challenge To Tar Sands Strip Mine Discharge Permit
  • State Says Company Soon Will Demolish Storage Tank Farm Linked to Water Crisis
  • State to Test for Potential Contamination From Oil, Gas in Groundwater Near Pavillion
  • Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rules: Current Headaches and Future Migraines
  • One Year Into Obama's Climate Action Plan, Limits on Executive Actions Remain Obvious
  • Crumbling U.S. Grid Gets Jolt Creating Smarter Power in Houston, Across Country
  • Listing
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