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Environmental Strategic Planning: The Impact of the Revision of ISO 14001

Environmental Strategic Planning: The Impact of the Revision of ISO 14001
Product Code - EHAU03
Speaker(s): Thea Dunmire
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The revision of ISO 14001 is now available for public comment. The draft version of this standard (ISO/DIS 14001) is currently available, for purchase, from the ISO website.

The revised ISO 14001 standard is scheduled for publication in 2015. The standard will be significantly changed–both in structure and in content.

Organizations that want to stay certified to ISO 14001 will need to address these changes in both their organizational processes and their management system documentation. Changes in the standard will make the task of implementing an environmental management system much more complex. It also will make third-party certification more dependent on the interpretations of the standard made by registration auditors.

Educational Objectives:
•Explain the impact that new ISO drafting rules, as set out in Annex SL of the ISO directives, have had on this revision of the ISO 14001 standard
•Explore what the new emphasis in ISO standards on leadership means for organizations and their senior management
•Identify how a new focus in ISO 14001 on ‘life cycle perspective” and the control of outsourced processes may impact the scope and coverage of your EMS
•Analyze ways to address new requirements for addressing environmental compliance obligations within your EMS.

Who Would Benefit From Attending This Program:
Organizations that implement environmental management systems and are seeking ISO 14001 certification.

Program Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: A general understanding of environmental and/or natural resource law.
CPE Delivery method: Group Internet-Based Live
Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge & Applications
Recommended CPE credit: 1.5 credit
Anticipated CLE credits: 1.5 credits (may vary based on locations requested)

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Thea Dunmire

Thea Dunmire is a recognized expert in standard development and has participated in the development of multiple ISO standards, including the revision of ISO 14001. She is a U.S. Expert for the development of ISO 45001, the new ISO occupational health and safety management system standard, and the chair of the ANSI Z1 Auditing Subcommittee that focuses on alignment of auditing requirements across all the ISO management system standards. Thea earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa in biomedical engineering, and her law degree from Syracuse University. Before she started ENLAR Compliance Services, she was an attorney at the Environmental Protection Agency Region 5 and at Dickinson Wright in Chicago. Thea specializes in helping organizations implement effective environmental and occupational health and safety management systems to improve their environment, health and safety performance and reduce the risk of legal liability associated with the lack of EHS governance.