ERISA Litigation, Fifth Edition



2014/1,682 pp. Hardcover ISBN 978-1-61746-474-4 Order #2474

ERISA cases are complex and often contain multiple issues that are difficult to untangle in order to analyze and litigate each issue effectively. ERISA Litigation, Fifth Edition supplies complete analysis of the developments in heavily litigated areas such as standard of review, preemption, fiduciary duties, pension plan investments, and retiree welfare benefits, as well as of cutting-edge problem areas such as privacy, contingent workers, managed care, and RICO. The Fifth Edition contains three new chapters (Affordable Care Act, Disability Benefits, and Insured Benefits) and major revisions to many other chapters, including chapters on remedies, standard of review, jury trials, standing, enumerated parties, discovery, exhaustion of remedies, COBRA, interference with protected rights, managed care, ESOPs and 401(k) plans, and delinquent contributions. Coverage of new Supreme Court cases includes Windsor (DOMA), Hobby Lobby (contraceptive coverage), McCutchen (equitable remedies), Dukes (class actions), Heimeshoff (statute of limitations), Fifth Third Bancorp (stock drop case), National Federation of Independent Business (PPACA), and Atlantic Marine Construction (forum selection clauses).


About the Authors
Jayne E. Zanglein teaches law and public policy at Western Carolina University. Previously she served as Provost of the National Labor College and was the J. Hadley Edgar Professor of Law at Texas Tech University School of Law. 

Lawrence A. Frolik teaches law at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, Pittsburgh, PA.

Susan J. Stabile is the Robert and Marion Short Distinguished Chair in Law, University of St. Thomas School of Law. She was formerly the Dean George W. Matheson Professor of Law at St. John’s University School of Law.