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ERISA Litigation Tracker™

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What the service is:

The ERISA Litigation TrackerTM is designed specifically to help attorneys stay on top of key ERISA cases as they are filed and litigated in federal courts. Organized and summarized for quick accessibility, ERISA Litigation Tracker delivers full text of complaints, briefs, motions, decisions, and other important documents. No more waiting until court decisions are made — ERISA litigators and compliance attorneys can now have next-day access to court filings. This online resource also offers convenient functionality for filtering through and tracking cases to pinpoint the exact data for your research needs. All for one flat fee.

ERISA Litigation Tracker is the smart, simple, streamlined resource you can count on to know the latest trends and risks in ERISA litigation. And because it comes from Bloomberg BNA’s expert team of editors, you’ll have confidence they have selected the cases that are most relevant to your practice.

ERISA Litigation Tracker includes:

  • ERISA Case File Navigator
    Zero in on the most relevant cases and documents by filtering the filings in ERISA Litigation Tracker’s database by court, date filed, basis of claim, industry, and other criteria.
  • My Watchlist
    This exclusive feature lets you customize ERISA Litigation Tracker to quickly monitor developments in the cases you identify as important, saving you significant time and effort.
  • Filings of Note
    Stay on top of new filings and the latest developments in active ERISA cases. Select the e-mail alerts option to be notified of all significant, newly filed complaints or filings in pending cases.
  • Litigator Q&A
    Gain valuable perspective on ERISA cases and litigation strategies from interviews with leading ERISA attorneys.

ERISA Litigation Tracker helps you:

  • Be informed – You don’t have to wait until there’s a court decision to learn about an important case. ERISA Litigation Tracker helps you stay informed on the latest significant ERISA cases — as they happen.
  • Save time – Let our ERISA Case File Navigator filtering tool do the work for you, so you can speed up your search and get the information you want more quickly.
  • Save money – You’ll save ongoing usage charges by pinpointing the most important and most relevant cases quickly, for one flat fee.
Formats and Frequency

Available every business day online, with e-mail alerts and news headlines

Reference:  Analysis and primary sources
Decisions: full-text judicial opinions, rulings and memoranda

Try ERISA Litigation Tracker™ now.
  • Cash balance plan whipsaw calculations
  • Collectively bargained retiree benefits alterations
  • ESOP mismanagement and self-dealing
  • Employer stock investment losses ("stock-drops")
  • Excessive or unreasonable 401(k) plan fees
  • Failure to pay or properly value executive compensation
  • Fiduciary deviation from plan investment guidelines
  • Health insurer underpayment for out-of-network services
  • Madoff-related pension plan investment losses
  • Pension losses in alternative investments
  • Proprietary mutual funds investments
  • Securities lending-related investment losses
  • Selection and monitoring of investment advisers/managers
Try ERISA Litigation Tracker™ now.