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EU Biocidal Products Regulation: What it Means for Industry and How it Compares to U.S. Regulation

Product Code - EHAU03
Speaker(s): Andrew R. Bourne, Lisa R. Burchi, Lara A. Hall
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The European Union Biocidal Products Regulation dramatically changes the way biocidal active substances and products, as well as many products not traditionally considered biocidal products, are regulated under European law. Practical aspects of this new regulatory system are subtly different from those in other jurisdictions, EU neighboring countries, and the U.S.

Companies exporting to the EU as a component of their global business must ensure that their supply chains and product designs are compliant with the regulation. 

The webinar will focus on existing industry norms and explore how current standard practices will be affected by the new developments in EU biocides regulation. The current trends in the EU biocides regulatory landscape will be compared to the U.S. system (the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act), and the time and practical steps necessary to bring a product to market in the U.S. and EU will be contrasted.

Educational Objectives:

  • Review new developments in biocidal products regulation, plant protection products and the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act
  • Describe the differences in testing strategies
  • Explore which products are covered under the regulation
  • Discuss international supply chains and the supplier list
  • Explain the differences in time scales
  • Analyze data compensation and data sharing procedures

Who Would Benefit From Attending This Program:

Environmental attorneys, environmental consultants, product stewardship managers, regulatory compliance managers, marketing and business development managers, and companies exporting biocidal substances and products to the EU.

Program Level:

Prerequisite: A general understanding of environmental and/or natural resource law.

CPE Delivery method: Group Internet-Based Live

Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge & Applications

Recommended CPE credit: 1.5 credit

Anticipated CLE credits: 1.5 credits (may vary based on locations requested)

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Andrew R. Bourne, Lisa R. Burchi, Lara A. Hall


Andrew R. Bourne is a regulatory specialist working in U.K. offices of The Acta Group, Bergeson & Campbell, P.C.'s consulting affiliate, and focusing on European biocidal and plant protection issues. He has expertise in testing and consultation environments, as well as practical expertise in both environmental modeling and monitoring. Andrew focuses on regulatory compliance for industrial chemicals, biocidal products/substances and fertilizers. He provides guidance in environmental and human health risk assessment, and product classification, labeling, and safety; as well as regulatory advice in EU Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals issues, biocides product regulation, and globally harmonized system of classification and labeling.


Lisa R. Burchi is of counsel to Bergeson & Campbell P.C., and works extensively in Toxic Substances Control Act and the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act regulatory matters. She has particular expertise in data compensation matters, and also counsels on matters related to California law, including Proposition 65 and the recent green chemistry initiative/safer consumer products regulations. She delivers more than 15 years of experience in highly specialized fields. Prior to attending law school and joining Bergeson & Campbell P.C, Lisa worked as a nominations clerk for the Senate Judiciary Committee. She is admitted to the California and District of Columbia bars.


Lara A. Hall is a staff scientist with Bergeson & Campbell, P.C., with significant expertise in E.U. biocides and U.S. pesticide submissions, and is a registered quality assurance professional in good laboratory practices with over a decade of experience in environmental research, study monitoring, and international regulatory support. Lara aids clients in placing and monitoring studies to assist with new chemicals, pesticides, biocides, and endocrine disruptor testing programs; developing testing plans for chemicals seeking regulatory approval; and assessing studies for conformance with testing guidelines, data compensation, and regulatory and good laboratory practices requirements.