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Global Human Resources Information Systems: Headquarters Strategies for Complying with Overseas Data Privacy Laws

Product Code - INAU01
Speaker(s): Donald C. Dowling, Jr., Partner, White & Case
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Few major multinationals today could run their global human resources function without high-technology Human Resources Information Systems, whether the HRIS is a complex program from a high-profile vendor like SAP, Oracle, and PeopleSoft, or whether the HRIS is just an in-house-developed intranet, internal website, or even merely an e-mailed spreadsheet or data compilation. Indeed, without HRIS, these days no large multinational could globally track personnel records and other HR offerings (timekeeping, payroll, benefits claims/administration, stock options/ equity, performance management, discipline, pensions/investments, succession management, internal websites).

Domestically within the U.S., HRIS as a business tool raises few significant legal issues. True, various aspects of traditional U.S. HR recordkeeping can implicate certain American laws (FCRA, HIPAA, records-retention requirements). But these issues, in the HRIS context, can seem relatively minor in comparison to the sometimes-enormous impact of data laws on HRIS outside the United States.

European Union “data protection” (data privacy) laws reach all HR data about identifiable employees, imposing tight restrictions on sending personal data, including routine HR data, outside of Europe. Similar laws in jurisdictions as far-flung as Canada, Argentina, Hong Kong and Japan impose somewhat similar rules. These restrictions directly block, or at least strictly limit, a multinational’s freedom to input personal data about its own European employees onto its own global HRI System.

This session shows U.S.-headquartered multinationals the "lay of the land" as to how overseas data laws require special adjustments to global HRIS. Topics include:

  • Background and content of the European Union framework law (“directive”) on dataprotection as it affects global HRIS
  • “Best practices” and practical solutions for a U.S.-based multinational launching global HRIS with data about employees in Europe
  • "Safe harbor" vs. "Binding Corporate Rules" vs. "model contractual clauses" vs. employee consents vs. "anonymization": Selecting the best strategy
  • The special HRIS contexts of: diversity initiatives and "sensitive" data; Sarbanes-Oxley whistleblower hotlines; performance management systems; internal investigations; filings with and permissions from local "Data Protection Authorities"
  • Global HRIS and data protection laws outside Europe, in Canada, Argentina, Hong Kong, Japan, and elsewhere -- and practical strategies for compliance

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Donald C. Dowling, Jr., Partner, White & Case

Donald C. Dowling, Jr., a White & Case partner, International Employment, NYC office, concentrates his practice on cross-border human resources law issues for multinational employers.
Don is one of two lawyers in the US ranked in the top tier (“Leading”) in the only competitive ranking of international labor/employment lawyers, London-based PLC Which Lawyer?, and he is ranked by Chambers as one of the top 34 Labor & Employment lawyers in New York.
Multinationals globalizing their business operations increasingly need to align certain aspects of employment law compliance across borders, and Don has over 15 years of experience managing multiple-jurisdiction employment law compliance initiatives.