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Health Care Policy Report

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What this service is:

Bloomberg BNA's Health Care Policy Report uncovers more behind-the-scenes information about health care regulation and policy -- and covers it more thoroughly and accurately -- than any other news source.

What it helps you do:

  • Closely monitor and analyze federal, state, and private-sector health care policy proposals, debates, and responses. Know the top stories as well as simmering background issues and emerging trends.
  • Find out what health insurers, insurance regulators, employers, tax specialists, consumer groups, health care providers, HMOs, fraud investigators, and other interested parties -- and the professionals who advise and represent them -- are saying and doing.
  • Review unbiased, on-the-scene reporting from the largest number of editors and reporters covering Capitol Hill, Congress, and the federal agencies, plus state correspondents posted in key locations throughout the country.
  • Get the same analysis and information relied on by the nation's most powerful decisionmakers, lobbyists, industry executives, and association leaders.
  • Know what's ahead, to better influence the direction of policy or prepare for changes.
  • Get news unreported elsewhere, courtesy of Bloomberg BNA's extensive reporting staff that reports facts and figures from courtrooms, hearing rooms, and boardrooms across the country to keep you up to date.
  • Discover how organizations and companies in the private sector are dealing with issues, confronting problems, and implementing solutions.
  • Gain added insights with Analysis & Perspective articles, interviews, special reports, and survey and study findings of influential research groups on health care matters.
  • Read what you need, using the Report 's front-page summaries and indexes to focus on your interests -- then delve into the articles that matter most to you and your clients or company.
  • Trust the publication that has set the standard in health care news coverage.
Product Structure

Notification: current reports providing news and developments

Formats and Frequency

Print and Web notification formats are issued and available weekly. Print current reports are indexed every six months, cumulating annually. Web current reports are archived to 1/29/1996. E-mail summaries, providing the highlights and table of contents for each report, with URLs to full text articles and documents are also available.

  • Access
  • Cost containment
  • Drug coverage for seniors
  • E-health
  • ERISA and employee benefits policy
  • Hospital and physician reimbursement
  • Managed care
  • Medical devices
  • Medical errors
  • Medical savings accounts
  • Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP
  • Organ transplants
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Physician bargaining
  • Plan regulation
  • Plan liability
  • Privacy
  • State efforts
  • Telemedicine