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HR Compensation Trends and Strategies

HR Compensation Trends and Strategies
Product Code - HRAU01
Speaker(s): Catherine Hartmann, Principle at Mercer Human Resource Consulting, and Matthew Sottong, Director of Surveys and Research Reports at Bloomberg BNA
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During difficult economic times, human resources professionals have to communicate and administer hiring freezes, layoffs, pay cuts and other difficult issues, while trying to keep people focused and productive. At the same time, those same HR departments are dealing with deep cuts in personnel and budget cuts of their own.

Now, as organizations look forward to 2013 and beyond, the recent slow but steady improvement of the economy brings with it hope that economic growth will return to some level of normalcy—perhaps a ‘‘new normal,’’ where employees feel more confident and secure than they have since the 2008 recession.

With a return to economic stability, organizations might assume their HR professionals are more engaged and loyal than other employees, but no guarantee exists that top HR employees would stay on board if a better opportunity presented itself—something that easily could happen as hiring freezes thaw in an improved economy.

Join Catherine Hartmann, Principle at Mercer Human Resource Consulting, and Matthew Sottong, Director of Surveys and Research Reports at Bloomberg BNA, as they present findings from a Bloomberg BNA Report, “HR Compensation Trends and Strategies.”

This webinar aims to help organizations understand and navigate the factors and trends that are influencing HR compensation, and will cover:

•“Today’s Complex HR Compensation Picture,’’ covering key issues that are influencing HR compensation, including: employee engagement, the evolving role of HR, workforce segmentation, and attitudes toward pay and rewards.
•“HR Compensation Trends,” which outlines the key trends that are affecting HR compensation, including ‘‘renovating and rebuilding’’ compensation strategies, increasing merit and bonus pay, and the need to get in better sync with employees.
•“HR Salary Rebound,’’ detailing results of a 2011 survey which summarized an in-depth look at HR pay trends by title, industry, region, and company size, providing a way for HR professionals to compare their department with HR departments across the nation.

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Catherine Hartmann, Principle at Mercer Human Resource Consulting, and Matthew Sottong, Director of Surveys and Research Reports at Bloomberg BNA

Catherine Hartmann, Principle at Mercer Human Resource Consulting
Catherine's 17+ years of human resource consulting experience include assignments with Fortune 1000 pharmaceutical /biotechnology, finance/banking, energy firms, entertainment companies, and technology firms. Catherine has also worked with a number of higher education institutions, healthcare and public sector organizations. Additionally she has presented webinars on behalf of IOMA, the Mountain States Employers Council (MSEC) and SHRM. She has been most recently quoted in Money magazine as the leader of Mercer’s U.S. Compensation Planning Survey.

Matt Sottong has more than a decade of professional experience in survey
research, statistical methods, data analysis, and survey reporting. His unit tracks and summarizes policies, practices, trends, and developments in the field of human resources and payroll.

Current Topics
• Human Resources policies and practices
• Job absence rates
• Employee turnover statistics
• Human Resource department budgets and staffing levels
• Business expense reimbursement policies
• Employers’ year-end holiday policies and practices
• Employment outlook, quarterly
• Employers’ Martin Luther King Day holiday practices

Sottong also publishes BNA’s EHS Benchmark Report. This survey tracks the
latest corporate trends and policies in the area of environment, health and safety
regulatory compliance.

• Bulletin to Management
• Human Resources Report
• Human Resources Library on the Web
• BNA’s Wage Trend Indicator™

Degrees, Honors, and Other Distinctions
• B.A., History, University of Maryland, College Park, MD