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HR Department Benchmarks and Analysis™ 2014-2015

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HR Department Benchmarks and Analysis™ 2014-2015        

Stay up to date with the benchmarking tools you need to plan effectively!  
Compare your HR department's vital stats with data from over 320 respondents in this respected survey. Then apply the insights you’ll gain to improve your organization's bottom line by planning the upcoming year more strategically and implementing measures to better serve your employer. You’ll also hear the perspectives of HR Executives on key topics such as: the challenges of hiring contingent staff; the use of metrics and planning in human resources; workplace policies; and HR’s influence on strategic planning and corporate decision-making.HR Benchmarks 2015 Cover 

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With information and statistics from surveyed companies representing a broad range of industries and sizes, you'll gain insight into the problems, challenges, and solutions facing both your colleagues and competitors.

This comprehensive report features readily accessible metrics, clear analysis, and coverage of important trends. You get 150-plus pages of data and insights covering health care costs, use of HR metrics, HR responsibilities and changing priorities, measurement and planning, expenditures and budgets, social media policies, HR department staffing and outsourcing - fully updated and produced by the leaders in HR information, research, and training. 

This is cost-effective research that you won't have to pay consultants to get. HR Department Benchmarks and Analysis™ 2014-2015 can save you thousands of dollars! 

This professionally produced report features: 
•Authoritative statistics and benchmarks, which are time-tested over the report's 29-year history. 
•Focused guidance that gets “behind the numbers” with insights and examples. 
•Expanded content and analysis on HR staffing, expenditures, and measurement. Specific content includes: 
•HR staff ratios, both current and historical; 
•Contingent workers’ impact on HR staffing; 
•HR budget and staffing trends in today’s economy; 
•Trends and changes in HR responsibilities, priorities, and evaluation. 
•More than 75 easy-to-read color graphics and tables. 
•Coverage of important trends in social media policies, HR outsourcing and strategic planning, as well as emerging issues likely to affect your organization and your work. 
•Consistent demographic breakouts by organization size and industry sector. 
•A rigorous research methodology, along with a useful profile of participating organizations, which includes small and mid-sized companies up through Fortune 500. 

The detailed analyses in this report highlight your colleagues' and competitors' HR challenges and solutions, allowing you to better assess your own organization's position and progress. 

View the Executive Summary and Table of Contents.


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