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Human Resources Library

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What this service is:

The Human Resources Library is the complete, must-have resource for HR professionals, offering comprehensive, plain-English coverage of today's issues. This all-in-one service addresses your most common workplace challenges and legal compliance issues. It helps you solve HR problems with authoritative policy and procedure information on a full range of HR responsibilities.

What you get:

  • Access the specific Library content you need with the Topic Navigator
  • Make decisions with confidence by having the information you need right at your fingertips. You'll have comprehensive, plain-English coverage of virtually every issue HR departments must address, in the areas of personnel management, fair employment practices, compensation, wages and hours, and labor relations.
  • Take advantage of HR Policy Handbook, which provides sample policy language and forms that you can easily adapt for your organization
  • Performance Review software that facilitates preparation of employee reviews and Custom Job Descriptions software that can be used to create job descriptions that meet business needs
  • Stay current on state employment law requirements with the Library's State Quick Reference Charts, in-depth State Law Summaries you won't find anywhere else. Customizable State Compliance Alerts and the NEW State Chart Builder included!
  • Fast Answers, our user-friendly question-and-answer service for succinct, plain-English, expert explanations on dozens of compliance and policy topics
  • Stay completely informed with hot-off-the-press news and information on legislative developments, court decisions, industry trends, and more, updated and distributed through newsletters and e-mail alerts
  • The most organized, all-in-one HR information solution available, with more analysis, sample policies, support documents, tools and source material than ever before:
      • 2,000 plus Fast Answers
      • 230 analysis chapters
      • 2,300 state law summaries
      • 310 sample policies and support documents
      • 360 federal forms, notices and posters
      • 690 state forms, notices and posters
      • Exclusive Bloomberg BNA surveys and reports

Product Structure

Reference: analysis, guidance and primary source material

Notification: current reports providing news and developments

Formats and Frequency

Print notification Bulletin to Management is issued weekly and indexed quarterly, cumulating annually.

Web reference material Human Resources Library is updated regularly, includes notification and offers an e-mail update service.

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•Absenteeism and turnover
•Affirmative action/diversity
•Age discrimination
•Child labor
•Disability discrimination
•Drug and alcohol testing
•Employment eligibility verification
•Employment testing
•Equal employment opportunity
•Family and medical leave
•Federal contractors
•Flexible work arrangements
•Health care
•Hours of work
•Independent contractors
•Job evaluation
•Layoffs and plant closings
•Military leave
•Minimum wage
•Overtime pay
•Pay discrimination
•Payroll administration
•Pension and retirement plans
•Performance and productivity
•Recruitment and retention
•Safety and health
•Sexual harassment
•Social media
•Temporary and leased workers
•Training and employee education
•Unemployment insurance
•Work rules and employee conduct
•Workers' compensation

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