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Individual State Tax Suites

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Whether you conduct business in one state or 50, Bloomberg BNA offers you the flexibility to choose the content and tools that work best for your organization — including the option to purchase content for either a single state or for multiple states.

Built by practitioners for practitioners, the Individual State Tax Suites provide you with the in-depth analysis and time-saving tools you need to practice with confidence – specifically for the state(s) that are relevant to your situation.

With the Individual State Tax Suites, you will get:

Fast, Reliable Answers
– Our Navigators, Chart Builders and other tools provide extensive summaries and thorough explanations of state tax statutes, regulations and case law in one place to help streamline and reduce research time.

Practical Confidence – Practitioner-focused State Tax Portfolios, written by renowned tax experts, provide in-depth analysis and insight across a broad range of topics.*

The Latest State Tax Developments – The State Tax Developments Tracker keeps you updated on the developments that are of most interest to you − plus a customized email feature.

Advanced Functionality – Easy-to-search and easy-to-use interface helps you perform research quickly and efficiently. Plus, with the My States feature, you can focus your research on your favorite jurisdictions.

Select a state from the drop-down box to get more detail on the practice tools and content featured in Bloomberg BNA’s Individual State Tax Suites.


*Where applicable.