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International Employee Handbooks, HR Policies, and Individual Employment Contracts: Global and Aligned 'Multi-Local' Strategies

Product Code - INAU01
Speaker(s): Donald C. Dowling Jr., Attorney, International Employment Counsel
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The old days of "siloed," disparate, human resources operations are behind us. These days, like it or not, globally-operating multinational employers must integrate and align an increasingly large part of their human resources "offerings" regionally and globally. But global HR alignment can raise a host of conflicts and questions. For example: Is a U.S.-based multinational credible if it claims a "zero tolerance" policy for discrimination and harassment yet forces mandatory retirement on its employees abroad? Is a global diversity program workable if it imposes U.S. metrics on the very different workplace demographics overseas? Can a multinational declare English to be its "official company language" and then issue English language communications and policies worldwide?

A U.S.-based multinational should never take a U.S-drafted HR policy or employee handbook and re-label it "international." Launching global employee handbooks, global HR policies, and globally-aligned employment contracts requires carefully "retooling" them for the international environment.

This session shows multinationals how to draft, and launch, global (and globally-aligned-local) HR policies and employment contracts. Topics include:

  1. Global handbook, global HR policy, or global code of conduct?: Matching the tool with the business need
  2. One single global document, dual (U.S. plus rest-of-the-world) documents, or multiple aligned local documents?
  3. Drafting an international HR policy so it complies with local laws across many jurisdictions
  4. English as official company language vs. practical and legal requirements for local translations
  5. Launch logistics: How headquarters can legally impose a headquarters-issued employment policy on overseas workplaces

Join Donald C. Dowling, Jr., International Employment Counsel with White & Case, LLP, as he discusses international employee handbooks, HR policies, and individual employment contracts for global enterprises.

Donald C. Dowling Jr., Attorney, International Employment Counsel

 Attorney Donald C. Dowling Jr., International Employment Counsel in the New York legal offices of White & Case LLP.