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Know and understand environmental news, laws, regulations, and policies — in all major industrialized and developing nations, as well as international governmental and nongovernmental organizations.

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  • Find out about global "green" legislation even before it becomes law — tracking from proposal to enactment, amendment to enforcement.
  • Avoid costly fines for non-compliance with legal provisions, especially in Canada, the European Union, and Mexico.
  • Follow the development of EU directives and regulations, and UN, IMO, and OECD treaties and recommendations. Know what's on the agenda in legislatures, regulatory agencies, and organizations around the world — and be prepared to address the issues that arise.
  • Stay alert to political, economic, and technological factors affecting environmental programs around the world. Be current on crucial developments in international law.
  • Keep informed of enforcement actions and litigation that could affect your interests abroad. Plan ahead to protect your overseas operations.
  • Understand the institutional framework for environmental programs in other countries to better work within them.
  • Locate key agencies in charge of environment and safety laws, regulations, and policies in individual countries and organizations.
  • Access hard-to-find materials from around the world, not otherwise readily available — news, essential documents, expert analysis, and more.
  • Rely on Bloomberg BNA's worldwide network of reporters and correspondents, to gain a vital, current perspective on changing international environment and safety laws and standards.
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July 25, 2014
  • Mexico Plans to Tighten Heavy-Truck Emissions Standards by End of 2014
  • Economic Questions Surface Over Columbia River Treaty Renewal Between Canada, U.S.
  • Italy Notes a Decline in Amounts of Urban Trash But a Rise in Noise Pollution
  • Baltic, North Sea Regions Harmonize Risk Assessments Under Ballast Water Convention
  • Substance Information Exchange Forums Target of Draft Proposal, Commission Says
  • German Push for Renewable Power Outlet Doubles Utilities Joining Balancing Market
  • Japan Says it Destroyed Record Amount Of Ozone-Depleting Gases in Fiscal 2013
  • Commerce Preliminarily Finds Dumping Of Chinese, Taiwanese Solar Products
  • Obama to Attend UN Global Leader Climate Summit in September, White House Confirms
  • Belarus to Create Protected Habitat Areas
  • Argentina, Uruguay Get Water Cleanup Loans
July 24, 2014
  • China to Develop Water Rights Trading Pilot Projects in Seven Regions
  • Overseers of the Oil Sands: Canada's Regulators, Gatekeepers and Activists
  • Funding for Next Phase of Montreal Protocol Seen as Critical Amid Concern Over HFC Use
  • Canadian Court Says Oil Company Need Not Disclose Details of Soil Remediation Pact
  • Energy Chapter in Transatlantic Trade Pact Could Limit Climate Action, Groups Tell USTR
  • U.K. Tax Cuts Might Boost Recycling And Help Reduce Waste, Panel Says
  • Exiting State Department, Pascual Forecasts Impacts From U.S. Gas Boom, China Demand
  • German Development Bank Funds Brazil Wind Plans
July 23, 2014
  • European Commission OKs German, British Aid Schemes to Support Renewable Energy
  • European Commission Calls for 30 Percent Energy Cut by 2030 to Help GHG Goals
  • EU Emissions Trading System Changes Could Begin Before 2021, Italian Minister Says
  • UK Will Stick to Agreed Emissions Cuts For 2023–2027, Climate Change Chief Says
  • China Promises Support for Domestically Produced Alternative-Energy Vehicles
  • Mexican Senate Takes Step To Overhaul Electricity Sector
  • Canada's Ambassador: Failure to Approve Keystone XL Would Harm Environment
  • Fuel-Cell Maker ClearEdge Sells To South Korea-Based Doosan Corp.
July 22, 2014
  • China Restricts Coal-to-Gas Projects Citing Environmental Concerns, Water Overuse
  • Continued Use of Coal in EU Power Plants Threatens Climate Goals, Report Says
  • Treatment of Mixed Sewage May Promote Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria, U.K. Study Says
  • Fighting Climate Change Among Goals Proposed for UN's Post-2015 Agenda
  • Adviser: Not Enough Global LNG Market Share for All Canadian Proposed Plants
  • British Columbia Government Study: Kitimat Airshed Can Handle Energy-Related Growth
  • Maine City Votes to Ban Bulk Loading Of Oil Sands Onto Tanker Vessels
  • Rising Sea Level, Temperatures Pose Threats To Military Bases, Training, DOD Official Says
  • China: No Environmental Taxes This Year
  • German Agency Examines Health Risks of Aluminum
July 21, 2014
  • Hong Kong Air Quality Improving Overall, But Mainland Sources of Ozone Rise
  • 20-Year Study Shows Rapid Depletion Of Fish Stocks Across Mediterranean Sea
  • Russian Funding Could Jump Start Arctic Council Environment Projects
  • Toxic Designation for Ethyl Carbamate Proposed by Canada; Six Chemicals Cleared
  • Canadian Drinking Water Policies Lag Behind World Benchmarks, Study Finds
  • Mexican Senate Passes Legislation To Overhaul State-Owned Oil Giant Pemex
  • New Energy Efficiency Rules Could Be Boon For German Businesses, Analysts Say
  • Solar Panel Maker Is First Chinese Restructuring to File Under Chapter 15
  • India Tax Incentive May Spur More Wind Capacity
July 18, 2014
  • NAFTA Body Targets Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation in Five-Year Plan
  • Canadian Energy Regulator to Review Chevron, Imperial Oil Arctic Well Spill Plans
  • Brazil and India Sign Environmental Accords At Meeting of Largest Emerging Economies
  • Report Calls for Protection of Loess Plains, Israel's ‘Most Degraded Ecosystem‘
  • France Wants Assurances Moving Wrecked Costa Concordia Won't Pollute its Waters
  • Endocrine Disruptor Uses May Continue If Risks Are Controlled, EU Commission Says
  • China ETS Committee Would Set National Standards
July 17, 2014
  • Australia Abolishes Carbon Tax; Environment Groups Denounce Return to ‘Bad Old Days'
  • Republicans Call Australian Repeal of Carbon Tax Red Flag for Proponents in U.S. Senate
  • Canada Says Companies Must Report Solvents Used in Underground Oil Sands
  • Mexico Senate Begins Energy Debates, Expected to Vote on Bills July 19
  • U.K. in Danger of Missing 2025 Emission Targets, Advisory Body Says
  • EU Ministers Look to Form United Front On Climate, Push for Green Economy Jobs
  • Israeli Airstrikes Putting Gaza's Water System on Brink of Collapse, Observers Say
  • Greek Landfill in Protected Turtle Habitat Violates EU Law, Court of Justice Rules
  • Dramatic Growth Brings Green Bonds Market From Niche to Mainstream, Report Says
  • Earth's ‘Vital Signs' Show Continued Warming Trend in 2013, NOAA Says
  • Germany, Italy, EU Lead, U.S. Lags in Energy Efficiency, Annual Scorecard Says
  • China Three Years Behind Schedule in Installing 5,000 Megawatts of Offshore Wind
July 16, 2014
  • Business Opposition Grows as South Korea's Emissions Trading System Launch Nears
  • Australian Senate Continues Debate on Fate Of Nation's Carbon Tax on Large Emitters
  • UN Chemicals Body Says Pharmaceuticals in Environment Could be ‘Emerging Policy Issue'
  • Europe Must Diffuse Green Technologies, Change Taxes for Sustainability, Study Finds
  • Germany Offers $1 Billion in First Big Pledge To UN Green Climate Fund for Poor Nations
  • Critics Say Peru's Economic Stimulus Plan Sacrifices Environment for Investments
  • Mexico Says Used Cars Imported From U.S. Damaging Environment, Domestic Market
  • Mexican Senate Committee Approves Key Energy Bills for Industry Overhaul
  • Chinese-Owned Firm Wins Right To Query Obama-Blocked Wind Farm Project
  • Kerry Picks Retired U.S. Coast Guard Admiral as Leader for U.S. Policy in Arctic
  • U.S. Transportation Head Urged to Ban Older Tank Cars from Carrying Bakken Crude Oil
  • Ex-Im Bank Bill May Be Brought to Floor With Separate Vote on Coal, Boxer Says
  • U.K. Energy Names Hancock, Rudd as Ministers
July 15, 2014
  • Australian Senate Secures Votes, Poised to Repeal Two-Year-Old Carbon Tax
  • China Power Suppliers Get Heavy Fines For Failing to Use Desulfurization Technology
  • Canada Court Says Aboriginal Group Can Challenge Trans Mountain Pipeline Review
  • Dichloromethane Probable Carcinogen, Says International Agency for Research on Cancer
  • German Industry Slams Pending Charge On Self-Consumed Renewable Energy
  • Over Environmental Opposition, Israel Could Ease 1965 Law Limiting Urban Construction
  • Italian Hotline Targets ‘Code of Silence' Involving Mob-Linked Environmental Crime
July 14, 2014
  • Official Says China Could Expand Scope Of its Seven Carbon Trading Pilot Projects
  • Japan Decides to End Agriculture-Derived Bioethanol Production Project Next Year
  • Auditor Says Alberta Lacks Effective Plans to Monitor Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Government Watchdog Says Ontario Unlikely To Meet Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goal
  • UN Urges Greater Access to Electricity Throughout East Africa to Fight Deforestation
  • Turkey's High Court Strikes Down Attempt To Exempt Projects From Environmental Law
  • Mexican Official Asks for U.S. Patience In Crafting Tijuana River Pollution Solutions
  • Ireland's Robinson Named UN Climate Envoy
July 11, 2014
  • French Chemical Companies Say Fracking Moratorium Is Driving Fuel Costs Sky High
  • Germany's Upper House Passes Amendment To Renewable Energy Law After Deal With EU
  • EU Chemicals Agency Defends Video On Consumer Rights Over Industry Objections
  • Russian Ministry Approves Draft Law To Require Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Companies Warned to Heed Cutoff Dates in EU Biocides Regulation
  • Japan Tightens Standards on Ballast Water Release, Cuts Sulfur Content in Ship Fuel
  • First Solar Abandons Plans for World's Biggest Plant in Inner Mongolia, China
  • Moniz Agrees to Work With Chinese Officials On Oil Reserves, Other Energy Issues
  • 11 Advocacy Groups Oppose Ex-Im Bank Reauthorization Bill Over Coal Policy
  • Brazil Has Awarded 7.5 Billion in Contracts Since 2007 to Improve Urban Water Supply
  • Fracking in France? Chemical Companies Say Moratorium Is Driving Fuel Costs Sky High
  • Environment Minister Says Italy to Focus On Green Economy, Jobs During EU Presidency
  • Companies Warned to Heed Cut-Off Dates in EU Biocides Regulation
  • Environmental Groups Oppose Ex-Im Bank Reauthorization Bill Over Coal Policy Tweak
  • Brazil Has Awarded 7.5 Billion in Contracts For Urban Water Supply Since 2007
July 10, 2014
  • India's New Government Moves to Fund Solar Projects, Energy Transmission Corridors
  • Business Leaders Cite ‘Huge Opportunity,' Big Obstacles for Green Investment in China
  • Analysis Finds Russia's Arctic LNG Project ‘Uneconomic' Without Major Subsidies
  • Transatlantic Trade Agreement Must Exclude Chemical Regulations, Public Advocates Say
  • Study Examines Decarbonization Pathways In 15 Countries to Sufficiently Cut Emissions
  • Most U.K. Coal Power Plants Could Be Shuttered by 2023 Because of Climate Rules
  • EU May Renew U.S.-Biodiesel Tariffs Targeting U.S. Exporters ADM, Cargill
  • India to Spend $2.2 Billion to Improve Drinking Water Supply, Quality of Ganges
  • Japan's Business Lobby Moves to Set GHG Goals
  • Researchers Predict Larger Algae Bloom in Lake Erie
  • Australia Senate Rejects First Repeal Attempt For Carbon Tax; New Effort Likely Next Week
  • U.S., Other Top-Emitters Head to Paris For Climate Accord Stocktaking, Other Talks
  • EU May Renew U.S.-Biodiesel Tariffs Targeting U.S. Exporters ADM to Cargill
  • India to Spend $2.2 Billion to Improve Water Supply Improvements, Ganges
July 09, 2014
  • China, U.S. Renew Pledge on Climate Deal, Discuss Possible Post-2020 Emissions Cuts
  • U.K.’s Seabed Manager Awards Wave, Tidal Rights to Firms Including Siemens, Minesto
  • WTO Director-General Welcomes Launch Of Environmental Goods Negotiations
  • EU Parliament Will Start Work on Carbon Pricing Framework in Fall, Official Says
  • Rich-Poor Division on Climate Unresolved In Latest UN Document on Global Agreement
  • Siemens, Titan Wind Lose Challenge To Duty Orders on Asian Wind Towers
  • Latin Nations Urged to Streamline Irrigation, Fix Leaks to Curb Region's Water Shortages
  • São Paulo Governor Drops Plan To Charge Heavy Water Users More
  • Canada Publishes Draft Rail Safety Regulations
  • Brazil Development Bank Funds Cane-Based Ethanol
  • Denmark Announces New Green Energy Fund
  • Wind Power Becomes Spain's Top Electricity Source
  • China to Exclude Electric Cars from Purchase Tax
  • China-U.S. Renew Pledge on Climate Deal, Discuss Readying Post-2020 Emissions Cuts
  • EU, Germany Resolve Differences On Renewable Energy Legislation
  • EU Parliament Will Start Work on Carbon Pricing Framework in Fall, La Via Says
  • Latin America Must Streamline Irrigation, Fix Leaks to Curb Region's Water Shortages
  • São Paulo Governor Drops Plan To Charge Heavy Water Users in More
  • Canada Publishes Draft Rail Regulations
  • China to Exclude Electric Cars from Purchase Tax
July 08, 2014
  • China Supreme Court Establishes Special Environmental Tribunal to Fight Pollution
  • UN Ruling for Bangladesh Could Open Bay of Bengal to More Oil, Gas Exploration
  • Denmark Abandons Proposed Ban on Four Phthalates, Citing European Court of Justice
  • EU Seeks Automatic License Approval For U.S. Oil, Gas Exports, EU Text Says
  • OECD Report Cites Environmental Questions, Opportunities in Nanotechnology in Tires
  • Shipping Companies Form Industry Coalition To Promote, Enforce Sulfur Regulations
  • France Boosts Incentives for Leasing Electric Cars
  • Israel Tops in ‘Environmentally Friendly' Innovation
  • Tariff-Free Solar Panels Are Aim Of New Global Trade Negotiations
July 07, 2014
  • China Finance Ministry Signals New Taxes On Coal Producers for Environmental Benefits
  • Alberta Pipeline Operator Agrees to Pay $1.3 Million in Settlement on Two Oil Spills
  • Brazil Moves to Streamline Licensing, Benefit-Sharing Contracts for Bioprospecting
  • Russia to Continue Changes Required By OECD Despite Frozen Accession Process
  • Egypt Likely to Approve Deal to Export $30 Billion in Israeli Gas Via Undersea Pipe
  • Israel, Turkey, U.S. Agree to Share Resources Dealing With Forestry Issues
  • India Should Limit Duties on Solar Power Plants to Shield Investments, Tata Says
  • IBM to Help China Manage Air Quality, Energy Consumption, Renewable Supplies
  • Australian Plan to Repeal, Replace Carbon Price Scheme Faces Legislative Uncertainty
  • China Finance Ministry Signals New Taxes On Coal Producers, for Environmental Protection
  • Alberta Pipeline Operator Agrees to Pay $1.3 Million to Settle Pair of Oil Spills
  • Russia to Continue Changes Required By OECD, Despite Frozen Accession Process
  • Egypt Likely to Approve Deal to Export $30 Billion in Israeli Gas Via Undersea Pipeline
  • Israel, Turkey, U.S. Agree to Share Resources Dealing with Forestry Issues
  • India Should Limit Duties on Solar Power Plants to Shield Investments, Tata Says
July 03, 2014
  • EU Chemicals Agency Plans More Targeted Compliance Checks for REACH Dossiers
  • Two REACH-Restricted Chemicals Approved By ECHA Panels for Use by Rocket Maker
  • Boom in Solar Power Storage in Germany Predicted Despite Mixed Political Signals
  • France Moves to Ban Throwaway Plastic Bags, Phase Out Aerial Use of Pesticides
  • Canada Approves Seismic Oil Exploration Project Between Canada and Greenland
  • Court Affirms Canada Has No Duty To Protect British Columbia Peat Bog
  • Brazil Bans Sale of Low-Efficiency Light Bulbs
  • Environment Canada Defers to Nova Scotia, Yukon
  • Two REACH-Restricted Chemicals Approved By ECHA Panels for Use by UK Rocket Maker
  • Russian Tax Agency Issues New Guidelines On Offshore Hydrocarbon Project Incentives
  • Canada Approves Seismic Oil Exploration Project Between Canada and Greenland
  • Rail Car Design Standards for Oil Transport Updated in Final Rules Issued by Canada
  • Brazil Bans Sale of Low-Energy Efficiency Bulbs
  • Canada Defers to Nova Scotia, Yukon
July 02, 2014
  • EU High Court: Single Market Rules Don't Apply to Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariffs
  • Germany Lauds European Court Ruling On Renewable Energy Subsidy Program
  • European Commission Proposes 70 Percent Recycling Target in EU Waste Overhaul Plan
  • Russia Begins Enacting Plan to Phase Down Production of Ozone-Depleting Substances
  • IEA Says Energy-Efficient Connected Devices Could Slash Electricity Waste, CO2 Emissions
  • Fund to Help Poor Nations Adapt Inches Closer to Capitalization, Official Reports
  • UNESCO Moves to Save Ancient Agricultural Terraces
July 01, 2014
  • EU Postpones Decisions on Renewables, Energy Efficiency, Ukrainian Gas Crisis
  • Russia Moves to Protect Lake Baikal, Which Holds 20 Percent of Earth's Liquid Water
  • Foreign Drivers on Germany's Autobahn May Soon Pay Toll Based on Car's CO2 Emissions
  • Italy Says it Will Steer EU to Focus on Climate Change During Six-Month Presidency
  • Canada Unveils Tighter Rules for Dangerous Rail Cargo Before Lac-Mégantic Anniversary
  • Mexico Will Not Rely on Potable Water For Fracking, Senior Water Official Says
  • South Korea, U.S. Sign Agreement To Reduce Delays, Increase Organic Trade
  • Obama Says U.S. Will Help Chile Build Solar Plant Supporting Export Initiative
  • European Commission to Allow Nickel in Certain Toys
  • World Bank Loans Brazil $280M Water Management
June 30, 2014
  • EU Reports Continued Decline of Major Air Pollutants That Cause Acid Rain
  • Latin America May Pursue Slew of Climate Laws to Confront Toll of Natural Disasters
  • Italy's Second Largest Electricity User Commits to 100 Percent Renewable Energy
  • UN Environment Assembly Calls for Action On Air Quality, Marine Plastics, Poaching
  • Chile Court Throws Out Mining Challenge
June 27, 2014
  • German Lower House Approves Far-Reaching Changes to Nation's Renewable Energy Law
  • Companies in China Could Face Fines, Other Actions for Failing to Meet Trading Deadlines
  • UN Says Small Island Nations Suffering Increased Damage From Climate Change
  • United Kingdom Audit Office Questions $28 Billion of Renewable Energy Deals
  • Environmental Assessments Ordered For Two British Columbia LNG Projects
  • Chilean President Offers Proposal to Create Biodiversity and Protected Areas Service
  • Israel Plans Environmental Equality Program To Address Pollution in Arab, Bedouin Areas
  • Illegal Logging, Timber Trade in East Africa Now to Face INTERPOL, Five UN Agencies
  • U.S. to Begin Capacity-Building Support Program for Southeast Asia Development
  • Belgium Releases End-of-Life Vessel Detained for Violation of Waste Export Law
  • U.S. Commerce Department Urged to Provide Plan on List of Conflict Minerals Facilities
  • Ukraine Crisis Highlights Germany's Need To Diversify Gas Supply, Find Alternatives
June 26, 2014
  • Companies Navigate Risks, Opportunity As China Rolls Out Water Action Plan
  • Canadian High Court Says Governments Must Consult With Aboriginal Groups on Land Use
  • EU Imposes Limit on Bisphenol A In Toys for Children Up to Age Three
  • French Ministry Proposes Cheaper Alternative to ‘Eco-Tax' on Big Trucks
  • Australian Party With Balance of Power Refuses to Back Parts of New Carbon Policy
  • Brazilian Court Suspends Licensing of Gold Mine Being Developed by Canadian Firm
  • European Union Said to Consider Energy Efficiency Goal of 27% to 30% for 2030
  • Green Bonds May Provide $1 Trillion Annual Investment Needed to Curtail Climate Change
  • Climate Change to Be Key Issue for U.S. As Arctic Council Chair, Official Says
  • Environmental Consultations Start On Saskatchewan Open-Pit Diamond Mine
  • Local Residents Seek Restraining Order On Hydraulic Fracturing in Golan Heights
  • Different Industries Seeing Different Trends In Conflict Mineral Disclosures, Panelist Says
  • U.S. Senator Introduces Bill on Rail Oil Tankers
  • Canada Seeks to Reduce Aquaculture Rules Burden
June 25, 2014
  • House Passes Bill to Expedite Approval Of Requests to Export Liquefied Natural Gas
  • Fighting Climate Change Is Profitable, Mexico's Former President Calderon Says
  • Business Leaders, Officials Push International Community on Ocean Plan
  • Spain Approves Additional Subsidies For Efficient Vehicles Under Incentive Plan
  • EU Costs From Warming May Reach $259 Billion in 2071-2100, Study Finds
  • Trade in Environmental Goods, Services Called Driving Force for Green Economy
  • FIFA Selects Emission-Offsetting Projects To Reduce Carbon Footprint of World Cup
  • Study Supports Separation, Processing Of Organic Commercial Waste in Israel
  • Paraguay Calls for International Bids To Clean Up Highly Polluted Ypacaraí Lake
  • British Columbia Tests Green Label's Debt Allure in Selling Hospital Bonds
June 24, 2014
  • Raft of Programs, Rulemakings Aim to Make Resource Extraction in Arctic Sustainable
  • UNEP Urges Countries to Reduce Short-Lived Climate Pollutants to Slow Global Warming
  • Environmental Crime Threatening Security, Sustainable Growth in Africa, UNEP Says
  • Australian Government Reintroduces Bills To Abolish Carbon Pricing, Climate Agencies
  • House Passes Bill to Expedite Cross-Border Energy Projects Despite Obama Veto Threat
  • Canadian Oil Sands Companies to Fund $165 Million Water Research Facility
  • Edmonton Corporation Announces Plans For Alberta Facility to Export LNG to China
  • EU Calls for Input on Possible Revision Of Rules for Drinking Water Standards
  • ‘Climate-Smart’ Policies Could Boost Global Economy, World Bank Says
  • Chinese Water Systems Developer To Increase Capacity by 3 Million Metric Tons
  • Israel's Desert Communities to Receive Water That Meets Standards, Authority Says
  • Study Linking Roundup, Biotech Corn To Health Problems in Lab Rats Republished
  • Value of Chemical Sector's Inclusion in TTIP Contested, Supported at Consumer Dialogue
  • British Columbia to Introduce New Penalty Program
  • Indian Ministry Says Solar Cell Capacity Mostly Idle
June 23, 2014
  • UNEP Report Calls Climate Change Biggest Environmental Issue in World
  • Initial UN Assembly Meeting Said to Mark Coming of Age of Environment as World Issue
  • Russia to Join Global Mercury Convention To Clean Up Legacy Pollution, Curb Usage
  • Japan Begins Review of Renewable Energy Purchase Program for Possible Price Cuts
  • China Releases Updated Draft Standards For Ferrous Metal Recycling Industry
  • Mexico's Decision to Abandon Energy Efficiency Rules Draws Strong Criticism
  • India's Power Ministry Seeks to Scrap Solar Dumping Duty Plan, Hike Sun Power Capacity
  • Plaintiffs Urge Nebraska Supreme Court To Uphold Ruling Against Keystone Pipeline
June 20, 2014
  • Obama Orders U.S. Agencies to Develop National Strategy on Pollinator Health
  • Mexican Officials, Lawmakers Say Revamp In Energy Policy Seeks to Gain Independence
  • German Cabinet Adopts Energy Efficiency Action Plan, Pushes for Binding EU Targets
  • China Lays Out Fuel Quality Deployment Timelines, Plans Vehicle Inspection Reforms
  • Italy, China Announce Agreements On Energy, Environmental Cooperation
  • Study Says British Columbia Should Update Disposal Rules on Wastewater From Fracking
  • Canadian Aboriginal Groups Claim Alberta Shutting Them Out of Oil Sands Consultation
  • Canadian Academics Highlight High Tech Sustainability Opportunities, Green Economy
  • World Cup Barbecues Spike Santiago Air Pollution
  • Israeli Council Restores Environmental Delegate
June 19, 2014
  • Last of Seven Chinese Pilot Emissions Trading Programs Begins in Chongqing
  • European Commission Roadmap Outlines Regulatory Approach to Endocrine Disruptors
  • EU Scientific Committee Publishes Opinion on Environmental, Health Effects of Nanosilver
  • Argentina, Canada, Russia Could Follow U.S. Lead in Unconventional Oil Boom
  • Brazil Plan to Simplify Wind Farm Licensing Could Bolster Investments
  • Canada Pipeline Plans Could Look to Energy East Despite Northern Gateway's Approval
  • Israel Approves Master Plan for Natural Gas
June 18, 2014
  • France Announces Long-Anticipated Energy Bill to Cut Nuclear Power, Fossil Fuels
  • Canadian Agency Cites Positive Initial Response to Lac-Mégantic Rail Disaster
  • European Commission Examining Allegations Chinese Violating Solar Panel Import Terms
  • U.S.-China Trade Friction May Rise Over Ruling on Photovoltaic Products
  • European Union Needs Ambitious Low-Carbon Energy Goals, Ministers' Advisory Panel Says
  • Senate Energy Approves Keystone Bill; Landrieu Vows to Press for Senate Vote
  • U.S. Manufacturers Face Global Disadvantage From Lack of EPA Lab Inspections, GAO Says
  • Hong Kong to Monitor Roadside Emissions
  • Chinese Chemical Plant Closed After Lead Poisoning
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