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International Labor and Employment Laws, Fourth Edition, Volume II


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Main Volume Information

2013/3 Volumes/6,000 pp. Hardcover/with 2014 Supplement/Order #ABAWEB2304

International Labor and Employment Laws, Fourth Edition, Volumes IIA and IIB discusses developments in countries beyond the major economies discussed in Volume I, including several European Union-member states, as well as countries in East Asia, the Middle East, and South America. Included in the Fourth Edition is information on extraterritorial application of each country's laws and availability of class action procedures. The extensive bibliography provides sources of additional information on the countries discussed in the individual chapters, including sources on the internet and addresses of key offices.  

The Fourth Edition includes new chapters on Indonesia and Nigeria and provides updates on:

  • The application of provident fund schemes to expatriates in India
  • Amendments to the Fair Work Act in Australia at the end of 2012, including changes to laws dealing with enterprise agreements and bargaining, new provisions regarding costs and new time limitations for unfair dismissal and general protections claims
  • A new Trade Union Law in Vietnam that took effect in January 2013 and a new Labor Code that took effect in May 2013
  • The Law on Work Health and Security in Turkey enacted in June 2012 to bring Turkish legislation in line with the EU Workplace Health and Safety Directive and International Labour Organization Conventions  

    Supplement Information  

    2014 Supplement alone/Approx. 400 pp./Order #ABAWEB2487

    The 2014 Supplement covers the following updates:

    •  Australia, a new anti-bullying regulatory structure takes effect
    •  In New Zealand, the Employment Court requires a higher standard of proof by employers regarding validity of redundancies
    •  In Norway, the Norwegian Antidiscrimination and Accessibility Act (ADAA) prohibits discrimination and harassment on the basis of disability
    •  In Portugal, new legislation authorizes suit for recognition of existence in employment contracts
    •  In South Korea, employers may not discriminate against applicants for employment based on their educational backgrounds
    •  In Switzerland, rules on excessive remuneration take effect for listed companies for members of boards of directors and advisory boards, as well as executives

Main Volume Information

2013/2 Volumes/Approx. 3,000 pp. Hardcover/ABAWEB2304

About the Editors-in-Chief 
William L. Keller is a partner in Hunton & Williams, Dallas, Texas, and the former chair of the ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law. 
Timothy J. Darby is a project director at Bloomberg BNA, Arlington, Va.
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