International Labor and Employment Laws, Fourth Edition, Volumes IA and IB, with 2016 Supplement

This treatise provides vital information about labor and employment law in the world’s major economies, including the European Union and member-states Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, as well as Canada, Mexico, the United States, China, Japan, and Brazil. Additional topics covered include litigation of international employment disputes, compensation for internationally mobile executives, and negotiation of expatriate employment agreements.

Timothy J. Darby



This unparalleled reference provides the most current information about the relevant requirements of the world’s major economies. 

International Labor and Employment Laws, Fourth Edition provides vital information about labor and employment laws in the world’s major economies.  The Fourth Edition covers litigation of international employment disputes, compensation for internationally mobile executives, negotiation of expatriate employment agreements, the top ten issues of U.S. employers doing business in another country, and more.  

A representative sampling of updates in the Fourth Edition includes:

  • Brazil - maternity leave has been expanded to cover employees who adopt a child, as well as to surviving spouses
  • China - discussion of Interim Provisions on Labor Dispatch that took effect March 2014
  • France - a 2013 statute concerning protection of Employment
  • Japan - new discussion of whether an independent contractor working under a service agreement or a business entrustment agreement should be considered a worker or employee under the Labor Standards Law (LSL) or the Trade Union Law (TUL)


Highlights covered in the 2016 Supplement include:

  • France - expansion of whistleblowing laws
  • Germany – modifications to notice of, grounds for, and protections against termination provisions
  • Italy – amendments to provisions regarding fixed-term employment contracts
  • Spain – illegality of interception of employee communications without court order
  • China – regulations regarding confidentiality of an employee’s personal data



Volume IA: Major Economies (Non-NAFTA)

The European Union and Selected Member and Applicant Countries

The European Union
Employment and corporate Law Issues Applicable in Restructuring of Companies in the EU
Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and United Kingdom

Miscellaneous Countries

Africa: South Africa

Asia: China, Hong Kong, Japan

South America: Brazil

Volume IB: Major Economies (NAFTA) and International Issues

NAFTA/NAALC and Member Countries


Canada, Mexico, United States

Extraterritorial Application of U.S. Laws

Labor Provisions in U.S. Free Trade Agreements Under the Trade Promotion Authority Act of 2002

NAFTA Appendixes

International Organizations

The International Labour Organization

The International Financial Institutions

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Union Participation in International Labor Affairs

International Employers Associations

The World Trade Organization

The Role of Administrative Tribunals in Adjudicating Workplace Rights Within International Organizations

Issues for Multinational Corporations

Corporate Codes of Conduct on Labor Standards

Globalization of Work: Offshore Outsourcing

Compensating the Internationally Mobile Executive

Negotiating and Drafting Expatriate Employment Agreements

Litigation of International Employment Disputes

Top Ten Issues for U.S. Employers Doing Business in Another Country

Social Networking and the Global Workforce

Impact of International Human Rights Law on Labor and Employment Law



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William L. Keller (deceased) was a partner in Hunton & Williams, Dallas, TX, and the former chair of the ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law.

Timothy J. Darby was formerly a project director at Bloomberg BNA, Arlington, VA.

International Labor and Employment Law Committee
ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law


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