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International Payroll Decision Support Network

Product Code: HRC08A
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What this service is:

The Global Solution for payroll professionals, Bloomberg BNA’s International Payroll Decision Support Network provides the vital support, best practice training, and answers relevant to your entire department.


Custom Research: You’ll get 12 custom research answers per year in the form of a 3-5 page report within five business days of your request. You’ll also learn from other member questions through our shared network of Q&A’s.
Country Primers: Get an in-depth review of Payroll policies in the countries where your business operates. Topics covered include taxes, compensation & benefits, foreign workers, and treaty arrangements. Coverage of over 60 countries, including Canada, Mexico, and the EU, with additions based on customer feedback. Country Chart Builder included!
Strategic White Papers: Regular white papers provide single-issue focus on the challenges that matter most to you. Reports are produced by Bloomberg BNA, top consulting firms, and practitioners from around the globe.
News & Updates: Stay alert to new developments that could affect your strategic international Payroll decisions. You’ll get updates regularly via e-mail as news breaks around the globe.
Vertical Search: Take full advantage of our International HR & Payroll vertical search engine, giving you the best of the free web as vetted by Bloomberg BNA. Narrow your results by country to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.
International Payroll Webinars: Attend up to one live International Payroll event per month! With your 12 international payroll events, you’ll get dynamic presentations from top speakers and helpful Q&A sessions. A two-year archive of past events is also available. APA RCH Credits included!

What it helps you do:

•Specifically helps global payroll leaders and their staffs get fast, reliable answers so that they can make smart decisions.
•Provides vital support and responsiveness, targeted training, and the business tools that enhance the abilities of your entire payroll operation.
•Offers custom research answers to your research questions, tailored to your company’s needs.
•Provides research into best practices around the globe.
•Trains Payroll staff on latest trends and practices.
•Helps you keep up with the latest global developments that affect your organization.

Product Structure

analysis, guidance and primary source material

Notification: current reports providing news and developments

Webinars: live and via download

Formats and Frequency

Web notification
and Web reference material is updated regularly, includes notification and offers an e-mail update service; Research white papers and other content are updated regularly and available exclusively via PDF download. Weekly frequency of International Payroll service update emails to account contact.

Sample Links:
Custom research question and answer
Strategic White PaperTry International Payroll Decision Support Network now.