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Internet Law Resource Center™

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What this service is:


The Internet Law Resource Center™ is the complete information solution for practitioners in cyberlaw, integrating authoritative news coverage and expert analysis with an unrivaled archive of full-text case law, pleadings, statutes, policy papers, and regulations. Keep abreast of the latest  developments on ICANN’s new gTLD program, keyword advertising, online privacy, internet taxation, and other issues critical to your clients’ needs, all accessible on a single fully-searchable platform.

What it helps you do:

  • NEW! Domain Name Tab helps you pinpoint the latest information related to the launch of new gTLDs, key policymaking documents from ICANN, and the full text of arbitration decisions rendered under the UDRP.
  • NEW! Domain Name Practice Guides written by expert practitioners provide in-depth analysis and practical guidance to navigate this complex area of law.
  • NEW! Expertly-written treatises available in select subscription packages written by leading litigators, practitioners, and thought leaders bring you the substantive insight you need when handling the most complex issues.
  • Get in-depth analysis and practical guidance from our exclusive collection of Bloomberg BNA Portfolios, treatises, Expert Perspectives, and Domain Name Practice Guides.
  • Zero in on answers to your questions using the Resource Center’s topic pages.
  • Access the full-text of all U.S. court and federal agency decisions affecting the internet (including decisions by the FCC, FTC, Copyright Office), as well as selected internet-related decisions issued by foreign courts. Stay informed on which rulings are relevant to your case with headnotes prepared by Bloomberg BNA legal editors, via our exclusive Headnote Finder tool.
  • Stay on top of the news via Electronic Commerce and Law Report® which offers national and global perspectives on the digital economy with objective, vital news of trends and developments, insights, and legal expertise.
  • Understand the implications of key legal developments, legislative activity, and trends with our new BNA Insights series of articles and videos from expert practitioners.
  • Track your competitors in the news, and find out about law firm changes, in our new People on the Move section.
Product Structure

Reference: analysis, guidance, and primary source material
Decisions: full-text judicial, administrative, and arbitrator opinions and rulings

Formats and Frequency

The Resource Center is updated continually.


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  • Consumer protection laws
  • Copyright and trademark issues
  • Cryptography
  • Database protection
  • Defamation
  • Domain name disputes
  • Electronic signatures
  • Free speech/First Amendment issues
  • Information licensing
  • Internet governance
  • Internet-related telecommunications regulation
  • Jurisdiction
  • Network security
  • Online contracting
  • Online gambling
  • Online marketing
  • Privacy
  • Trade regulation
  • Taxation
Try Internet Law Resource Center™ now.