Labor Union Law and Regulation

This treatise, authored by experts in the field, covers laws and regulations that affect unions, members, and other represented employees, and includes in-depth discussion of the Landrum-Griffin Act (LMRDA).

William W. Osborne, Jr.


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Fill the void in the complex area of labor union law with the only book of this magnitude covering laws and regulations affecting the union, its members, and other represented employees. Labor Union Law and Regulation organizes and clarifies the widely varying laws and regulations governing labor unions. This exhaustive treatise, written by recognized experts in the field, covers all the significant aspects of labor union laws and regulations, including in-depth discussions of the Landrum-Griffin Act (LMRDA).

Labor Union Law and Regulation differs from the traditional approach to labor union law that organizes the subject by statutes and, instead, arranges chapters to address the various federal and state regulations by reference to a particular subject or function of operation. This approach facilitates a clearer, more practical understanding of this complex area of the law and the interaction of its various requirements. The authors of this reference are all seasoned practitioners who provide incisive analysis and valuable guidance as they explore every facet of labor union law. 

Supplement Information

The 2013 Cumulative Supplement to Labor Union Law and Regulation addresses new developments in the law applicable to union governance including:

  • The recent decision by the Fourth Circuit in Trail v. Auto Workers Local 285, representing a significant departure from the broad protection traditionally afforded union member speech under LMRDA Section 101(a)(2)
  • Several important new cases on dues increases under LMRDA Section 101(a)(3) including Corns v. Laborers (striking down dues established by convention for intermediate body) and Santo v. Laborers (dues increase by trustee of intermediate
    union body)
  • The ongoing RICO and DFR litigation by the Carpenters Union against the Building Trades and Metal Trades Departments of the AFL-CIO, including United Brotherhood of Carpenters v. BCTD and United Brotherhood of Carpenters v. Metal Trades Dep’t


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William W. Osborne, Jr., Committee on Union Administration and Procedure, ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law


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