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Maximizing the Value of Global Credits and Incentives

Maximizing the Value of Global Credits and Incentives
Product Code - TMA59
Speaker(s): Paul Lo & Jeff Malo, WTP Advisors
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Economic crises and government deficits have created a dynamic tax environment around the globe. The need for revenue is driving many jurisdictions to engage in broad-based tax reform, impose austerity measures, and/or increase tax rates. Where can corporate taxpayers find opportunity in this challenging tax landscape? Despite the difficulties stemming from the worldwide economy, economic stimulus and job creation remain an important part of advancing the global recovery. Global credits and incentives are providing benefits to many multinational taxpayers, where corporate interests are aligned with those of local jurisdictions.

This presentation will identify specific opportunities in the area of research and development, green incentives, and programs targeting job creation and capital investment. The speakers will outline the least common denominators of similar incentives that appear in multiple jurisdictions, and highlight taxpayer fact patterns that will likely qualify for benefits. The discussion will focus on opportunities in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Some of the opportunities discussed may extend to areas of responsibility that lie beyond the ordinary functions of a corporate tax department. Coordinating efforts with the corporate planning office, human resources, and/or other departments can significantly enhance the efficacy of a tax department’s efforts to maximize global credits and incentives.

At the conclusion of the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Identify common business activities that may give rise to credit and incentive opportunities.
  • Describe the basic alternative regimes for determining benefits associated with research and development, environmental initiatives, and efforts to stimulate job growth and creation.
  • Develop a strategy for maximizing credit and incentive opportunities based on early intervention in the strategic planning process.
  • Provide a comparative analysis of the benefits offered by competing jurisdictions to assist management in making business decisions. 

Paul Lo & Jeff Malo, WTP Advisors

Paul Lo is a Director at WTP Advisors. Paul is the practice leader of the WTP Global Business Incentives Group. Paul has over twenty years of consulting experience specializing in business incentive negotiations and real estate advisory services. He has successfully negotiated multi-million dollar economic development packages for multinational corporations across numerous market segments including manufacturing, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, media & entertainment, telecommunications, professional services, and retail. Paul has designed and conducted work plans to complement his client’s national and global strategies incorporating services such as business incentives analyses and negotiations, strategic tax planning, restructuring analyses, bond financing, transactional reviews, audit resolution, and fair market valuation analyses.

Paul received his Baccalaureate from the University of Southern California and continued his studies at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, UK and Columbia University. Prior to joining WTP Advisors Paul served as the Vice President of International accounts for a business incentives consulting firm, as the Assistant Vice President of a national real estate consulting firm, and worked for a “Big 4” public accounting firm where his specialty was business incentive package negotiations and tax and real estate advisory services.

Jeff Malo is a Director at WTP Advisors. Jeff has over a decade of experience in tax consulting and tax litigation. As a consultant, Jeff practiced in “Big 4” public accounting firms where he specialized in R&D tax credits and related incentives. He has extensive industry experience in technology and manufacturing, computer sciences, and pharmaceuticals. Jeff left Big 4 public accounting to join the Tax Division at the U.S. Department of Justice, where he litigated corporate tax cases. His background combines the technical expertise of Big 4 consulting with an in-depth understanding of tax practice and administration. His experience spans the full lifecycle of taxation, from planning and reporting, through examination defense and controversy resolution.

Jeff received his J.D. from the University of Connecticut School of Law, and he holds an LL.M. in Taxation from the Georgetown University Law Center. Jeff is also a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross.