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Access the latest legislative, regulatory, and judicial developments relating to campaign finance, lobbying, and government ethics. Receive comprehensive, behind-the-scenes coverage of campaign finance, lobbying, and government ethics issues at the federal, state, and local levels.

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Have an inside look at the issues and get needed direction for compliance within the maze of regulations where politics and finance intersect. Gain valuable insights from review and analysis of Lobbying Disclosure Act filings and new lobbying registrations. 


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FEC to Vote on Super PAC Advisory Opinion
September 21
New Rules Curb ‘Dark Money' in Calif. Campaigns
September 21
FEC Deadlocks on Expediting Enforcement Cases
September 18
N.Y. Assemblyman Gets 14 Years on Graft Charges
September 18
FEC Makes Scant Progress on Enforcement Backlog
September 17
FEC Bid to Combine Nonprofit Cases Rejected
September 16
Staffer, Candidate Get Probation in Florida Case
September 16
Political Candidates to Receive Donations Via Twitter
September 16
Appeals Court Upholds Conviction of Ex-Gov. McDonnell
July 13
FEC to Vote on Petition to Change Presidential Debate Rules
July 13
Florida Fallout: These Members’ Districts to Be Redrawn
July 13
Rise in ‘Internet of Things' Spurs Lobbying, With Signs Lawmakers Are Taking Notice
June 29
TIGTA Finds Over 1,000 Undisclosed Lerner E-Mails, but Thousands More May Exist
June 26
June 25
IRS Grants Section 501(c)(4) Status To Arizona Group in Exemption Ruling
June 24
Insurer UnitedHealth Group Leaves Industry Association
June 24
Minor Political Parties Sue FEC Over Exclusion From Presidential Debates
June 23
Federal Judge Tells IRS to Report On Status of Lost Lerner E-Mails
June 23
New Lobbying Entries
June 23
Pro-Israel Group Z Street Can Proceed With First Amendment Claim Against IRS
June 22
State Street Gets Wells Notice From SEC on Pension Soliciting
June 22